New Members Round Table (NMRT) Committees


NMRT Committees

Committees are the lifeline of NMRT. The list of links below reflect the work of some of these committees and their dedicated members.

If you don't see the committee you are interested in, check the current roster for the chairperson's name and send them an email.  Not all committees have web pages, so not all committees are listed below.

The detailed workings of all NMRT committees can be viewed in the NMRT Handbook.

New Members Round Table 2013/2014 committee volunteer applications will be accepted again in February 2013.  Please fill out the committee volunteer form after February 2013.  Fill out the committee volunteer form.

NMRT Committee Web Pages

(Is your committee not listed below? Contact the Web Committee to get a web page set up!)

  • NMRT Professional Development Grant Committee
    This committee is responsible for selecting the recipients of the NMRT Professional Development Grant to encourage professional development and participation by new ALA members in national ALA and NMRT activities.
  • Annual Conference Local Information Committee
    The Annual Conference Local Information Committee prepares guides to the ALA Annual Conference host city, providing local information of interest to NMRT members and other conference attendees, especially budget travelers.
  • Annual Conference Professional Development Attendance Award Committee
    This committee chooses the recipient of the Annual Conference Professional Development Attendance Award Committee (formerly the Marshall Cavendish Award).
  • Archives
    This committee manages the NMRT Archives Program, which includes the gathering, preservation, and provision of access to NMRT documentation in paper and electronic formats.
  • Association Options Fair Committee
    This committee plans and hosts the Association Options Fair at Annual Conferences.
  • Endnotes Committee
    This committee provides support for librarians who want or need to publish scholarly articles and oversees the publication of Endnotes.
  • Footnotes
    The committee in charge of the NMRT Footnotes newsletter.
  • Handbook Committee
    The committee in charge of updating the official online handbook to provide pertinent information on the goals, history, and major functions of NMRT for those associated with the Round Table.
  • Liaison Coordination & Support
    This committee organizes the Liaison Program, which provides a method of outreach from NMRT to other ALA or library-related groups or organizations.
  • LLAMA/NMRT Joint Committee on Collaboration
    This committee plans the biannual New Leaders Discussion Group and explores additional projects or programs for joint collaboration between LLAMA and NMRT.
  • Membership Pavilion Committee
    This committee organizes and schedules the NMRT pavilion at ALA Conferences.
  • Membership, Promotion, Diversity and Recruitment Committee
    This committee focuses on recruiting new members of ALA, library school students and members from under-represented groups into NMRT. The MPDR committee incorporates the work of the Diversity Committee and serves as a liaison to the ALA Office of Diversity.
  • Mentoring Committee
    This committee provides information for new librarians who wish to have a mentor and for experienced librarians who wish to be a mentor.
  • Midwinter Social Committee
    The Midwinter Social Committee plans and executes a social event which provides new and continuining NMRT members an opportunity to meet and talk in a relaxed and fun environment.
  • Nominating Committee
    This committee secures and prepares a slate of candidates for NMRT's annual election, and announces election results.
  • Online Discussion Forum
    This committee holds online discussion forums for those unable to attend ALA conferences.
  • Orientation Committee
    This committee plans and conducts orientation programs at Midwinter and Annual Conferences.
  • President's Program
    This committee plans, coordinates and delivers the NMRT President's Program for the ALA Annual Meeting.
  • Resume Review Service Committee
    This committee provides e-mail and at conference resume review services.
  • Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee
    This committee selects the winner of the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award, which is intended to help defray costs to attend the ALA Annual Conference.
  • Student Chapter of the Year Award (SCOTYA) Committee
    This committee chooses a recipient and runner-up of the Student Chapter of the Year award.
  • Student Reception Committee
    This committee plans an event at the Annual Conference to recognize the recipients of the Student Chapter of the Year award.
  • Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee (SASCO)
    This committee develops and maintains a network of individuals able to promote ALA and NMRT.
  • Vice Presidential Planning Committee
    This committee assists current Vice President with his or her projects during his or her term. This includes assisting with the planning of the Presidential Program for the subsequent year.
  • Web Committee
    This committee manages the entire NMRT Website. All web-changes should be sent to this committee.