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ALCTS is the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, a division of the American Library Association. ALCTS is the national association for information providers who work in collections and technical services, such as acquisitions, cataloging, metadata, collection management, preservation, electronic and continuing resources.

ALCTS Mission
Adopted June 24, 2006

To shape and respond nimbly to all matters related to the selection, identification, acquisition, organization, management, retrieval, and preservation of recorded knowledge through education, publication, and collaboration.

ALCTS Diversity Statement
Adopted June 26, 2017

ALCTS provides forums for discussion of equity, diversity, inclusion, bias, and social responsibility across collections and technical services in all types of libraries. These discussion forums may take the shape of e-forums, preconferences, conference programs and sessions, Interest Group activities, or other formats. Open conversations among ALCTS membership that lead to values-driven practices benefit library users, technical services professionals, and the profession of librarianship as a whole.

It is vital for the future of ALCTS and the profession that ALCTS practices include:

  • Resisting bias in resource description while recognizing that the act of description is never neutral
  • Making library resources broadly accessible
  • Developing, sustaining, and preserving diverse and inclusive collections
  • Including marginalized voices in contributing to and developing collections
  • Recruiting and retaining people who bring a range of perspectives to technical services

ALCTS Snapshot

ALCTS enjoys over 60 years of service to its members and continues to improve the products and services it offers its members. With strategic and tactical plans firmly in place, ALCTS has a solid foundation from which to expand its influence.

  • members are dedicated to acquisition, identification, cataloging, classification, and preservation of all kinds of library materials
  • members are tasked with developing and coordinating the country’s library resources
  • members are involved in selection and evaluation during acquisition of library materials and develop library resources
  • founded in 1957
  • ALCTS is pronounced (uh-lex')