2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens


Delisle, Guy. Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea. 2005. Drawn and Quarterly, hardcover, $19.95. (978-1-896597-89-8).  A French Canadian animator chronicles his experiences in an isolating culture.

Geary, Rick. The Case of Madeleine Smith: Treasury of Victorian Murder (V. 8). 2006. NBBComics Lit, hardcover, $15.95. (978-1-56163-467-5).  In Victorian Scotland, breaking up can be hard to swallow, but poison goes down smooth. Just ask Madeleine's ex.

Jacobson, Sid, Ernie Colon. The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation. 2006. Hill and Wang, hardcover, $30. (978-0-8090-5738-2).  A chilling account of the events that led up to the attacks of the WTC and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

McCloud, Scott. Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels. 2006. Harper Collins, paper, $22.95. (978-0-06-078094-4).  Comics scholar Scott McCloud illustrates what elements make comics people love.

Rollins, Prentis. The Making of a Graphic Novel: The Resonator. 2006. Watson-Guptill Publications, Inc., paper, $19.95. (978-0-8230-3053-8).  Experience a future in which sleep is illegal and a Resonator is your only escape. Then flip the book over to learn how the story was created.

Siegel, Siena Cherson, Mark Siegel. To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel. 2006. Simon and Schuster, hardcover, $9.99. (978-1-4169-2687-0).  A lyrical look at a young dancer's life.

Van den Bogaert, H. W., George O'Connor. Journey Into Mohawk Country. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $17.95. (978-1-59643-106-5).  In this illumination of a 1634 diary, a young Dutch trader ventures into the heart of Mohawk culture.

Van Lente, Fred, Ryan Dunlavey. Action Philosophers: Giant-Sized Thing (V.1). 2006. Evil Twin Comics, paper, $6.95. (978-0-9778329-0-3).  Nine famous (and not so famous) philosophers in history battle ignorance and confusion regarding their ideas and theories.


Baker, Kyle. Rubber Bandits: Plastic Man (V. 2). 2006. DC Comics, paper, $14.99. (978-1-4012-0729-8).  Everyone's favorite stretchy hero wrangles with Homeland Security, vampires, music piracy and an evil mouse.

Bendis, Brian Michael, Olivier Coipel, and others. House of M. 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $24.99. (978-0-7851-1721-6).  When a powerful mutant grants superheroes their heart's desires, how could everything go wrong?

Card, Orson Scott, Andy Kubert. Ultimate Iron Man (V. 1). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $19.99. (978-0-7851-1499-4).  A modern retelling of the forging of Tony Stark, Iron Man.

Chmakova, Svetlana. Dramacon. 2005. TOKYOPOP, paper, $9.99. (978-1-59816-129-8).  Pocky, cosplay, cheating boyfriends and first love; so much drama at one con.

Ellerton, Sarah. Inverloch (V. 1). 2006. Seven Seas Entertainment, paper, $14.99. (978-1-933164-13-7).  A da'kor pup is caught up in a mysterious quest when he befriends a beautiful elf.

Ellis, Warren, Stuart Immonen. Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.(V. 1). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, hardcover, $19.99. (978-0-7851-2278-4).  Kick-@$$ super-agents. Renegade corporations. Widdle cuddly bears of death.

Flight (V. 3). 2006. Ballantine Books/ Del Rey, paper, $24.95. (978-0-345-49039-1).  Newly hatched stories of monsters, mayhem and magic

Foglio, Phil, Kaja Foglio, and others. Agatha Heterodyne and the Circus of Dreams: Girl Genius (V. 4). 2006. Studio Foglio/ Airship Entertainment, paper, $20.95. (978-1-890856-36-6).  In a magical steampunk world, Agatha has "the spark" to make mad science happen.

Ganter, Amy Kim. Sorcerers and Secretaries (V. 1). 2006. TOKYOPOP, paper, $9.99. (978-1-59816-409-1).  Caught up in her daydreams, will Nicole miss out on real love?

Grillo-Marxuach, Javier, Les McClaine. The Trade Paperback Imperative: The Middleman (V. 1). 2006. Viper Comics, paper, $9.95. (0-9754193-7-4).  The unflappable Wendy punches aliens and gangster chimps while on the clock with her new boss The Middleman.

Heinberg, Allan, Jim Cheung, and others.
Sidekicks: Young Avengers (V. 1). 2005. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $14.99. (978-0-7851-2018-6).
Family Matters: Young Avengers (V. 2). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $22.99. (978-0-7851-2021-6).
After the Avengers have disassembled, a renegade group of heroic teens unites to fight evil-doers.

Henderson, Jason, Tony Salvaggio. Psy-Comm (V. 1). 2006. TOKYOPOP, paper, $8.99. (978-1-59816-269-1).  In a world where war is entertainment, psychic teen soldiers battle under the command of large corporations.

