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About Endnotes

Endnotes: The Journal of the New Members Round Table is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that addresses issues faced by new librarians. Endnotes accepts research and practitioner-based articles, and its aim is to work with new authors to produce quality scholarly articles.

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Volume 8, Number 1, June 2017

Scholarly Articles

Rural Library Opportunity Zones: Mapping Rural Library Employment Opportunities Using Quantum GIS by Brady Lund, p. 1-12.

Everything Under the Sun: Different Mentoring Pathways in Florida Libraries by Sara J Hammill, Denisse Solis, and Veronica Gonzalez, p. 13-25.

Faculty Perceptions of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education by Grace Kaletski, p. 26-35.

A Cross Cultural Framework: Implications for Improving the Academic Library Experience for East Asian Students by Melissa Aaronberg, p. 36-45.

Book Reviews reviewed by Clay Waters, Liya Deng, Michael Rodriguez, Emily Deal, Jessica Spooner; p. 46-51.



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