Quick Picks Nominations

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Updated June 1, 2015.


Benson, Richard. F in Exams: Pop Quiz: All New Awesomely Wrong Test Answers. 2015. Illus. Chronicle Books, $9.95. 9781452144030. A collection of totally wrong test answers.

Black, Alexandra. The Fashion Book. 2014. Illus. DK Publishing/Penguin Random House, $15.99. 9781465422842. A sassy style guide for teenage girls who want to discover the stories behind their favorite looks, find their own style, and learn what makes the fashion world tick.

Donovan, Sandy. Thrift Shopping: Discovering Bargains and Hidden Treasures. 2015. Twenty-First Century Books/Lerner Publishing Group, $33.32. 9781467757836. Helpful guide for thrift shopping, describes different places to find deals, how to tell if an item is quality, and ideas for upcycling finds

Gerry, Lisa M. Puppy Love: True Stories of Doggy Devotion. 2015. Illus. National Geographic Society Children’s Books/National Geographic Society, $12.99. 9781426318672. True-life tales of doggie devotion with lots of photos and fun facts to accompany them.

Graham, Ali. 99 Problems: Superstars Have Bad Days Too. 2015. Workman Publishing Company, $9.95. 9780761182153. Based off the popular Tumblr, a book that showcases that superstars can and do have 99 Problems.

Heppermann, Christine. Poems for You, My Pretty. 2014. Illus. Greenwillow/HarperCollins Children’s, $17.99. 9780062289575. 50 modern fairy tale poems for the teenage girl.

Keyser, Amber J. Sneaker Century: A History of Athletic Shoes. 2015. Twenty-First Century Books/Lerner Publishing Group, $35.65. 9781467726405. A little history on your favorite shoes.

Larkin, Eric Shabazz. A Moose Boosh: A Few Choice Words About Food. 2014. Illus. Readers to Eaters, $18.95. 9780983661559. A collection of food based pictures and poetry.

McGuire, Kara. The Teen Money Manual: A Guide to Cash, Credit, Spending, Saving, Work, Wealth, and More. 2014. Capstone Young Readers, $9.95. 9781623701352. This book is a breakdown on money for teens: how to make, spend, and save it.

Miller, Shauna. Penny Chic: How to Be Stylish on a Real Girl's Budget. 2014. Little, Brown & Co/Hachette, $16.99. 9780316236560. A guide to style, organizing, budgeting and finding free and inexpensive clothing to wear anywhere.

Munroe, Randall. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. 2014. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $20.00. 9780544272996. From the creator of the webcomic xkcd, hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask.

National Geographic Society. Weird But True Food: 300 Bite-Size Facts about Incredible Edibles. 2015. National Geographic Society Childrens Books, $7.99. 9781426318719. Fun facts on everything to do with food.

Rissman, Rebecca. Yoga for Your Mind & Body: A Teenage Practice for a Healthy, Balanced Life. 2015. Switch Press/Capstone, $14.95. 9781630790134. Yoga is the subject of this comprehensive and glossy photo-filled instructional book. The text is easily readable and emphasizes how yoga can and should be practiced by all; instructions are detailed but not overwhelming and the photos are diverse and plentiful.

Rosen, Michael J. Girls vs. Guys: Surprising Differences Between the Sexes. 2014. Twenty-First Century Books/Lerner Publishing Group, $33.27. 9781467716109. A fun look at the differences between the sexes

Schatz, Kate. Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries Who Shaped Our History... and Our Future! 2015. Illus. City Lights Books, $14.95. 9780872866836. A story and illustration of a rad American woman for every letter of the alphabet.

Shecter, Vicky Alvear. Hades Speaks!: A Guide to the Underworld by the Greek God of the Dead. Illus. 2014. Boyds Mills Press/Highlights, $16.95. 9781620915981. Entertaining excursion through the eternal nether world of Greek mythology, with the Dark Lord Hades as escort.

Shepherd, Jack. 67 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs. 2014. National Geographic Society, $12.99. 9781426213861. Scientific proof that cats are better than dogs.

Smith, Rachel Lee. Speaking Out: Queer Youth in Focus. 2015. Reach & Teach/PM Press, $14.95. 9781629630410. In Speak Out, photographer Rachelle Lee Smith spent 10 years capturing portraits of LGBTQ youth across America. The subjects then wrote their feelings about their sexuality on the photos themselves, creating a diary of their experience.

Sundquist, Josh. We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story. 2014. Illus. Little Brown & Co/Hachette Book Group, $18.00. 9780316251020. At 25, Josh is a Paralympic ski racer and cancer survivor, and he's also never had a girlfriend. It this book he looks into his past and try to figure out why.

