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Intellectual Freedom

Net Neutrality


Library Privacy Checklists

This set of seven checklists is intended to help libraries of all capacities take practical steps to implement the principles that are laid out in the ALA Library Privacy Guidelines. Each checklist is organized into three priority groups. Priority 1 are actions that hopefully all libraries can take to improve privacy practices. Priority 2 and Priority 3 actions may be more difficult for libraries to implement depending on their technical expertise, available resources, and organizational structure.

These checklists were created by a group of volunteers from the LITA Patron Privacy Interest Group and the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee's Privacy Subcommittee.

  1. Overview
  2. Data Exchange Between Networked Devices and Services
  3. E-book Lending and Digital Content Vendors
  4. Library Management Systems / Integrated Library Systems
  5. Library Websites, OPACs, and Discovery Services
  6. Public Access Computers and Networks
  7. Students in K-12 Schools


Other Issues