Hernandez, Gilbert, Jared K. Fletcher. Sloth. 2006. DC Comics/ Vertigo, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0366-5).  When Miguel wakes up after exactly a year in a coma, he and his friends pursue the truth behind a local urban legend.

Hopkins, David, Brock Rizy. Emily Edison (V. 1). 2006. Viper Comics, paper, $12.95. (978-0-9777883-2-3).  Emily's grandfather from another dimension is bent on destroying Earth…there goes her first school dance.

Johnson, R. Kikuo. Night Fisher. 2005. Fantagraphics Books, paper, $12.95. (978-1-56097-719-3).  Isolated in Maui, Loren is at the edge of adulthood. Getting high and committing petty crimes with his best friend reconnects them, but can it last?

Kneece, Mark, Julie Collins-Rousseau. Trailers. 2005. NBM Publishing, hardcover, $17.95. (978-1-56163-441-5).  When his promiscuous mother kills one of her abusive boyfriends, Josh has to clean up the gruesome mess. Some secrets (and parts) just won't stay buried.

Kyle, Craig, Christopher Yost, and others. X-23: Innocence Lost. 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $15.99. (978-0-7851-1502-1).  Cloned from Wolverine's DNA and raised in seclusion to be an assassin for hire, X-23 seems unstoppable.

Lat. Kampung Boy. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $16.95. (978-1-59643-121-8).  Growing up in rural Malaysia in the 1950's, Mat just wants to live a carefree life fishing and getting into trouble.

Loeb, Jeph, Tim Sale. Catwoman: When in Rome. 2005. DC Comics, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0432-7).  The sultry Catwoman travels to Rome to take a break from Batman and investigate the riddle of her family's past.

Martin, Ann M., Raina Telgemeier. Baby Sitter's Club: Kristy's Great Idea. 2006. Scholastic/ Graphix, paper, $16.99. (978-0-439-80241-3).  The Baby-Sitters Club is back! Read about how it all began in this charming origin story.

Medley, Linda. Castle Waiting. 2006. Fantagraphics Books, hardcover, $29.95. (978-1-56097-747-6).  What happens when happily-ever-after begins? Find out with Lady Jain and the new inhabitants of Briar Rose's castle.

Meltzer, Brad, Rags Morales. Identity Crisis. 2005. DC Comics, paper, $24.99. (978-1-4012-0688-8).  Dirty secrets boil to the surface when a hero's wife is murdered in the DC Universe.

Moore, Alan, Gene Ha. Top Ten: the Forty-Niners. 2006. DC Comics/ Wildstorm Signature Series, paper, $17.99. (978-1-4012-0573-7).  In gritty Neopolis, super-heroes left adrift after fighting in World War II struggle to adjust to civilian life.

Murphy, Sean. Off Road. 2005. Oni Press, paper, $11.95. (978-1-932664-30-0).  Three friends decide that off-roading with their brand new jeep is the answer to their girl and family troubles -- and get way more than they bargained for.

Nibot, Root, Colleen Coover. Banana Sunday. 2006. Oni Press, paper, $11.95. (978-1-932664-37-9).  Kirby and her three talking monkeys are starting a new school and find that fitting in can be a bit slippery.

Ohba, Tsugumi, Takeshi Obata.
Death Note (V. 1). 2005. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0168-0).
Death Note (V. 2). 2005. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0169-7).
Death Note (V. 3). 2006. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0170-3).
A brilliant but troubled teen uses a supernatural notebook to kill criminals. Is it justice or just murder?

Porcellino, John. Perfect Example. 2005. Drawn and Quarterly, paper, $16.95. (978-1-896597-75-1).  In a summer filled with skateboarding, music and thrift shops, John searches for meaning beyond high school.

Powell, Eric, Kyle Hotz, and others. Billy the Kid's Old-Timey Oddities. 2006. Dark Horse Comics, paper, $13.95. (978-1-59307-448-7).  Billy the Kid lands a job protecting circus freaks on their gore-filled quest to steal Dr. Frankenstein’s mystical jewel.

Quick, Jen Lee. Off*Beat (V.1). 2005. TOKYOPOP, paper, $9.99. ().  Brooklyn freshman and self-proclaimed genius Tory is obsessed with his enigmatic new neighbor Colin.

Ricketts, Mark, Micah Farritor. Night Trippers. 2006. Image Comics, paper, $16.99. (978-1-58240-606-0).  Mod vampires on acid in 1966 London plot to take over the world.

Rubio, Kevin, Lucas Marangon, and others. Star Wars: Tag and Bink Were Here. 2006. Dark Horse Comics, paper, $14.95. (978-1-59307-641-2).  Two hapless Rebels stumble through the background of the Star Wars saga.