Tuma, Refe & Susan. What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night. 2014. Little Brown & Co/Hachette, $20.00. 9780316294591. Toy dinosaurs have fun at night in one family's home.   


Adrian, Susan. Tunnel Vision. 2015. St. Martins Griffin/Macmillan, $18.99. 9781250047922. Jake Lukin has the supernatural ability to do what he calls tunneling, meaning he can tell where someone is just by holding an object of theirs. Jake's father knew that this ability was valuable and made Jake promise to never reveal his talent, but Jake broke that rule and now he's being pursued on all sides. Jake is now in a high stakes stand of with forces beyond his control and it's hard to say what the outcome will be.

Akins, Karen. Loop. 2014. St. Martins Griffin/Macmillan, $18.99.9781250030986. First, Bree botches her midterm to the 21st century by transporting a boy to the future with her, but what will she do when she finds out someone is willing to do anything to stop her finding out who is attacking time travelers?

Aveyard, Victoria. Red Queen. 2015. HarperTeen/HarperCollins, $17.99. 9780062310637. Mare lives in a dystopian society where the color of your blood determines your existence.  Silver bloods posses superhuman powers and make up the ruling class while regular humans, Reds, live in poverty and are subject to a military draft at 18 years of age. Mare's life is turned upside down and the power of the Silvers put in jeopardy when it is discovered that she, a Red, also possesses superhuman gifts.

Balak. Last Man V. 1: The Stranger. 2015. Illus. First Second/Macmillan, $9.99. 9781626720466. Eschewing magic and using only his martial arts prowess, Richard Aldana also befriends and protects a small boy for reasons as mysterious as his origins.

Black, Holly. The Darkest Part of the Forest. 2015. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers/Hachette, $18.00. 9780316213073. Sister and brother Hazel and Ben are seemingly normal teens who grew up in a fantastical town. In Fairfold, fairies are the norm and tourists come from miles around to experience the magic and also take a look at Fairfield's main attraction- the boy eternally asleep in the glass coffin. However, one day the coffin is empty, and both Hazel and Ben are more involved than either one knows- or is willing to admit.  

Black, Holly & Clare, Cassandra. The Iron Trial. 2014. Illus. Scholastic Press, $17.99. 9780545522250. After hearing his father's horror stories of the mage world all his life, Callum tries his hardest to fail the exams. And he fails so spectacularly, that they decide to take him.

Brremaud, Frederic. Love: The Tiger. 2015. Illus. Magnetic Press, $17.99. 9780991332441. A day in the life of a tiger. Fighting to eat, fighting to survive.

Buckle, J.A. Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets. 2014. Switch Press/Capstone Young Readers, $16.95. 9781630790004. Wannabe Josh hopes to be a metal guitarist some day, if only he could save up for the guitar. That's not his only problem; he's never been kissed and most of his Facebook friends are ferrets! Follow Josh as he navigates his embarrassments and his triumphs in this funny, witty journal.

Carter, Ally. All Fall Down. 2015. Scholastic Press, $17.99. 9780545654746. Who can Grace trust? She feels all alone as she hunts to find her mother’s murderer, the man with the scar, and bring him to justice.

Easton, T.S. Boys Don't Knit (In Public). 2015. Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan, $16.99. 9781250053312. After an accident involving a bottle of Martini Rosso, Ben serves part of his probation time in a knitting class. And he turns out to be pretty good at it.  Enter the world of competitive knitting.

Emerson, Kevin. Breakout. 2015. Crown Books/Random House, $17.99. 9780385391122. Eighth grader Anthony Castillo's priority is his and his best friend Keenan's band, the Rusty Soles. One night, frustrated with his diet-obsessed parents and the demands of middle school, he writes a rebellious song that goes viral. Anthony must decide if playing the real song at the school rock concert is worth the consequences.

Gurevich, Margaret. Making the Cut. 2014. Illus. Stone Arch Books/Capstone Young Readers, $14.95. 9781623701123. 16-year-old Chloe loves fashion, but when a new fashion reality series comes to town, can she make the cut?

Hall, Sandy. A Little Something Different. 2014. Macmillan, $9.99. 9781250061454. Told in 14 different viewpoints, making chapters short and the plot fast-moving, this sweet romance tells the story of the destined-to-be-together Lea and Gabe. Everyone thinks Lea and Gabe should be a couple, but they keep moving past each other which makes for amusing near-misses and allows for the will they or won't they anticipation to build for a satisfying conclusion.

Harris, Carrie. Demon Derby. 2014. Delacorte Press/Random House, $18.00. 9780316251020. Casey, a cancer-surviving extreme sports junkie, is going about her daily life when she has an encounter with a live in-the-flesh demon and manages to survive. The burst of adrenaline propels her to join the local kick-butt roller derby team, but the people on the team, especially the dreamy team manager Michael, aren't what they seem...and the demons are still on her tail.

