Member Spotlight

Thanks to the many interests our sections represent, LLAMA has a diverse membership including new librarians, directors, HR professionals, architects, fundraisers, and more.  Each month the Membership Committee will feature one of these members in the Member Spotlight.  It's a great way for you to you meet your colleagues and find members with similar interests.

To see yourself in the spotlight, just send an email to the Membership Committee with some basic information.  A member of the committee will then follow up with you.  It only takes a minute and the committee would love to hear from you. 

Current Member Spotlight:

Dolly Goyal

Library Branch Manager

San Mateo County Library

East Palo Alto


LLAMA member since 2014

Professional experience

I’m new to the LLAMA circuit after attending NMRT meetings through my ALA Emerging Leader experience in 2014, which was sponsored by YALSA. I am currently itching to get more involved and would love to mentor to those interested becoming leaders. I was a Teen Services Librarian for four years until recently becoming a Library Branch Manager last year. During my time as Teen Services Librarian, I took on several temporary assignments in leadership positions and was also a part of the 2012 Eureka! Leadership Institute for librarians in California. This year, I will be serving on the 2015 Printz Awards Committee. I am also a member of YALSA and REFORMA.

LLAMA member since:  2014

Best benefit of LLAMA membership

LLAMA connects you to a larger group of people with similar interests and vision in leading and management in the broader scope of the library profession. Everyone is very driven but also has a vast knowledge base of different issues from dealing with staff at a branch level to creating change with community partnerships and expanding the library experience. There are also several useful professional development opportunities through conference presentations and webinars.

Tell us about your pet:

Lois Lane is an English Cocker Spaniel who I rescued from a pound’s death row in 2008. She’s come a long way from the scared and shy dog she was, and is currently living a sweet life of luxury, filled with hiking and beach adventures in the California Bay Area, treats and naps.


Twitter: dollybrarian

Facebook: or

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