LLAMA Committees and Member Groups

Hundreds of LLAMA members are engaged in the work of our committees and discussion groups.  To see committee charges and membership, click on the link next to each committee.  To see contact information for committee members, login to the site using your ALA login and password.  If you're interested in joining a committee, click here to see our volunteer form

Board of Directors

Committees of the Board

Project Teams

Communities of Practice Committees

Community Leaders - Charge and Roster







Joint Committees

  • ACRL/LLAMA Interdivisional Committee on Building Resources - Charge and Roster
  • LLAMA Technology Community/RUSA STARS Cooperative/Remote Circulation Access Committee - Charge and Roster

Discussion Groups


Assessment Community

Buildings and Equipment Community

Human Resources Community

Library Organization and Management Community

Technology Community

LLAMA Orientation

To learn more about LLAMA's structure, and the work of the Board and committees see the LLAMA Orientation Guide.

Task Force on Reorganization (task completed January 2017)