First Step Award

A Wiley Professional Development Grant

Deadline for nominations is December 1.


This Wiley Professional Development Grant awarded by the Continuing Resources Section of ALCTS is intended to provide librarians new to the continuing resources field with the opportunity to broaden their perspective and to encourage professional development in ALA Conference and participation in Continuing Resources Section activities.


  • ALCTS member with five or fewer years of professional experience in the continuing resources field.
  • Commitment to professional development in the serials field as evidenced by participation in continuing education activities, workshops, previous participation in professional activities,
  • Candidate's written justification for the grant in terms of:
    • commitment to and interest in continuing-resources related work,
    • personal and professional development, and
    • financial need.


Completed applications shall be sent to the chair of the award committee by the deadline. Each application shall include:

  • candidate's current resume or vita,
  • candidate's written justification, and
  • two letters of reference


The award consists of $1,500 cash and a citation. The award, donated by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., is applicable toward round-trip transportation, lodging, registration fees, etc. Eligible applicants may apply more than once.


The award is formally presented at the ALCTS Award Ceremony at the ALA Annual Conference.

Award Jury

For nomination information contact Emily Sanford, the chair of the First Step Award Jury.

Award Recipients

Award Recipients
Year Recipient Year Recipient
2015 Emily Cable 2003 Dianne Ford
2014 Chris Bulock 2002 Susanna Flodin
2013 Jennifer Hill 2001 Allen B. Ashman
2012 Beth Kumar 2000 Jian Wang
2011 no award given 1999 Charity K. Stokes
2010 Rebecca Kemp 1998 Lauren E. Corbett
2009 no award given 1997 Linda M. Pitts
2008 Erin Leach 1996 Corinne C. Jacox
2007 Paula Webb 1995 Gloria Guzi
2006 Patrick L. Carr 1994 H. Charlene Chou
2005 Jennifer Arnold 1993 Christa Easton
2004 Vickie Melicher 1992 Kathy Wodrich Schmidt