First Step Award

Provides new serials librarians the opportunity to travel to broaden their perspective and to encourage professional development in ALA meetings and continuing resources activities. The $1,500 award, donated by Wiley, can be used for round trip transportation, lodging, registration and other fees. Eligible applicants may apply more than once. Learn more about the First Step Award.

Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant

Encourages professional development of librarians and paraprofessionals new to the preservation field with the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the ALA Annual Conference. The grant is to be used for airfare, lodging, and registration fees to attend the ALA Annual Conference. Learn more about the Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant.

Online Course Grant for Library Professionals from Developing Countries

Helps library professionals from developing countries stay current with the latest trends and developments in technical services areas and enhance their professional knowledge and skills in librarianship and information science by giving them one free seat per ALCTS online continuing education course session. Learn more about the Online Course Grant.

Support Staff Travel Grant

Not currently available, ALCTS seeks a sponsor for this program. Exclusively for library support staff, this grant is designed to get technical services staff involved in ALCTS by paying for their trip to an ALA Annual Conference. There, recipients experience all of the meetings, exhibits, continuing education, and networking that is the ALCTS experience. Learn more about the Support Staff Travel Grant. ALCTS currently seeks a sponsor for this beneficial program.