About Choice

Since its founding as a monthly collection of recommended titles more than 50 years ago, Choice has become the go-to source for librarians seeking worthwhile new titles for their collection. Our publication offers approximately 600 reviews every month, identifying the best new books and digital content in academia. With more than 2,400 institutions served worldwide, Choice is the premier review journal of new academic titles.
Choice is the publishing branch of the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. Together, Choice and the ACRL provide professional development tools for librarianship. Our webinars, bibliographic essays, and digital publications help librarians strengthen their skills, and further their careers.
With a range of products designed to meet varying educational needs, librarians can customize their own lineup of Choice tools. Visit www.choice360.org for more on all Choice has to offer. 


Editorial Board

Peggy Seiden, Swarthmore College, Chair 

Zoe Fisher, Pierce College

Amanda L. Folk, University of Pittsburgh at Greenburg

Jennifer A. Maddox Abbott, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Akilah S. Nosakhere, Director of Library Services/Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University—Carlsbad anosa7@cavern.nmsu.edu

John H. Pollitz, University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire

Lutishoor Salisbury, University of Arkansas

Eduardo Morales Tinoco, University of Southern California

Board Liaison: Trevor A. Dawes, Washington University

Ex Officio

Priscilla J. Finley,  ACRL Publications Coordinating Committee

Mary Ellen K. Davis, Executive Director, ACRL mdavis@ala.org

Mark Cummings, Editor & Publisher, Choice mcummings@ala-choice.org