Board of Directors

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Meet YALSA's 2016 - 2017 Board of Directors!

Back row (left to right): Beth Yoke, Jessi Snow, Franklin Escobedo, Jennifer Korn, Kate McNair, Gretchen Kolderup, Crystle Martin, Todd Krueger, Diane Colson

Front row (left to right): Sandra Hughes-Hassell, Melissa McBride, Kafi Kumasi, Mega Subramaniam, Trixie Dantis, Candice Mack, Linda Braun, Sarah Hill, Jane Gov

Not pictured: Nick Buron

This listing includes their name, email address, Twitter handles and committee liaison responsibilities in parenthesis.  Tweets from these individuals are coming from their role as private citizens, and not as YALSA Board Members.

Sarah Hill*, President. Twitter: glibrarian
(Executive Committee, Awards Nominating Committee, Governance Nominating Committee, President's Planning Taskforce)

Candice Mack*, Immediate Past President. Twitter: tinylibrarian
(Community Connections TF, YA Services Symposium Planning TF)

Sandra Hughes-Hassell*, President-Elect. Twitter: bridge2lit
(Great Books Giveaway Jury, Competencies Update Taskforce, Midwinter Marketing & Local Arrangements Committee)

Nick Buron, Fiscal Officer. Twitter: nburon
(Publications Advisory Board, National Guidelines Oversight Committee

Diane Colson, Director.  Twitter: recklessread
(Award & Selection Committees' Oversight Committee, Mentoring TF)

Trixie Dantis, Board Fellow. Twitter: trixupmysleeve
(Annual Conference Scholarships Jury, MAE Award Jury)

Franklin Escobedo, Director. Twitter: Adrithian
(School/Public Library Cooperation Interdivisional Committee, Teens' Top Ten Committee)

Jane Gov, Financial Advancement Committee Chair. [ex-officio], Twitter: MissJaneGov
(Financial Advancement Committee, Writing Award Jury)

Kafi Kumasi, Director. Twitter: dr_kumasi
(Continuing Education Advisory Board, Research Committee)

Todd Krueger*, Division Councilor. Twitter: toddbcpl
(Interest Groups liaison)

Gretchen Kolderup, Director. Twitter: librarified
(RUSA/YALSA YA Reference Committee, Summer Reading/Learning TF)

Jennifer Korn, Director. Twitter: korncakes
(Legislation Committee, Member Recognition Jury, Teen Tech Week Committee)

Melissa McBride, Organization & Bylaws Chair. Twitter: SESLibraryLand
(O&B Committee)

Crystle Martin*, Secretary.  Twitter: CrystleM
(JRLYA Advisory Board, Hub Advisory Board)

Kate McNair, Director.  Twitter: k8mcnair
(Division & Membership Promotion Committee, Henne Award Jury, Website Advisory Board)

Jessi Snow, Director. Twitter: jessiclemens
(BWI Award Jury, Teen Read Week Committee)

Mega Subramaniam, Director. Twitter: mmsubram
(Annual Conference Marketing & Local Arrangements Committee, Midwinter Paper Presentation Committee)

Beth Yoke*, Executive Director. [ex-officio] Twitter: yalsa_director
*denotes this position also serves on the Executive Committee

Standing Board Committees

In 2013 YALSA's board voted to establish standing board committees--one for each goal in the Organizational Plan.  Committee make-up for 2016 - 2017 is:

  • Advocacy: Diane Colson (chair), Franklin Escobedo, Sarah Hill, Gretchen Kolderup, Jennifer Korn, Kafi Kumasi
  • Fund & Partner Development: Nick Buron, Sandra Hughes-Hassell (chair), Todd Krueger, Melissa McBride, Kate McNair
  • Leading the Transformation of Teen Services: Trixie Dantis, Jane Gov, Candice Mack, Crystle Martin (chair), Mega Subramaniam, Jessi Snow

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