Each year LITA sponsors AvramCamp, a safe and welcoming space for women and non-binary technology library workers to explore common challenges faced, learn strategies for dealing with them, and discuss specific tools to build confidence, This one-day preconference, inspired by AdaCamp, takes place on Friday of the ALA Annual Conference and registration only costs $25.

AvramCamp begins by exploring Imposter Syndrome, the feeling that you aren’t actually qualified for the work you are doing and will be discovered as a fraud. Using the unconference model, participants then have the opportunity to choose the topics most relevant to them for discussion, such as salary negotiation, how to advocate for accomplishments/invisible work, and ways to promote diversity and equity in tech environments.

Our goal is to create a support network and increase participation from underrepresented groups in open technology and culture to further the library community’s goals of ensuring equitable access to information for everyone.

Each December we run a fundraising campaign and work with sponsors like OCLC to offer scholarships to attend AvramCamp. Watch for announcements each March that the scholarship application process has opened or donate to LITA to help someone attend.

Of the 2018 participants surveyed, 100% agreed that they learned new strategies and felt more confident about what they learned. View the 2018 AvramCamp Report (PDF).

Read ALA Emerging Leader Aisha Conner-Gaten’s report on her experiences at AvramCamp 2017.

“AvramCamp was well worth attending and one of the most interactive and engaging preconferences I ever attended.” – Joslyn

“Thank you for this event! I’m still processing it, but my heart (and my head) is full.” – Amanda

View the 2017 AvramCamp Summary (PDF).

Contact us if you'd like to help plan and organize the next AvramCamp!


LITA Women in Information Technology Interest Group