United for Libraries Events & Conferences

ALA Midwinter Meeting

Feb. 9-13, 2018

ALA Midwinter Meeting United for Libraries will host programs, meeting, and discussion groups during the 2018 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Denver, Colo.




Virtual Library Legislative Day

May 7-8, 2018

Virtual Library Legislative DayVirtual Library Legislative Day is part of the American Library Association’s (ALA) National Library Legislative Day, held each spring in Washington, D.C., and is be an opportunity for all library advocates to make their voices heard on a national level.



ALA Annual Conference

June 21-26, 2018

United for Libraries will host programs and meetings during the 2018 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, La.


National Friends of Libraries Week

Oct. 21-27, 2018

Friends of Libraries groups have their very own national week of celebration! United for Libraries will coordinate the 13th annual National Friends of Libraries Week Oct. 21-27, 2018. The celebration offers a two-fold opportunity to celebrate Friends. Use the time to creatively promote your group in the community, to raise awareness, and to promote membership. This is also an excellent opportunity for your library and Board of Trustees to recognize the Friends for their help and support of the library. Learn more and start planning your celebration today.



Trustee Academy

Trustee AcademyThe Trustee Academy is a series of online courses to help Trustees become exceptionally proficient in their roles on behalf of their libraries. All of the online courses will be taught by a professional in the field and will be priced both a la carte so individual attendees can pick and choose what courses are important to them, and as a full curriculum that will reflect discounted pricing per course. In addition, a board of Trustees can sign up for further discounts. Learn more.


Engaging Today's Volunteers for Libraries and Friends

The baby boomers are retiring! And...they are volunteering in large numbers in communities across the country. If libraries and Friends groups aren’t successful in recruiting this special group, some other community agency will be. This three-part series of webcasts is designed to inform library Friends, Trustees, and staff about this new generation of baby boomer volunteers — how they are different from volunteers in the past, what they want from service opportunities, and how libraries and Friends can attract them. Learn more.