Amazing Audiobooks Nominations

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Updated April 6, 2015


Accidental Highwayman, The by Ben Tripp, read by Steve West. Macmillan, 2014. 10 hours; 9 discs. 978-1-4272-6038-3. After his master’s untimely death, Kit Bristol, after being mistaken for him, is caught up in his master’s missions and being chased by the law. West’s voices an impressive number of voices in the fun and engaging audiobook.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, read by Kirby Heyborne and Ariadne Meyers.  Listening Library, 2015. 11 hours, 4 minutes; 9 discs. 978-0-5535-5219-5. After Theodore “the freak” Finch talks down popular Violet Markey from the school bell tower, they team up for a school project wandering Indiana.  Meyers’ authentic teen voice captures Violet’s fear and heartbreak; Heyborne voices Finch with such vibrancy it makes his descent all the more heartbreaking.

Darkest Part of the Forest, The by Holly Black, read by Lauren Fortgang. Hachette Audio, 8 hours, 30 minutes; 8 discs. 978-1-4789-3295-6. In Fairfold, Maine, a town where fairies live amongst humans, Hazel and her brother Ben are drawn into fairy intrigues and the mystery of the release of faerie prince from his glass coffin. Fortgang’s excellent pacing and creepy voices for the fae makes this a fast paced and fun listen.

Fairest by Marissa Meyer, read by Rebecca Soler. Macmillan Audio, 2015. 6 hours, 30 minutes; 6 discs. 978-1-4272-5885-4. Previous books in the Lunar Chronicles series showed that Queen Levana of Luna wants to not just keep her crown, but extend her control over Earth, beginning with a marriage to Prince Kai. This book reveals Levana’s past and the events that have made her desperate to maintain her “glamour” of beauty and achieve her dreams of Empire. Soler  is able to perfectly match the attitudes and thoughts of the characters.

Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang, read by Julia Whelan. Harper Audio, 2014. 5 hours, 15 minutes; 5 discs. 978-1-4830-2808-8. Liz Emerson tried to kill herself in a car wreck. Near death, she is taken to the hospital. Via flashbacks and an unusual narrator, Liz’s life and her impact on others is revealed piece-by-piece in a non-chronological format. Whelan evokes the variety of emotions of a modern-day teen in a manner that keeps the listener intrigued.

Firefight, by Brandon Sanderson, read by McLeod Andrews. Brilliance Audio, 2015. 11 hours, 31 minutes; 1 MP3 disc. 978-1501227301. Having defeated Steelheart, Mitosis, and a host of other Epics, David and the rest of the Newcago crew have set their sights on the devastatingly powerful Epic, Regalia. Andrews’ masterful pacing will keep listeners on the edge of their seats, waiting to find out whether the Reckoner forces will triumph or fail.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, read by Neil Gaiman, Derek Jacobi, Robert Madge, Clare Corbett, Miriam Margolyes, Andrew Scott, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Emilia Fox, Reece Shearsmith, Lenny Henry, and an ensemble cast. Harper Audio, 2014. 8 hours, 24 minutes; 7 discs. 978-0-0623-6446-3. As the “Jacks of all trade” continue to seek after his life, Nobody Owens finds protection and power in the residents of a graveyard, but his lessons soon come to an end as he must face his past and live life away from the dead. Derek Jacobi and a full cast production bring new life to The Graveyard Book, combining outstanding, distinct narration with superb production that few audiobooks can match.

I Was Here by Gayle Forman, read by Jorjeana Marie.  Listening Library, 2015. 8 hours; 7 discs. 978-0-5535-5610-0. After learning that her lifelong best friend, Meg, has committed suicide in a chillingly calculated way while away at college, Cody begins a journey searching for the truth about friendship, family, love, and hope.  Jorjeana Marie boldly presents the complexity of grief and guilt that Cody experiences while portraying supporting characters’ voices well.

The Secret Sky by Atia Abawi, read by Ariana Delawari and Assaf Cohen.  Penguin Audio, 2014.  7 hours, 39 minutes; 978-1-4906-2740-3 Afghani story of defying culture and family for love featuring Hasara girl Fatima, Pashtun boy Samiullah and Sami’s Pashtun cousin, Rashid.  Delawari and Cohen bring this story of Afghan struggle to life by giving it voices that are compelling, sympathetic, and heartbreaking.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, read by Edward Herrmann. Listening Library, 2014. 8 hours, 8 minutes; 7 discs. 978-0-5533-9711-6. Louis Zamperini’s plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean during World War II, and, despite all odds, he manages to survive being a castaway, captivity and experimentation in a torture camp, and assault by brutal guards in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Herrmann’s strong, smooth cadence illuminates the text and brings the listener both excitement and dread in this incredible biography.

The Unlikely Warrior by Georg Rauch, read by Robert Fass. Blackstone Audio, 2015. 8 hours, 30 minutes; 7 discs. 978-1-4815-0555-0. Georg Rauch recounts his experience as a Jewish soldier in the German Army on the Russian Front during World War II,  Fass’ steady tone and good pacing keep listeners rapt as he relates the horrors of war Rauch faced.