Member Spotlight

Thanks to the many interests our sections represent, LLAMA has a diverse membership including new librarians, directors, HR professionals, architects, fundraisers, and more.  Each month the Membership Committee will feature one of these members in the Member Spotlight.  It's a great way for you to you meet your colleagues and find members with similar interests.

To see yourself in the spotlight, just send an email to the Membership Committee with some basic information.  A member of the committee will then follow up with you.  It only takes a minute and the committee would love to hear from you. 

Current Member Spotlight:

Eric Shoaf

University Librarian
Queens University
Charlotte, NC

LLAMA member since 1997

Professional experience

A variety of administrative roles since 2001 at institutions such as Duke, Clemson, and Brown. Many roles in LLAMA, including  serving as Editor of Library Leadership & Management from 2008-10.

How has membership in LLAMA helped your career

In a word, networking.  I have met and worked with librarians and specialists from all operational areas of the profession.  This includes such areas as PR and marketing, buildings and facilities, management and leadership, assessment and evaluation, plus lots more.  I have had leadership opportunities such as chairing LLAMA committees and sections, I served as editor of LL&M which meant I was able to read and correspond with leaders and managers from all types of libraries, and I have learned from all these professionals.  In this time, I moved from a department head to a library director and the knowledge and skills I gained, as well as the people I have met through LLAMA, were integral to my success.

Name three people with whom you would like to have dinner.

William S. Burroughs: He isn’t the best-known of the Beat writers, but had by far the widest influence not only on literature but also on music, art, fashion, and the among multiple generations of young creative people.

Tom Wolfe:  Author of The Right Stuff and Bonfire of the Vanities is a library-lover.  He spoke at the 1990 ALA Annual Convention in Chicago and inspired us all with his wit and insight.

Hunter S. Thompson: An irascible character whose political reporting was as funny as it was insightful, and whose prescience about Jimmy Carter viability as a presidential candidate came earlier than anyone else.  Although he appealed to the counter-culture of the time, Thompson was no joke and he meant every word he wrote.


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