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The Small and Rural Academic Library   Managing Creativity: The Innovative Research Library ebook
The Small and Rural Academic Library: Leveraging Resources and Overcoming Limitations 
Edited by Kaetrena Davis Kendrick and Deborah Tritt
Explores how academic librarians in limited environments can keep pace with, create, and improve modern library practices and services...
Databrarianship: The Academic Data Librarian in Theory and Practice   Managing Creativity: The Innovative Research Library ebook
Databrarianship: The Academic Data Librarian in Theory and Practice 
Edited by Lynda Kellam and Kristi Thompson
Presents a wide-ranging look at the field of academic data librarianship...
The Discovery Tool Cookbook: Recipes for Successful Lesson Plans
The Discovery Tool Cookbook: Recipes for Successful Lesson Plans 
edited by Nancy Fawley and Nikki Krysak
Showcases tested lessons by librarians and practitioners for teaching information literacy using a discovery tool...
 Managing Creativity: The Innovative Research Library book    Managing Creativity: The Innovative Research Library ebook  Managing Creativity: The Innovative Research Library Bundle
Managing Creativity: The Innovative Research Library 
by Ronald C. Jantz
Presents a rich and rigorous analysis of the environmental, organizational, and individual characteristics that promote innovation in the library...
Craft of Librarian Instruction   Craft of Librarian Instruction ebook Craft of Librarian Instruction Bundle
The Craft of Librarian Instruction: Using Acting Techniques to Create Your Teaching Presence 
by Julie Artman, Jeff Sundquist, and Douglas R. Dechow
How acting techniques can hone your presentation skills, your teaching style, and your performance to create an invigorating (and stress-free) learning experience for your students...
Encoding Space book   
Encoding Space: Shaping Learning Environments That Unlock Human Potential 
Brian Mathews and Leigh Ann Soistmann
Encourages you to look beyond the functional value of your facility, and to consider how libraries can also serve as an experimental landscape that helps foster well being and personal growth ...
Assessment in Action   Assessment in Action Editions Assessment in Action Bundle
Putting Assessment into Action: Selected Projects from the First Cohort of the Assessment in Action Grant 
edited by Eric Ackermann
Twenty-seven cases are presented in arenas as varied as assessing fourth year undergraduate learning...
ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics 2014   
2014 ACRL Trends and Statistics 
Counting Opinions, ACRL
The complete data set from ACRL's comprehensive statistics-gathering project ...
Modern Pathfinders book  Modern Pathfinders ebook Modern Pathfinders Bundle
Modern Pathfinders: Creating Better Research Guides
by Jason Puckett
Takes proven ideas from instructional design and user experience web design and combines them into easy-to-understand principles for making your research guides better teaching tools....
Reviewing the Academic Library book  Reviewing the Academic Library ebook Reviewing the Academic Library bundle
Reviewing the Academic Library: A Guide to Self-Study and External Review
edited by Eleanor Mitchell and Peggy Seiden
Offers practical and applicable information, contextualized through current theory and approaches....
Creating Leaders book  Creating Leaders ebook Creating Leaders bundle
Creating Leaders: An Examination of Academic and Research Library Leadership Institutes (PIL #69)
edited by Irene M.H. Herold
Explores whether leadership development programs develop leadership, the value of attending a leadership development program, and what a participant can reasonably expect, and ought never expect, if they attend a particular program...
Difficult Decisions book  Difficult Decisions ebook Difficult Decisions bundle
Difficult Decisions: Closing and Merging Academic Libraries
edited by Sara Holder and Amber Butler Lannon
Explores all of the aspects of library consolidation through commentary, research, and case studies written by librarians with experience navigating these events...
Classroom Assessment Techniques book  Classroom Assessment Techniques ebook Classroom Assessment bundle
Classroom Assessment Techniques for Librarians
by Melissa Bowles-Terry and Cassandra Kvenild
Provides the tools librarians need to quickly and meaningfully assess student knowledge in the classroom...
