About Us


The Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA), a division of the American Library Association, is the premier destination for ALA members to find information and build capacity to serve populations that are served by state library agencies, libraries serving special populations, library cooperatives and library consultants.


ASCLA enhances the effectiveness of library service by advocating for and providing high quality networking, enrichment and educational opportunities for its diverse members.


ASCLA's more than 800 members are:

  • Librarians, library agencies and staff serving populations with special needs, such as those with sensory, physical, health or behavioral conditions or those who are incarcerated or detained.
  • Librarians and staff of state library agencies, and state library consultants – organizations created or authorized by the state government to promote library services in the state through the organization and coordination of a variety of library services.
  • Library networks and cooperatives organizations of one or more types of libraries: academic, public, special, or school. They collaborate to maximize the funds available for provision of library services to all citizens. They may serve a community, a metropolitan area, a region, or a state-wide or multi-state area.
  • Consultants, independent or contract librarians, as well as those who work outside of traditional library settings.

Member activity is centered around our interest groups.