Online Learning

LITA offers a number of online learning opportunities throughout the year. Webinars consist of one time sessions while a Web Course meets for multiple sessions.

Previous Online Learning Opportunities

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and the Academic Library

Presenters: Dr. Plamen Miltenoff and Mark Gill
Offered: August 6, 2020 - September 3, 2020 (rescheduled from May 28)


Library Tech Staff Response to Covid-19 

Presenters: Elisandro Cabada, Justin Kovalcik, and Sara Ramezani
Offered: August 5, 2020


Bibliometrics for Librarians 

Presenters: Phillip Doehle and Clarke Lakovakis 
Offered: July 9, 2020 - July 30, 2020


Troublesome Technology Trends: Bridging the Learning Divide

Presenters: Callan Bignoli and T.J. Lamanna
Offered: June 17, 2020


How to Analyze and Negotiate Library IT Contracts 

Presenter: Michael Rodriguez
Offered: June 10, 2020 (rescheduled from May 27)


Using Images from the Internet in a Webpage: How to Find and Cite

Presenter: Lauren Bryant
Offered: June 3, 2020


Digital Inception: Building a digital scholarship/humanities curriculum as a subject librarian

Presenter: Marcela Isuster
Offered: April 22, 2020


A Crash Course in Protecting Library Data While Working From Home

Presenter: Becky Yoose
Offered: April 9, 2020


How to Talk About Library UX - Redux

Presenter: Michael Schofield
Offered: March 11, 2020


Engaging with Algorithm Bias: How Librarians Can Meet Information Literacy Needs of Computer Science and Engineering Students

Presenters: Dr. Shalini Ramachandran, Sheree Fu, Dr. Steven Cutchin, Karen Howell
Offered: January 29, 2020


You Can Keynote

Presenter: Dorothea Salo
Offered: November 14, 2019


Taking Altmetrics to the Next Level in Your Library's Systems and Services 

Presenter: Lily Troia
Offered: November 5, 2019 (rescheduled from October 3rd)

In-house vs. Outsourced Digitization: similarities, key differences and pitfalls to avoid

Presenter: Marina Georgieva
Offered: October 29, 2019

Guiding Students through Digital Citizenship 

Presenter: Casey Davis
Offered: October 16, 2019

Universal Parity to Resources: Rethinking Library Access

Presenters: Christine Elliott and Courtney McAllister
Offered: July 25, 2019

Managing Special User Groups in Academic Libraries

Presenter: Charissa Brammer and Sommer Browning
Offered: Canceled

Creating an InterDisciplinary Space @ Your Library

Presenter: Jessica Bennett
Offered: June 11, 2019

Techniques in Managing a Library Services Platform

Presenter: Hong Ma
Offered: May 30, 2019

Multimedia Instruction: Connecting through Course Integration

Presenter: Leah Howd
Offered: May 1, 2019 - May 22, 2019

Making Games and Online Interactive Content

Instructor: Ruby Warren
Offered: February 6, 2019 - February 27, 2019

Accessibility for All: Screen Readers

Presenter: Kelsey Flynn
Offered: December 18, 2018

Contextual Inquiry: Using Ethnographic Research to Impact your Library UX

Presenters: Rachel Vacek and Donna Lanclos
Offered: September 19, 2018 - October 24, 2018

Metadata Management Tools

Instructor: Kelsey George
Offered: October 23, 2018 - November 6, 2018

Positioning UX as a Library Service

Presenter: Lisa Gayhart
Offered: November 15, 2018

Project Management for Success - repeat

Presenter: Gina Minks
Offered: June 12, 2018 - July 3, 2018

Nuts and Bolts of Data Visualization

Presenter: Vincci Kwong
Offered: May 31, 2018

IT Security and Privacy in Libraries

Presenter: Blake Carver
Offered: May 1, 2018

Introduction to and JSON-LD - repeat

Presenter: Jacob Shelby
Offered: April 18, 2018

Privacy in Libraries, a LITA webinar series

Presenters: Sarah Houghton, Becky Yoose, Matt Beckstrom, T.J. Lamanna, Eric Hellman and Sam Kome
Offered: March 28, 2018 - May 23, 2018

Digital Life Decoded: A user-centered approach to cyber-security and privacy

Presenters: Hannah Rainey, Sonoe Nakasone and Will Cross
Offered: December 12, 2017

Diversity and Inclusion in Library Makerspace

Presenters: Sharona Ginsberg and Lauren Di Monte
Offered: December 6, 2017

Introduction to and JSON-LD

Presenter: Jacob Shelby
Offered: November 15, 2017

Building Services Around Reproducibility & Open Scholarship

Presenter: Vicky Steeves
Offered: November 1, 2017 - November 22, 2017

Contextual Inquiry: Using Ethnographic Research to Impact your Library UX

Presenters: Rachel Vacek and Deirdre Costello
Offered: July 6, 2017 - August 10, 2017

Project Management for Success

Presenter: Gina Minks
Offered: May 16, 2017 - June 6, 2017

Universal Design for Libraries and Librarians - Repeat

Presenters: Holly Mabry and Jessica Olin
Offered: May 15 - June 19, 2017

Beginning Git and GitHub

Presenters: Kate Bronstad and Heather J. Klish
Offered: May 4, 2017 - June 1, 2017

What’s so super about supercomputing? A very basic introduction to high performance computing

Presenters: Jamene Brooks-Kieffer and Mark J. Laufersweiler
Offered: February 28, 2017

Online Productivity Tools: Smart Shortcuts and Clever Tricks

Presenter: Jaclyn McKewan
Offered: November 8, 2016

Social Media For My Institution; from "mine" to "ours"