Navigating the Future with Scenario Planning book  Navigating the Future with Scenario Planning ebook Navigating the Future with Scenario Planning bundle
Navigating the Future with Scenario Planning: A Guidebook for Librarians 
Edited by Joan Giesecke, Jon Cawthorne, and Deb Pearson for ACRL
Introduces and describes the use of scenario planning in libraries…
Threshold Concepts book   Threshold Concepts ebook Threshold Concepts bundle
Teaching Information Literacy Threshold Concepts: Lesson Plans for Librarians 
Edited by Patricia Bravender, Hazel McClure, Gayle Schaub
A collection designed by instruction librarians to promote critical thinking and engaged learning...
Meaningful Metrics book  Meaningful Metrics ebook Meaningful Metrics bundle
Meaningful Metrics: A 21st Century Librarian's Guide to Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, and Research Impact 
By Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt
Highly engaging and activity-laden book serves to introduce readers to the fast-paced world of research metrics from a unique perspective ...
Also Available as an Open Access publication from ACRL!
Digital Humanities book  Digital Humanities ebook Digital Humanities bundle
Digital Humanities in the Library: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject Specialists 
Edited by Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Laura Braunstein, and Liorah Golomb
A collection of essays focusing on the role of the subject specialist in creating, supporting, and promoting digital humanities projects...
Also Available as an Open Access publication from ACRL!
Not Just Where to Click book  Not Just Where to Click ebook  Not Just Where to Click bundle
Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think about Information (PIL #68) 
Edited by Troy A. Swanson and Heather Jagman
Explores how librarians and faculty work together to teach students about the nature of expertise, authority, and credibility...
Getting the Word Out book  Getting the Word Out ebook Getting the Word Out bundle
Getting the Word Out: Academic Libraries as Scholarly Publishers 
Edited by Maria Bonn and Mike Furlough
Explores topics such as the economics of publishing and the challenges of collaboration, and surveying the service landscape for publishing...
Also available as an Open Access publication from ACRL!
Living Library book  Living Library ebook Living Library bundle
The Living Library: An Intellectual Ecosystem 
by Patricia Steele, David Cronrath, Sandra Parsons Vicchio, and Nancy Fried Foster
Describes the evolution of one possible future for academic libraries: as laboratories for cross-disciplinary investigation...
Assessing Liaison Librarians book  Assessing Liaison Librarians ebook Assessing Liaison Librarians bundle
Assessing Liaison Librarians: Documenting Impact for Positive Change (PIL #67) 
edited by Daniel C. Mack and Gary W. White
Examines how academic libraries assess liaison activities and offers recommendations for documenting the impact of programs and services...
Owning and Using Scholarship book  Owning and Using Scholarship ebook  Owning and Using Scholarship bundle
Owning and Using Scholarship: An IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers 
by Kevin L. Smith
Balance of theoretical background and practical application designed to appeal to both those who want a quick discussion of potential approaches and those who prefer to know “why...”
Also available as an Open Access publication from ACRL!
Handbook of Academic Writing for Librarians book  Handbook of Academic Writing for Librarians ebook Handbook of Academic Writing for Librarians bundle
Handbook of Academic Writing for Librarians—REVISED EDITION 
by Christopher V. Hollister
The most complete reference source available for librarians who need or desire to publish in the professional literature....
Putting the User First book   
Putting the User First: 30 Strategies for Transforming Library Services 
by Courtney Greene McDonald
30 hands-on strategies and practical suggestions to enable you to begin transforming your library, library services, and even your personal practice to be more responsive, effective and user-centered today....
The Librarian Stereotype book  The Librarian Stereotype ebook The Librarian Stereotype bundle
The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Perceptions & Presentations of Information Work 
Edited by Nicole Pagowsky and Miriam Rigby
Serves as a response to passionate discussions regarding how librarians are perceived.......
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embedded cookbook  

