Appendix E

Past Annual Conference Programs

1982 Philadelphia Map Acquisitions 
Maps in the Media 
Contributed Papers Session 
Philadelphia Past and Present 
1983 Los Angeles Mapping the TransMississippi West II 
Contributed Papers 
Mapping and Geography of Wine 
1984 Dallas Continuing Education:Map Preservation 
Automation and the Future in Map Libraries 
The Mapping of Texas 
Improving Access to Cartographic Information in Libraries 
1985 Chicago An Introduction to Maps in Libraries, Maps as Information Tools 
Historical Mapping of the United States 
Contributed Papers:Maps for the Public Good 
1986 New York Contributed Papers:Literary Concepts of Geography 
Mapping Technology:Distribution of Non-Federal Government Maps 
Antiquarian Maps, Antiquarian Map Dealers and the Non-Antiquarian Collection 
1987 San Francisco Preconference:Maps and the Government Documents Librarian 
History of Cartography 
Mexican and Latin American Map Acquisitions 
Mapping Technology/Remote Sensing 
1988 New Orleans Preconference: Magert/Godort Map Workshop 
Women in Cartography 
Map Records on Notis 
Mapping of the National Parks 
Contributions to Cartographic History 
1989 Dallas Computer-Aided Geographic/Cartographic Reference 
Mapping the National Parks 
Preservation of Cartographic Materials 
1990 Chicago Preconference:Remote Sensing Imagery:Identification, Control, Utilization 
Computer Assisted Cartographic/Geographic Reference 
Images of Exploration 
Geographic Literacy and Libraries 
1991 Atlanta The Caribbean:Fact or Fantasy 
Geographic Information:Maps or Mouse 
Special Features and Products in Mapping 
1992 San Francisco Maps for General Library Collections: or You Can Get There From Here 
TIGER and 1990 Census Data, or How to Handle a Wild Cat 
1993 New Orleans Statistics in Map Libraries 
GIS Application in Libraries 
Providing Bibliographic Control of Spatial Data 
1994 Miami Mapping the Changing Face of South Florida 
Basic Map Cataloging for Non-Map Librarians 
Geographic Information Systems:A New Service Opportunity for Libraries 
1995 Chicago Cartographic History 
Issues in Map Librarianship 
1996 New York Antique Maps on the Electronic Frontier: 
The Digitization of Historic Maps for Preservation and Access 
1997 San Francisco Maps on a Shoe String: Budget Conscious Hints for the Small Map Collection 
The Geographies of Wine, Coffee, and Beer 
1998 Washington, DC Issues in Map Cataloging:Form/Genre & Digital Materials
Building the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Metadata Catalog:The Librarian’s Role
1999  New Orleans Exploit and Explore Maps in Public Library Reference
Partnering: Collaboration between Libraries and Significant Others to Promote Complex GIS Projects
2000   Locating Geospatial Data
2001 San Francisco ALCTS/MAGERT Program: Map Cataloging: Learning the Basics
Earthquakes, Fires and Floods: Using Maps to Prepare for Disasters
Census 2000: Opportunities and Challenges 
Building Internet Map Libraries by Digitizing Historical Maps
2002 Atlanta ALCTS/MAGERT Preconference: Map Cataloging: Learning to Describe
Cartographic Materials 
Mapping the Civil War
Mapping the Changing Face of the South
What Should A GIS Librarian Do: Matching Services With Needs & Resources 
Mapping the Future of Historical Scholarship About Europe 
What's New in Cartographic Materials Cataloging
MAGERT Contributed Papers
Providing Access to Geospatial Data


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