Membership in United for Libraries

Get the support of a national organization, along with information, guidance, and resources unique to Trustees, Friends, and Foundations!

Increase powerful citizen support for your library! Your first step is joining United for Libraries, the national organization for enthusiastic library supporters in communities and on campuses. United for Libraries has the resources your Friends, Trustees, and Foundation need to maximize their support for your library. No one has a stronger voice for libraries than those who use them, raise money for them, and govern them. By uniting these voices, library supporters everywhere will become a real force to be reckoned with at the local, state, and national levels.

“An innovative and visionary organization, United for Libraries takes the bold new step to be the umbrella organization for members of Friends groups, Boards of Trustees, Library Foundations, and their administrators. Empowered with quality training, resources, and leadership experiences from United for Libraries, a new generation of library supporters will guarantee successful libraries of all types throughout the country.”

Pat Smith

Executive Director

Texas Library Association

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