Member Spotlight

Thanks to the many interests our sections represent, LLAMA has a diverse membership including new librarians, directors, HR professionals, architects, fundraisers, and more.  Each month the Membership Committee will feature one of these members in the Member Spotlight.  It's a great way for you to you meet your colleagues and find members with similar interests.

To see yourself in the spotlight, just send an email to the Membership Committee with some basic information.  A member of the committee will then follow up with you.  It only takes a minute and the committee would love to hear from you. 

Current Member Spotlight:

Christina Pryor

Christina Pryor
Consulting and Education Services Manager
Amigos Library Services
St. Louis, MO

LLAMA member since 2015

Professional experience, particularly LLAMA activities:
I have a MLIS from the University of Missouri and a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I am an active member of the Missouri Library Association and the St. Louis Metro Area Chapter of SLA. I was named an SLA Rising Star in 2011. I currently serve on the ALA Public Awareness Committee and the RUSA ETS User Experience Design Committee.

Best benefit of LLAMA membership:
The first thing that comes to mind is the networking and professional opportunities that LLAMA membership provides. I think it is common for library leaders and managers to become somewhat isolated within their organizations and LLAMA provides a great peer group for us to collaborate with.

If you had not chosen your present career, what would you be doing?
If I had not made my way to librarianship, I think there is a chance that I would have ended up working in a marketing research firm or department. Market segmentation and demographic research has always been an interest of mine. When I was working in client services in the advertising and marketing field, my favorite projects revolved around demographic and marketing research. There was nothing more exciting than a focus group.

What was your favorite class in college?
Although I have enjoyed several of the courses while pursuing my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, my favorite to this day was probably the Copywriting for Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication class I took my sophomore year at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. At the time I thought that it was my first exposure to the fun and creative side of the advertising business of writing and conceptualizing advertisements, which is what every advertising major thinks that they want to do. However, now I realize that this class was setting me up for a career as an information professional. Even though the course was designed to teach the principles of copywriting, it also served as a place to introduce students like me to media and marketing research tools. This was the first time that I had used sources like Hoover’s, the Market Share Reporter, and SRDS. I spent a lot of time at the library getting familiar with these sources among many others to dig into the backgrounds of industries, companies, and market segments. Little did I know when I was writing an in-depth marketing analysis on orange juice, which served as the foundation for the subsequent advertisements I created for this course, that the interests of a future information professional were taking hold.

Twitter: @cnpryor01

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