Quick Picks Nominations

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Updated March 3, 2015.


Heppermann, Christine. Poems for You, My Pretty. 2014. Illus. Greenwillow/Harper Collins Children’s, $17.99. 9780062289575. 50 modern fairy tale poems for the teenage girl.

Larkin, Eric Shabazz. A Moose Boosh: A Few Choice Words About Food. 2014. Illus. Readers to Eaters, $18.95. 9780983661559. A collection of food based pictures and poetry.

McGuire, Kara. The Teen Money Manual: A Guide to Cash, Credit, Spending, Saving, Work, Wealth, and More. 2014. Capstone Young Readers, $9.95. 9781623701352. This book is a breakdown on money for teens: how to make, spend, and save it.

Pope, Paul. The Rise of Aurora West. Illus. First Second/Macmillan, $17.99. 9781626722682. Aurora helps her hero father battle the child-snatching monsters of Acropolis, but still finds time to hunt down clues that might solve her own mother's murder.

Shepherd, Jack. 67 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs. 2014. National Geographic Society, $12.99. 9781426213861. Scientific proof that cats are better than dogs.

Sundquist, Josh. We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story. 2014. Illus. Little Brown & Co/Hachette Book Group, $18.00. 9780316251020. At 25, Josh is a Paralympic ski racer and cancer survivor, and he's also never had a girlfriend. It this book he looks into his past and try to figure out why.



Gurevich, Margaret. Making the Cut. 2014. Illus. Capstone Young Readers/Stone Arch Books, $14.95. 9781623701123. 16-year-old Chloe loves fashion, but when a new fashion reality series comes to town, can she make the cut?

Hall, Sandy. A Little Something Different. 2014. Macmillan, $9.99. 9781250061454. Told in 14 different viewpoints, making chapters short and the plot fast-moving, this sweet romance tells the story of the destined-to-be-together Lea and Gabe. Everyone thinks Lea and Gabe should be a couple, but they keep moving past each other which makes for amusing near-misses and allows for the will they or won't they anticipation to build for a satisfying conclusion.

Harris, Carrie. Demon Derby. 2014. Delacorte Press/Random House, $18.00. 9780316251020. At 25, Josh is a Paralympic ski racer and cancer survivor, and he's also never had a girlfriend. It this book he looks into his past and try to figure out why.

Laurie, Victoria. When. 2015. Disney-Hyperion, $17.99. 9781484700082. Maddie and her best friend become murder suspects when the FBI finds out she accurately predicted the victim's death dates.

Marriott, Zoe. The Name of the Blade. 2014. Candlewick Press, $16.99. 9780763669577. When Zoe picks up her grandfather's katana, she opens up a world that she may not be ready for.

Matsui, Yusei. Assassination Classroom V. 1. 2014. Illus. Viz Media, $9.99. 9781421576077. A destructive alien, who just finished taking a chunk out of the moon, makes a deal with the government. It will take over as the teacher for a class of troubled students, and they may attempt to assassinate him.

Smale, Holly. Geek Girl. 2015. Harper Teen/HarperCollins, $17.99. 9780062333575. Harriet Manners would be the first to tell you that she's a geek. In fact, she could show you where someone scrawled the word onto her backpack so she can never forget. So when one of the world's top fashion designers offers her the chance to reinvent herself as a model, she jumps at it.

Watson, Andi. Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula. 2015. Illus. First Second/Macmillan, $19.99. 9781626722750. Princess Decomposia is super-busy because she essentially runs her father's kingdom of the Underworld, which is filled with spooky, but nice, otherworldly inhabitants. When her father, King Wolfrun the hypochondriac, fires yet another chef the Princess brings in vampire chef extraordinaire Count Spatula whose culinary delights bring some unrest, and welcome change, to the castle.

Whitney, Daisy. The Fire Artist. 2014. Bloomsbury USA, $17.99. 9781619631328. Aria wields fire with her hand, but it's not natural. She'll do anything to gain the magic that will make her a star and save her family.