Shin, Ji-Sang, Geo.
Chocolat (V. 1). 2005. Ice Kunion, paper, $. (978-89-527-4453-1).
Chocolat (V. 2). 2005. Ice Kunion, paper, $. (978-89-527-4472-1).
Chocolat (V. 3). 2005. Ice Kunion, paper, $. (978-89-527-4480-2).
Sneaky fangirl Kum-ji plots to get close to the band she loves.

Sizer, Paul. Moped Army. 2005. Café Digital, paper, $12.95. (978-0-9768565-4-2).  In the year 2277, Simone must choose sides when her brutal boyfriend and his crew wage war against the Moped Army.

Stassen, J. P., tr. by Alexis Siegel. Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $16.95. (978-1-59643-103-4).  A gut-wrenching tale of two teens caught up in the genocide that swept across Rwanda in the late 90's.

TenNapel, Doug. Iron West. 2006. Image Comics, paper, $14.99. (978-1-58240-630-5).  When robot gunslingers invade his small Wild West town, outlaw Preston Struck reluctantly becomes a hero.

Tomasi, Peter, Peter Snejbjerg. Light Brigade. 2006. DC Comics, paper, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0795-3).  A band of WWII soldiers fight a blood-soaked battle against zombie Nazis bent on destroying Heaven and Earth.

Urasawa, Naoki. Herr Dr. Tenma: Naoki Urasawa's Monster (V. 1). 2006. Viz Media, paper, $9.99. (978-1-59116-641-2).  A conscientious and brilliant doctor discovers his good intentions have created a murderous psychopath.

Vaughan, Brian K, Adrian Alphona.
True Believers: Runaways (V. 4). 2005. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1705-6).
Escape to New York: Runaways(V. 5). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1901-2).
Parental Guidance: Runaways (V. 6). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1952-4).
The continuing adventures of teens determined to outrun their parents’ villainous legacy while fighting crime and each other.

Vaughan, Brian K, Niko Henrichon. Pride of Baghdad. 2006. DC Comics/ Vertigo, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0314-6).  Freed from captivity by the 2004 bombing of Baghdad, four lions struggle to survive the bloody aftermath.

Vaughan, Brian K, Tony Harris, and others. Tag: Ex Machina (V. 2). 2005. DC Comics/ Wildstorm Signature Series, paper, $12.99. (978-1-4012-0626-0).  Ex-superhero and New York mayor Mitchell Hundred tackles subterranean threats as well as political hot potatoes like school vouchers and gay marriage.

Warren, Adam, Rick Mays. Livewires: Clockwork Thugs, Yo!. 2005. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $. (978-0-7851-1519-9).  Super secret android teen soldiers take down underground weapon labs.

Weinstein, Lauren R. Girl Stories. 2006. Henry Holt and Company, paper, $16.95. (978-0-8050-7863-3).  One girl’s humorous recollections of a botched piercing, Barbies, Morrissey and the quintessential question: "Am I fat?"

Whitta, Gary, Ted Naifeh. Death, Jr. 2005. Image Comics, paper, $14.99. (978-1-58240-526-1).  Being the Grim Reaper's son can have its down sides.

Willingham, Bill, Todd Klein, and others. Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall. 2006. DC Comics/ Vertigo, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0367-2).  Tales of revenge, lust, and betrayal are the only thing that can save Fables ambassador Snow White and her people.

Wood, Brian, Becky Cloonan. Demo: The Collection. 2005. AiT/Planet Lar, paper, $19.95. (978-1-932051-42-1).  Despite extraordinary powers and abilities, the young adults in these 12 gritty stories discover that decisions about life still don’t come easy.

Yang, Gene Luen, Lark Pien. American Born Chinese. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $16.95. (978-1-59643-152-2).  Three seemingly unrelated tales expose an unexpected connection to form a tale of self-acceptance and identity.

Yazawa, Ai.
Nana (V. 1). 2005. VIZ Media, paper, $8.99. (978-1-4215-0108-6).
Nana (V. 2). 2006. VIZ Media/ Shojo Beat Manga, paper, $8.99. (978-1-4215-0378-3).
Jilted by her lover, punk rocker Nana O. meets naive Nana K. Can they help each other make it in Tokyo?

Yoshinaga, Fumi.
Antique Bakery (V. 2). 2005. Digital Manga Publishers, paper, $12.95. (978-1-56970-945-0).
Antique Bakery (V. 3). 2006. Digital Manga Publishers, paper, $12.95. (978-1-56970-944-3).
Antique Bakery (V. 4). 2006. Digital Manga Publishers, paper, $. (978-1-56970-943-6).
The delicious shenanigans of a disheveled boss, his gay pastry chef, and their ex-boxer apprentice, with a dark mystery folded in.

You, Higuri. Cantarella (V. 1). 2005. Go Comi! Manga, paper, $10.99. (978-0-9768957-0-1).  Vicious and beautiful Cesare Borgia must scheme to survive his notorious family.