LLAMA Mentoring Program

The mentoring program pairs librarians who are currently in leadership positions with librarians who are interested in becoming leaders.  The program runs from the ALA Annual Convention in June - April 30 of the following year.

For mentors, it is a chance to pass on your experience and knowledge by working one-on-one with an enthusiastic colleague who is ready to learn and benefit from your experience.

For mentees, it is a great opportunity to learn from an accomplished leader how to:
• explore your leadership potential
• demonstrate leadership in your current position
• acquire the skills, attitudes and relationships that you will need to move into leadership roles.

Participants must be ALA and LLAMA members as of the start of the program, and must either attend the Mentor/Mentee orientation at ALA Annual or be able to participate in a virtual orientation at a time to be determined.

Program Application

The 2019-2020 applications for mentors and mentees will be open until February 8, 2018. All interested candidates are invited to review the below materials.
All interested candidates are invited to review the below materials. 

Be a Mentor

Fact Sheet: LLAMA Mentor Fact Sheet (pdf)

Submit a Mentor Application (via Survey Monkey)

Be a Mentee

Fact Sheet: LLAMA Mentee Fact Sheet (pdf)

Submit a Mentee Application (via Survey Monkey)


Additional Information

  • For more information on the program, contact Mentoring Committee co-chairs Richard Guajardo at guajardo@uh.edu;  or Julene Jones at julene.jones@uky.edu; or LLAMA executive director Kerry Ward at kward@ala.org.

  • Visit the Mentoring Committee hompage to learn more about the work of the committee or to see a roster of members.