The Embedded Librarian's Cookbook 
Edited by Kaijsa Calkins and Cassandra Kvenild
Step-by-step guidelines for implementing tested approaches to embedded librarianship...
Snapshots of Reality book Snapshots of Reality ebook Links to Snapshots of Reality bundle in ALA Store

Snapshots of Reality: A Practical Guide to Formative Assessment in Library Instruction 
Edited by Mary Snyder Broussard, Rachel Hickoff-Cresko, and Jessica Urick Oberlin
Explores the adaptation of formative assessment theory into something that works for the library one-shot and more advanced instructor-librarian collaborations...
Virtually Embedded book Virtually Embedded ebook Links to Virtually Embedded bundle in ALA Store

Virtually Embedded: The Librarian in an Online Environment 
Edited by Elizabeth Leonard and Erin McCaffrey
A blueprint for embedding academic librarians in online environments...
Interactive Open Educational Resources bookChoice's Outstanding Academic Title

Interactive Open Educational Resources: A Guide to Finding, Choosing, and Using What's Out There to Transform College Teaching 
by John D. Shank
Demonstrates the best tools, resources, and techniques for discovering, selecting, and integrating educational interactive Open Educational Resources into courses...
Studying Students: A Second Look book Studying Students: A Second Look ebook Studying Students: A Second Look bundle

Studying Students: A Second Look 
Edited by Nancy Fried Foster
Presents the results of further ethnographic projects within the University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries...
ACRL Active Guide #5: Designing Training book

Designing Training 
Melanie Hawks
Fifth Guide of the series focuses on the needs of the adult learner, and helping librarians and library staff design for takeaway value, learner engagement, and learning transfer...
 Twenty-First-Century Access Services book Twenty-First-Century Access Services ebook Twenty-First-Century Access Services bundle

Twenty-First-Century Access Services: On the Front Line of Academic Librarianship 
Edited by Michael J. Krasulski, Jr. and Trevor A. Dawes
Access services departments in academic libraries are literally and metaphorically at the front line of 21st century academic librarianship...
 Finding a Public Voice book Finding a Public Voice ebook Finding a Public Voice bundle

Finding a Public Voice: Using Barbara Fister as a Case Study 
Edited by Danielle Theiss and Diane Kovacs
Shares vivid examples of how academic librarians, inspired by the writings of noted library leader and blogger Barbara Fister... 
Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy & Scholarly Communication book Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy & Scholarly Communication ebook Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy & Scholarly Communication bundle

Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication 
Edited by Stephanie Davis-Kahl and Merinda Kaye Hensley
Presents concepts, experiments, collaborations, and strategies at the crossroads of the fields of scholarly communication and information literacy. 
Pay it Forward Active Guide

ACRL Active Guide #4: Pay it Forward: Mentoring New Information Professionals 
By Mary Ann Mavrinac and Kim Stymest
Provides helpful tips, a leadership focus tool, and insight that will encourage new information professionals to seek out mentoring partners.
Busy Librarians Guide  link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

The Busy Librarian’s Guide to Information Literacy in Science and Engineering 
Edited by Katherine O’Clair and Jeanne R. Davidson
Provides a practical guide for librarians responsible for science, engineering, and/or technology information literacy instruction to understand and apply the Information Literacy Standards for Science and Engineering/Technology into curriculum design and ongoing instruction.
Interdisciplinarity & Academic Libraries book Interdisciplinarity & Academic Libraries ebook Interdisciplinarity & Academic Libraries bundle

Interdisciplinarity and Academic Libraries: ACRL Publications in Librarianship No. 66 
Edited by Daniel C. Mack and Craig Gibson
Offers multiple perspectives on transforming academic library programs, collections, and services to meet transformational challenges for higher education.
Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles book Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles ebook

Choice’s Outstanding Academic Titles, 2007-2011 
Edited by Rebecca Ann Bartlett
The OATs are the best of the best in scholarly publishing for undergraduates....
The Changing Academic Library book The Changing Academic Library ebook The Changing Academic Library bundle

The Changing Academic Library, Second Edition: Operations, Culture, Environments 
by John M. Budd
Completely revised, enhanced, and updated edition of John M. Budd’s The Changing Academic Library (PIL # 56, 2005)...
Past or Portal book Past or Portal ebook Past or Portal bundle

Past or Portal? Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Special Collections and Archives 
Edited by Eleanor Mitchell, Peggy Seiden, and Suzy Taraba
Includes 47 cases describing successful programs with unique and rare materials using archival approaches and methodologies...
Environments for Student Growth and Development book Environments for Student Growth and Development ebook Environments for Student Growth and Development bundle

Environments for Student Growth and Development: Libraries and Student Affairs in Collaboration  
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and Melissa Autumn Wong, Editors
Explores how librarians and student affairs professionals partner through programming and other activities...
Transforming Information Literacy Programs book Transforming Information Literacy Programs ebook Transforming Information Literacy Programs bundle

Transforming Information Literacy Programs: Intersecting Frontiers of Self, Library Culture, and Campus Community 
Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson and Courtney Bruch, Editors
The latest in ACRL's Publications in Librarianship series..
Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers book Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers ebook Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers bundle

Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers: Legacies of the Past, Visions of the Future
Rita Kohrman, editor
Provides practical applications for curriculum material center (CMC) operations that focus on the fundamental needs of students, faculty and current teachers...
International Students and Academic Libraries book International Students and Academic Libraries ebook International Students and Academic Libraries bundle

>International Students and Academic Libraries: Initiatives for Success
Edited by Pamela A. Jackson and Patrick Sullivan
Describes over a dozen exciting projects that support the success of international students studying at academic institutions
Guide to Security Considerations & Practices book Guide to Security Considerations & Practices ebook Guide to Security Considerations & Practices bundle

Guide to Security Considerations and Practices for Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collection Libraries
Edited by Everett C. Wilkie, Jr.
The first such book intended specifically to address security in special collection libraries...
Zotero book Zotero ebook Zotero bundle

Zotero: A Guide for Librarians, Researchers and Educators
by Jason Puckett
Introduces Zotero and presents it in the context of bibliography managers and open source software...
CLIP NOTE 43: Strategic Planning in College Libraries book

CLIP Note #43: Strategic Planning in College Libraries 
Compiled and Edited by Eleonora Dubicki
Provides information on strategic planning efforts of college libraries including documents created by those planning efforts...
Embedded Librarians book Embedded Librarians ebook Embedded Librarians bundle

Embedded Librarians: Moving Beyond One-Shot Instruction 
Edited by Cassandra Kvenild and Kaijsa Calkins
This first book-length treatment of embedded librarianship showcases strategies for successfully embedding librarians and library services across higher education...
 Scholarly Practice, Participatory Design and the eXtensible Catalog book Scholarly Practice, Participatory Design and the eXtensible Catalog ebook Scholarly Practice, Participatory Design and the eXtensible Catalog bundle

Scholarly Practice, Participatory Design and the eXtensible Catalog
Nancy Fried Foster, Katie Clark, Kornelia Tancheva, and Rebekah Kilzer, editors
Report on key findings of the user research that was done at Cornell University, Ohio State University, the University of Rochester, and Yale University...
Qualitative Methods in Action Research book Qualitative Methods in Action Research ebook  Qualitative Methods in Action Research bundle

Using Qualitative Methods in Action Research
Douglas Cook and Lesley Farmer, editors
Explains the basic tenets of qualitative research in an easily understandable fashion, and details action research projects...
ACRL2011 Proceedings book

ACRL 2011 Conference Proceedings 
Dawn M. Mueller, editor 
Proceedings from the ACRL 2011 Conference: Declaration of Interdependence
The Atlas of New Librarianship book

The Atlas of New Librarianship (Co-published with The MIT Press)
R. David Lankes
Describes a new librarianship based not on books and artifacts but on knowledge and learning...
Visit the companion website at: for more information
Decision-Making in the Absence of Certainty book Decision-Making in the Absence of Certainty ebook Decision-Making in the Absence of Certainty bundle

Decision-Making in the Absence of Certainty
S. David Mash 
Study of the often surprising decision making process at five American universities that built new libraries at the dawn of the 21st century
CLIP42: Collection Development in a Changing Environment ebook

ClipNote 42: Collection Development in a Changing Environment: Policies and Organization for College and University Libraries 
Compiled and Authored by Susanne K. Clement and Jennifer M. Foy
The first all digital ClipNote publication... also the first ClipNote to use excerpts, many of which are hyperlinked, from more than 60 libraries...
Best Practices for Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses book  Best Practices for Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses ebook Best Practices for Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses bundle

Best Practices for Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses
Christopher V. Hollister
Contributors discuss useful and effective methods for developing, teaching, assessing, and marketing credit-bearing information literacy courses...
The Expert Library book The Expert Library ebook The Expert Library bundle

The Expert Library: Staffing, Sustaining, and Advancing The Academic Library in The 21st Century 
Edited by Scott Walter and Karen Williams 
Provides an overview of the changing dynamics entailed in recruiting and retaining academic library professionals...
Value of Academic Libraries report

The Value of Academic Libraries 
By Megan Oakleaf
Review of the quantitative and qualitative literature, methodologies and best practices currently in place for demonstrating the value of academic libraries...
CLIP NOTE 41: Web Research in Academic Libraries book

CLIP Note 41: Web Research in Academic Libraries
Compiled by Rebecca Sullivan 
Provides information on teaching Web Research strategies in information literacy instruction...
Buildings in the Digital Age book

