NMRT Mentoring Program


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Do you sometimes feel you have professional questions to ask and no one to direct them to?

Do you find yourself wishing that someone would have been there to teach you all that you now know?

Would you like to walk alongside a new librarian as they enter the profession?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Mentoring Program is for you! The Mentoring Committee of NMRT is sponsoring this project to help newcomers to librarianship navigate their way in the profession.

Interested? As a mentor or a mentee, you can participate in the following programs:

1. Career Mentoring : a year-round program to connect a newer librarian with a seasoned librarian for a mentoring relationship relating to career development in librarianship. Conference mentoring participants may choose to extend into the career mentoring program at their discretion. The 2016-2017 Career Mentoring is now open.

2. Conference Mentoring: a program designed to help first time attendees of the ALA Annual Conference (whose size can often be overwhelming and intimidating!) feel at ease by pairing them with seasoned conference attendees. 


Applications for Career Mentoring  are due by Friday, September 30 with the goal of notifying the matched pairs by the week of October 17. Applications received after September 30 will be accepted with the understanding that mentor/mentee matches will be made based on the availability of a mentor or mentee.


Mentors and mentees will be matched based on the information provided. Please see Mentoring Guidelines for details.


Committee Roster

Co-Chair: Dana Skwirut (dana.skwirut@gmail.com)
Co-Chair: Ethan Fenichel (ethanfenichel@gmail.com)
Lindley Homol (lindley.homol@gmail.com)
Joshua Rimmer (j.rimmer84@gmail.com)
Leah Paige Plocharczyk (lplochar@fau.edu)
Elayna Ashley Turner (moonphiredesign@gmail.com)
Anna Marie Mattonen (annamattonen@gmail.com)