LLAMA President Jeff Steely

               Jeff Steely
  LLAMA President 2015-16
    Georgia State University
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Since its establishment in 1957, LLAMA has been a catalyst for leadership in library and information science. Attuned to ever-changing technological, economic, political, and cultural conditions, LLAMA equips library professionals with tools for building vibrant and successful careers in library services. We hope you'll join us!

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The Library Leadership and Management Association advances outstanding leadership and management practices in library and information services by encouraging and nurturing individual excellence in current and aspiring library leaders.

Core Values

LLAMA believes advancing leadership and management excellence is achieved by fostering the following values:

  • Exemplary and innovative service to and for our members
  • Leadership development and continuous learning opportunities for our members
  • Sustainable and socially responsible management 

Board of Directors

Jeff Steely
Baylor University
John Spears
Salt Lake City Public Library
Diane Bruxvoort
University of Aberdeen
Jim Rettig
United States Naval Academy Nimitz Library
Emily Bergman
Division Councilor
University of Southern California
Eileen Theodore-Shusta
Ohio University Libraries
Melissa B. Bennett
Buildings and Equipment Section Chair
Jim Thompson
Fund Raising & Financial Dvlp Chair
University of Houston
Wanda Brown
Human Resources Section Chair
Wake Forest University
Hector Escobar, Jr.
Library Organization and Management Chair
University of Dayton                  
Karen Neurohr
Measurement and Evaluation Section Chair
Oklahoma State University
Derrick Jefferson
New Professionals Section Chair
American University
Alison Armstrong
Public Relations and Marketing Section Chair
Ohio State University Libraries
Robyn K. Huff - Eibl
Systems and Services Chair
University of Arizona Library
Brad L. Eden (ex-officio)
LL&M Editor
Valparaiso University
Gary White (ex-officio)
LL&M Associate Editor
University of Maryland
Kerry Ward (ex-officio)
LLAMA Executive Director



Executive Director Kerry Ward; kward@ala.org; 800-545-2433, ext. 5036
Major Responsibilities:

  • Providing advice and guidance to LLAMA leaders, committees, and members
  • Managing the budget and financial reports
  • Managing the annual election and appointment process
  • Managing the awards programs
  • Policy and procedure questions

Program Officer for Continuing Education Fred Reuland, freuland@ala.org; 800-545-2433, ext. 5032
Major Responsibilities:

  • Webinar production and planning, including scheduling and registration
  • Conference program scheduling, descriptions, and support
  • Conference committee and discussion group scheduling, including A/V and catering requests

Strategic Directions/Bylaws

At the 2015 Annual Conference, the LLAMA Board voted to move away from the traditional three-year strategic plan and instead commit to an ongoing cycle of development, implementation, assessment, and adjustment of strategic directions that will guide the work of the organization.  The directions are shaped by conversations with members and at each Board meetings, and are implemented by sections, volunteers, and members.

2015-16 Strategic Directions

Previous Planning and Evaluation

Below for reference is LLAMA’s 2012-15 Strategic Plan along with an evaluation of the plan's effectiveness.  The previous plan focused attention on three strategic themes: 1) member engagement and value, 2) leadership development and continuous learning, and 3) organizational excellence.  Each theme had a goal statement and key objectives.

LLAMA 2012-15 Strategic Plan

2012-15 Strategic Plan Evaluation June 2015

LLAMA Bylaws


The Library Administration Division (LAD) became an ALA division on January 1, 1957. At that time nine groups were transferred to it: Board on Personnel Administration, Buildings Committee, Equipment Committee, Federal Relations Committee, Friends of the Libraries Committee, Insurance for Libraries Committee, Library Legislation Committee, Public Relations Committee, and Statistics Committee.

In the Spring and Fall of 1957, an additional eighteen committees were transferred to LAD from other ALA divisions. Most of these additional committees involved building construction and maintenance, recruitment of professional librarians, public relations and statistics. By the end of the year, the LAD Board had developed the basis for the structure of sections and responsibilities that it has today.

In 1978, the LAD membership voted to change the division's name to the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA).

In 2008, division members voted to change the name to the Library Leadership and Management Association. The new name was intended to help ALA members, other divisions and units of ALA, the profession at large, and the general public to understand the important role we play in developing library leaders of the present and the future.

Presidents, 1957-Present

Annual Reports