The Academic Library Building in the Digital Age: A Study of Construction, Planning, and Design of New Library Space
by Christopher Stewart
The first comprehensive study of planning and construction of academic library buildings completed entirely in the new century...
Advocacy, Outreach, & the Nation's Academic Libraries book Advocacy, Outreach, & the Nation's Academic Libraries ebook Advocacy, Outreach, & the Nation's Academic Libraries bundle

Advocacy, Outreach and the Nation’s Academic Libraries: A Call for Action
Edited by William Welburn, Janice Welburn and Beth McNeil
Provides a framework for opening dialogue and incorporating advocacy by exploring opportunities for advocacy and focusing on the world of civic engagement as well as the role of librarians as advocates on campus...
Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery book Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery ebook Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery bundle

Comprehensive Guide to Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery 
Frances C. Wilkinson, Linda K. Lewis, and Nancy K. Dennis 
Offers readers practical approaches on preparing for a disaster by creating a plan, responding to an emergency, and the intricacies of recovering from a disaster...
Conversations that Work Active Guide

Conversations that Work (ACRL Active Guide #3)
Phillipa Brown, SPHR, and M. Sue Baughman 
A series offering practical skill and knowledge development on workplace issues
The Anywhere Library book The Anywhere Library ebook The Anywhere Library bundle

The Anywhere Library: A Primer for the Mobile Web
Courtney Greene, Missy Roser, and Elizabeth Ruane
Approaches the creation of a mobile-optimized library Web site as a process rather than simply as a product...
Librarians Serving Diverse Populations book Librarians Serving Diverse Populations ebook Librarians Serving Diverse Populations bundle

Librarians Serving Diverse Populations: Challenges and Opportunities
Lori Mestre
A qualitative and quantitative assessment and research study of the paths and experiences of librarians whose duties include serving diverse cultures...
PIL 61 link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Framing Library Instruction (ACRL Publications in Librarianship #61) 
John M. Budd
Presents a complete examination of the cognitive aspects of students’ perceptions and uses of information. Examples that can be adapted for courses or class sessions are an integral part of the book.
Working Together link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Working Together: Collaborative Information Practices for Organizational Learning
Mary M. Somerville
Presents a framework for comprehensive redesign of library organizations using workplace examples illustrating the efficacy of collaborative information practices orchestrated by inclusive leadership principles.

ClipNote 40: Emergency Response Planning in College Libraries
Compiled by Marcia Thomas and Anke Voss and edited by Marcia Thomas
Provides information on disaster and emergency response planning and management to assist librarians in the creation and updates of emergency response plans.
Instruction cookbook

The Library Instruction Cookbook 
Ryan L. Sittler and Douglas Cook 
A collection of “learning recipes,” each of which includes a plan for conducting a specific type of learning session and which indicates how the recipe reflects specific ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.
PIL60 link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Teaching Literary Research: Challenges in a Changing Environment: ACRL Publications in Librarianship #60 
Kathleen A. Johnson and Steven R. Harris 
A collection of essays that explores the relationship between information literacy and literary research...
Influencing without Authority

Influencing without Authority (ACRL Active Guide #2) 
Melanie Hawks
Designed to help individuals develop the skills they need to influence peers, library administrators, college and university faculty, students, and external stakeholders.
Informing Innovation

Informing Innovation: Tracking Student Interest in Emerging Library Technologies at Ohio University (A Research Report)
Char Booth
Presents findings from an environmental scan conducted at Ohio University, which investigated the convergence of students, libraries, and emerging information, communication, and academic tools. Also available as a digital download

CMC Directory

Directory of  Curriculum Materials Centers, 6th edition
Compiled by the Curriculum Materials Centers Directory Ad Hoc Committee of the Education and Behavioral Sciences Section
The 6th edition of this directory lists and describes curriculum materials centers or collections at institutions that responded to an electronic questionnaire sent out in the spring of 2007...