Presenter: Plamen Miltenoff
Offered: October 19 - November 9, 2016

Beyond Usage Statistics: How to use Google Analytics to Improve your Repository

Presenter: Hui Zhang
Offered: October 11, 2016

How to Talk About User Experience

Presenter: Michael Schofield
Offered: September 7, 2016

Universal Design for Libraries and Librarians

Presenters: Holly Mabry and Jessica Olin
Offered: August 1 - September 9, 2016

Mindful Tech: Establishing a Healthier and More Effective Relationship with Our Digital Devices and Apps

Presenter: David Levy
Offered: a 2 webinar series June, 2016

Yes, You Can Video: A how-to guide for creating high-impact instructional videos without tearing your hair out (repeat)

Presenters: Anne Burke and Andreas Orphanides
Offered: April 12, 2016

The Why and How of HTTPS for Libraries

Presenter: Jacob Hoffman-Andrews
Offered: March 14, 2016

How Your Public Library Can Inspire the Next Tech Billionaire: an Intro to Youth Coding Programs

Presenters: Kelly Smith, Crystle Martin, and Justin Hoenke
Offered: March 3, 2016

Which Test for Which Data: Statistics at the Reference Desk

Presenter: Rachel Williams
Offered: February 29 - March 31, 2016


Teaching Patrons about Privacy in a World of Pervasive Surveillance: Lessons from the Library Freedom Project

Presenter: Alison Macrina
Offered: October 6, 2015

Personal Digital Archiving for Librarians

Presenter: Melody Condron
Offered: October 6 - November 3, 2015

Creative Commons Crash Course

Presenter: Carli Spina
Offered: October 7, 2015

Digital Privacy Toolkit for Librarians

Presenter: Alison Macrina
Offered: October 20, 2015

Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know - 2

Presenters: Steven Bowers,  A.J. Million, Elliot Polak and Ken Varnum
Offered: November 2, 2015

Yes, You Can Video: A how-to guide for creating high-impact instructional videos without tearing your hair out

Presenters: Anne Burke and Andreas Orphanides
Offered: May 12, 2015

Technology and Youth Services Programs: Early Literacy Apps and More

Presenter: Claire Moore
Offered: May 20, 2015

Learn to Teach Coding, a Free Webinar

Presenters: Kimberly Bryant and Lake Raymond
Offered: May 26, 2015

After Hours: Circulating Technology to Improve Kids' Access

Presenter: Megan Egbert
Offered: May 27, 2015

Taking the Struggle Out of Statistics web course

Presenter: Jackie Bronicki
Offered: April 6 - May 3, 2015

Beyond Web Page Analytics: Using Google tools to assess user behavior across web properties

Presenters: Ed Sanchez, Rob Nunez and Keven Riggle
Offered: March 31, 2015

Webinar: Re-Drawing the Map Series

Presenters: Mita Williams and Cecily Walker
Offered: November 18, 2014, December 9, 2014, and January 6, 2015

Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know

Presenters: Brigitte Bell, Steven Bowers, Terry Cottrell, Elliot Polak and Ken Varnum,
Offered:  December 2, 2014

Getting Started with GIS web course

Instructor: Eva Dodsworth, University of Waterloo
Offered:   January 12 - February 9, 2015

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Libraries

Offered:  May 14 - 21, 2014
Instructors:  (Team teaching with Montana State University research team including: Kenning Arlitsch, Patrick O'Brien, Scott Young, and Jason Clark)

Getting Started with GIS web course

Offered:   April 21- May 11, 2014
Instructor: Eva Dodsworth, University of Waterloo

Games in Libraries for Outreach and Instruction

Instructors:  Andrew Battista,  Mary J. Snyder Broussard,  Cecilia Sirigos,  Heath Ward and Breanne Kirsch
Offered:  May 19, 2014

All Aboard - The Party’s Starting! Setting a Course for Social Media Success

Instructors: Mary Anne Hansen, Doralyn Rossmann, Angela Tate, Scott Young, Montana State University
Offered:  April 2, 2014

Web Course: Creating Library Web Services: Mashups and APIs

Instructors:  Jason Clark, Montana State University and Karen Coombs, OCLC Developer Network
Offered: November 15-19, 2010; April 18-22, 2011, August 22-26, 2011, November 14-18, 2011

Webinar: Using Scrum to Streamline Web Applications Development and Increase Staff Involvement

Presenter: Michelle Frisque, Northwestern University Galter Health Sciences Library
Offered: July 18, 2011

Webinar: Roadmap to JPEG2000

Presenters: Bill Comstock, Harvard University; Gretchen Gueguen, University of Virginia; Andrew Laas, ProQuest
September 13, 10:00-11:30 am CDT

Web Course: Getting Started with GIS

Instructor: Eva Dodsworth, University of Waterloo
Offered: April 9-30, 2012, August 13-September 4 2012, February 11- March 4, 2013; July 8-28, 2013; November 11 - December 1, 2013

Webinar: Social Networking the Catalog: Community Based Approaches to Building Catalogs and Collections

Presenter: Margaret Heller, Dominican University
Offered; June 7, 2012

Building Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript: An Introduction to HTML5

Instructor: Jason Clark, Montana State University
Offered: August 2012; November 2012; March 2013; August 2013; January 2014

Webinar: All Aboard - The Party's Starting! Setting a Course for Social Media Success

Presenters: Mary Anne Hansen, Doralyn Rossmann, Angela Tate, Scott Young, Montana State University
Offered: August 20, 2013

Webinar: Linked Data Series

Presenters: Jackie Shieh, Jeremy Nelson, Bob DuCharme
Offered: December 5, 2013, January 14, and February 11, 2014


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