Helms, Rhonda. Promposal. 2015. Simon Pulse/Simon and Schuster, $17.99. 9781481422321. The excitement of prom causes drama as the event draws near.

Hiaasen, Carl. Skink No Surrender. 2014. Knopf/Random House, $18.99. 9780375870514. Richard's cousin Malley has run away, again. But this time is different from the others and Richard is certain she is in danger. With the help of a large, gnarly looking homeless man, named Skink, Richard sets out to rescue her.

Howard, J.J. Tracers. 2015. G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers/Penguin USA, $17.99. 9780399173738. Cam has no family, no real home, and is working as a bike messenger in Manhattan to pay off some dangerous loan sharks when he literally crashes into the world of parkour and his life is changed -- for better or worse.

Jamieson, Victoria. Roller Girl. 2015. Illus. Dial Books/Penguin, 20.99. 9780525429678. Graphic novel about a girl who discovers roller derby while growing apart from her best friend.

Knowles, Jo. Read Between the Lines. 2015. Candlewick Press, $16.99. 9780763663872. Twelve separate but connected stories; from an unpopular nerd who breaks a his middle finger during gym class to the most popular cheerleader in school with a less-than perfect relationship, comprise this uplifting and heartbreaking narrative. Taking place over the course of a day, this novel is witty but also reflective and will speak to readers of all social circles.

Laurie, Victoria. When. 2015. Disney-Hyperion, $17.99. 9781484700082. Maddie and her best friend become murder suspects when the FBI finds out she accurately predicted the victim's death dates.

Lee, Fonda. Zeroboxer. 2015. Flux/Llewellyn Worldwide, $11.99. 9780738743387. Carr Luka rockets to fame as the best zero-gravity boxer that anyone on either Earth or Mars has ever seen. But when he finds out he's the unwitting recipient of gene enhancement, can he manage to hold onto his title and stay the top sports hero of Earth?

Levithan, David. Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story. 2015. Dutton Children’s/Penguin, $17.99. 9780525428848. This is Tiny Cooper's musical from Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green. The musical is Tiny's life story from birth to the present about his coming out and quest for true love.

Marriott, Zoe. The Name of the Blade. 2014. Candlewick Press, $16.99. 9780763669577. When Zoe picks up her grandfather's katana, she opens up a world that she may not be ready for.

Metcalfe, Stephen. The Tragic Age. 2015. St. Martins Griffin/Macmillan, $18.99. 9781250054418. 17-year-old Billy has perfected the art of flying under the radar -- staying as invisible as possible to retreat from the world after his sister's death. When a new, rebellious classmate and an old family friend make it clear he is not invisible, Billy has to decide whether he'll reconnect to the world in darkness or in the light.

Mills, Wendy. Positively Beautiful. 2015. Bloomsbury USA, $17.99. 9781619633414. Not much about Erin Bailey stands out, it's always been Erin and her mom at home and at school her best friend Trina is her devoted partner-in-crime. However, when Erin's mom gets diagnosed with breast cancer Erin finds out the cancer is due to the hereditary BRCA gene and Trina gets a new boyfriend, her world is turned upside down. She must find a way to cope with this information, and she finds a new supportive friend in a surprising place.

O'Connor, George. Ares: Bringer of War. 2015. Illus. First Second/Macmillan, $9.99. 9781626720138. Seventh in the graphic novel Olympians series, this installment revolves around the great Trojan War and primarily focuses on the actions of the great Greek gods and their offspring. The god of war Ares has many vested interests in this battle and can't bear lose to his nemesis Athena without a fight.

Oliver, Lauren. Vanishing Girls. 2015. HarperCollins Children’s Books/HarperCollins, $18.99. 9780062224101. Sisters Nick and Dara have always been as close as twins, that is until the devastating car accident that left Nick shaken and Dara injured- and their relationship in shambles. Now Nick is left to put together the pieces; she tries to assimilate back into her social circles and repair her broken relationship with Dara but when a local girl disappears, she begins to unravel a mystery that hits very close to home.

Pope, Paul. The Rise of Aurora West. Illus. First Second/Macmillan, $17.99. 9781626722682. Aurora helps her hero father battle the child-snatching monsters of Acropolis, but still finds time to hunt down clues that might solve her own mother's murder.

Ross, Jonathan. America’s Got Powers. 2014. Image Comics, $17.99. 9781632151377. The biggest TV show on Earth gives super-powered teens a chance to win fame and fortune - if they can survive.