Library Rx: Measuring and Treating Library Anxiety
Martina Malvasi, Catherine Rudowsky, and Jesus M. Valencia
Responding to conversations about library use, library anxiety, Millennials, and alternate modes of teaching, two librarians at Bailey Library at SRU researched solutions..
PIL59 link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Academic Library Research: Perspectives and Current Trends
Marie L. Radford and Pamela Snelson, editors
Updates traditional topics that have undergone exceptional, and in some cases, unexpected change since 1990 as well as reaching into new areas that have developed...
Gaming in Academic Libraries

Gaming in Academic Libraries: Collections, Marketing, and Information Literacy
Amy Harris and Scott E. Rice, Editors
Describes issues related to games as a collection format, the cataloging and circulation of games, the use of games to market the library and the use of games to help students achieve information literacy...
Informed Learning link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Informed Learning 
Christine Susan Bruce
By noted Australian learning theorist, Christine Bruce. Provides a unique perspective on helping students become successful learners in fluid and fast moving information environments...
Desk and Beyond link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

The Desk and Beyond: Next Generation Reference Services 
Sarah K. Steiner and M. Leslie Madden, editors
Provides inspiration for potential reference services at your library; each chapter provides an introduction to an innovative service concept and an annotated list of sources for additional research...
Practical Pedgagoy link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Practical Pedagogy for Library Instructors: 17 Innovative Strategies to Improve Student Learning
Doug Cook and Ryan L. Sittler, editors
Cases cover the broad spectrum of education from behavioral to cognitive to constructivist. Each chapter is grounded in the educational and library literature and explores the potential of using pedagogical approaches which closely match instructional aims...
Life Work Balance

Life-Work Balance
Melanie Hawks
The first of a new occasional series published by ACRL. This series will provide practical guidance on workplace and professional issues...
Information Literacy Instruction handbook link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Information Literacy Instruction Handbook
Christopher N. Cox and Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay, editors 
Designed primarily for librarians new to teaching or management of information literacy instruction, but also serves as a one-stop refresher source on key topics for more experienced librarians

Copyright Polices, CLIP Note #39
Patricia Keogh and Rachel Crowley, compilers
Developed to serve as a resource for those who create or update academic library and campus copyright policies
Information Literacy in the Digital Age link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Information Literacy Programs in the Digital Age: Educating College and University Students Online
Alice Daugherty and Michael F. Russo, compilers
Showcases the array of online information literacy programs that have cropped up across the country.  Includes a vast spectrum of program types, starting with the broad breakdown of tutorials and credit courses... 
Kaleidoscopic concern

The Kaleidoscopic Concern (PDF 2,023 KB)
Annotated bibliography on racial and ethnic diversity in librarianship. Includes new areas of study such as gender issues and white privilege. Contains over 80 years of the profession’s earliest training initiatives and current best practices. Available as a free, digital publication only!
Studying Students link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Studying Students: The Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester* 
Nancy Fried Foster and Susan Gibbons, editors
Provides a view into the groundbreaking application of ethnographic tools and techniques to the understanding of undergraduate students and their use of information...*Also available as a digital publication (PDF: 2,643 KB)
Global Evolution

Global Evolution: A Chronological Annotated Bibliography of International Students in U.S. Academic Libraries*
Kaetrena D. Davis
Chronological, annotated bibliography showing the evolution of issues concerning undergraduate and graduate international students in American academic libraries...
*Also available as a digital publication (PDF: 2,023 KB)

User Surveys in College Libraries, CLIP Note #38
Doreen Kopycinski and Kimberley Sando, compilers
Based on survey found in the 1995 User Surveys in College Libraries to allow for an historical comparison...

Library Plagiarism Polices, CLIP Note #37
Vera Stepchyshyn and Robert S. Nelson, compilers
Study gathers data and documents from small college libraries and presents them for the reader’s consideration when examining the issue of student plagiarism and its relationship to the college library...
Teaching Info Lit Skills link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Teaching Information Literacy Skills to Social Sciences Students and Practitioners 
Doug Cook and Natasha Cooper, editors
Based on the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards and presents cases on learning situations and how they can be analyzed and addressed. Includes descriptions of instruction sessions for each case, notes, and teaching resources...
Student Engagement link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Student Engagement and Information Literacy
Craig Gibson, editor
Addresses information literacy in a framework inspired by higher education scholarship and dialogue as it relates to student engagement...
PIL 58 link to editions at ALA store Link to Bundle at ALA Store

Centers for Learning: Writing Centers and Libraries in Collaboration, Publications in Librarianship No. 58 
James K. Elmborg and Sheril Hook, editors
Examines the potentials inherent in partnerships between libraries and writing centers...



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