United for Libraries Committees

United for Libraries members may serve on a variety of division level committees. The United for Libraries Vice-President/President-Elect selects committee members and chairpersons in mid-May each year, with terms of service July 1-June 30.

2017-2018 Committees

United for Libraries members may acces the 2017-2018 roster of United for Libraries committee members (PDF, 72 kb). Committee pages linked below will be updated after Annual Conference.

2016-2017 Committees

United for Libraries members may access the 2016-2017 roster of United for Libraries committee members (PDF, 516 kb) with contact information. For more information about each committee, please click on the links below:

United for Libraries group members are not ALA members, and therefore cannot serve on committees. If you are currently an United for Libraries group member and wish to purchase ALA/United for Libraries membership, please call (800) 545-2433, ext. 2161, or email united@ala.org.

Tools & Resources

Committee Charges & Minimum Expectations (PDF, 101 kb)

Basics of Parliamentary Procedures (PDF, 11 kb)

How to Chair a Committee (PDF, 106 kb)

For more information, please read "A Short History of United for Libraries" (PDF, 51 kb) by past-president Peggy Danhof.

Committee/Task Force Report Form (PDF, 32 kb)

Committee Meeting Attendance Form (PDF, 80 kb)

NEW: United for Libraries Resources

We've compiled a handy Excel file of the top resources available FREE and for members only. Please note this is a working compilation and resources may be added at any time. Also, it's not possible to list all of the wonderful links and resources we have on our site, so if you are looking for something and can't find it on this list, email Beth (bnawalinski@ala.org) or Jillian (jwentworth@ala.org) and we'll let you know if we have the resource and if so, where to find it.