Library Products, Services, and Consultants

ALA Library Fact Sheet 9

The American Library Association (ALA) is often asked for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of companies that sell products and services to libraries. The ALA does not endorse products or companies. Neither can the ALA refer anyone to a specific company, as this would necessarily preclude naming other companies whose products are as good (or better) than the one named. The resources listed below will help you locate companies best suited to your needs and geographic limitations.


Library Products and Services

ALA's American Libraries Buyers Guide is an online resource designed to help in locating companies and vendors that provide a wide array of library products and services.

The guide can be searched by category or by keyword. The search can be limited by state or narrowed down by proximity to a specific zip code.

Feel free to contact the American Libraries Buyers Guide directly with any questions.

NOTE: Vendors not yet included can create a basic listing. For more options, see the Guide Media Kit.



The Librarian's Yellow Pages (LYP) is an online directory of library vendor listings, a service of LibraryWorks, Inc.

The Computers in Libraries/CIL's Library Resource Guide, an online source for library systems hardware and software, online databases, books and periodicals, day-to-day supplies, and many other products and services for the library community from Information Today, Inc.


Library Consultants Lists

Note that inclusion in these lists does not constitute or imply endorsement or certification by either the American Library Association (ALA) or the organization sponsoring the list.

AIIM Buyers' Guide
Directory of information management company partners of AIIM - The Global Community of Information Professionals.

AIIP Business Directory
Directory of information industry business owners of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP).

Consultants Listings in the Special Libraries Association Buyers Guide
This database of library consultants is maintained and made available by the Special Libraries Association

Library Consultants Directory Online
Directory for libraries and library consultants. Each consultant provides his/her own directory information. does not endorse anyone listed, nor the quality of his or her work. Three recent projects are included for each consultant. The list is searchable by name, expertise, and state.

Consultants listings in the American Libraries Buyers Guide

Consultants listings in the Librarian's Yellow Pages


Book and Audio-Visual Media Distributors/Wholesalers, Periodical Subscription Service Vendors to Libraries

See these listings for distributors and wholesalers (also sometimes called jobbers and dealers), companies that libraries contact to place orders for books and audio-visual media (as mentioned on ALA Library Fact Sheet 5 - Marketing to Libraries) - such as DVDs, audiobooks, downloadable/streaming audio and video, etc. - as well as for subscription vendors contacted to subscribe to various and several periodicals - magazines, newsletters, journals, etc., in print and/or digital formats - collectively (please note that the Association of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries voted to dissolve as of July 31, 2015) from the resources named above:



Library RFPs (Requests for Proposal)

ALA posts only its own RFPs on its website. Websites that do host library RFPs include:

Library Consultants Directory Online

Library Bid & RFP Alert

And you may want to check the websites of the state libraries, some of which post RFPs from individual libraries within that state as well as for themselves: State Libraries


Last updated: August 2015


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