Shan, Darren. Zom-B: Bride. 2015. Illus. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers/Hachette, $15.00. 9780316214223. Zombie B Smith has been through the wringer and is now determined to find out if the old adage "an enemy's enemy is your friend" by seeking out the murderous clown, Mr. Dowling. He has something she wants, but she's going to have to put up with his marriage proposals and his army of mutant babies to get to it.  

Smale, Holly. Geek Girl. 2015. Harper Teen/HarperCollins, $17.99. 9780062333575. Harriet Manners would be the first to tell you that she's a geek. In fact, she could show you where someone scrawled the word onto her backpack so she can never forget. So when one of the world's top fashion designers offers her the chance to reinvent herself as a model, she jumps at it.

Spalding, Amy. Kissing Ted Callahan (and other guys). 2015. Poppy/Hachette, $18.00. 9780316371520. Bandmates Riley and her male sidekick Reid both have a similar problem, they are both seeking their true loves and are willing to kiss some frogs along the way! So they start a collaborative project to find what they're looking for, and plan to document their dramatic successes AND failures along the journey.  

Stevenson, Noelle. Lumberjanes Vol. 1. 2015. Illus. Boom! Studios, $14.99. 9781608866878. Five best-friends spend the summer at Lumberjanes camp battling all sorts of supernatural critters and go on fun quests.

Sugg, Zoe. Girl Online. 2014. Keywords Press/Simon & Schuster, $17.99. 9781476797458. Penny's alias GirlOnline allows her to blog about her fears, panic attacks, and her dramatic life. When she's whisked away to New York on a family trip and falls in love with Noah, a boy with his own secret, everything is threatened to fall apart.

Tomp, Sarah. My Best Everything. 2015. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers/Hachette, $18.00. 9780316324786. When good-girl Lulu finds out her father lost her college money in a bad business deal, she comes up with a desperate plan: make and sell moonshine in her small, rural Virginia town.

Toten, Teresa. The Unlikely Hero of Room 13 B. 2015. Delacorte/Random House, $17.99. 9780553507867. Adam Spencer Ross is, first and foremost, in love with Robyn- she's in his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) Support Group. She is literally the Robyn to his Batman, but that doesn't change the fact that Adam definitely is going through a tough patch- his mom's hoarding is getting more excessive and his OCD symptoms are becoming more prohibitive. Adam wants to be the hero so desperately, but sometimes the help you need has come from an outside source.

Traver, N. K. Duplicity. 2015. Thomas Dunne Books/Macmillan, $18.99. 9781250059147. Brandon's reflection in the mirror suddenly takes on a life of its own -- somehow removing the tattoos, piercings, and hair dye he's accumulated to get noticed by his inattentive parents. When he finds himself trapped on the other side of the mirror, he'll have to put his computer hacking skills to the test to survive.

Watson, Andi. Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula. 2015. Illus. First Second/Macmillan, $19.99. 9781626722750. Princess Decomposia is super-busy because she essentially runs her father's kingdom of the Underworld, which is filled with spooky, but nice, otherworldly inhabitants. When her father, King Wolfrun the hypochondriac, fires yet another chef the Princess brings in vampire chef extraordinaire Count Spatula whose culinary delights bring some unrest, and welcome change, to the castle.

Watson, Renee. This Side of Home. 2015. Bloomsbury USA, $17.99. 9781599906683. Twins Maya and Nikki and their best friend Essence have always planned on sharing their future- together they would go to the historically black women's college Spellman and marry their high school sweethearts. When their Senior year starts Maya finds out that plans change and she cannot make her circle of friends and her neighborhood stay the same forever.

Whitney, Daisy. The Fire Artist. 2014. Bloomsbury USA, $17.99. 9781619631328. Aria wields fire with her hand, but it's not natural. She'll do anything to gain the magic that will make her a star and save her family.

Zone, Dr. Noel. Danger Is Everywhere: A Handbook for Avoiding Danger. 2014. Illus. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers/Hachette, $12.99. 9780316299305. Docter Noel Zone (Yes, that's how you spell it) provides you with a hilarious handbook on avoiding danger, which is everywhere.  



Matsui, Yusei. Assassination Classroom V. 1. 2014. Illus. Viz Media, $9.99. 9781421576077. A destructive alien, who just finished taking a chunk out of the moon, makes a deal with the government. It will take over as the teacher for a class of troubled students, and they may attempt to assassinate him.

Matsui, Yusei. Assassination Classroom V. 2. 2015. Illus. Viz Media, $9.99. 9781421576084. The students of Class 3 E have a new foreign language teacher, Ms. Jelavich, renowned assassin.

Matsui, Yusei. Assassination Classroom V. 3. 2014. Illus. Viz Media, $9.99. 9781421576091. Class 3-E gets a new student, an assassin robot, and Ms. Jelavich has a guest that may make her leave the school.