Research Journal Advisory Board

Function: Oversee the peer reviewing process as outlined in the Refereeing Process Guidelines as approved by the YALSA Board of Directors.  The JRLYA Board also serves in an advisory capacity to the Member Editor of the journal by assisting with the solicitation of contributors and articles as well as generating ideas for topical articles or themes, when requested from the Member Editor

Type: Continuing

Date of Establishment: 2009; charge updated in March 2011, March 2018

Membership:  Size: 7 virtual members, including Chair and at least two members from the previous year


  • Current membership in YALSA
  • To accomplish year-round work in a virtual environment taskforce members must be competent users of digital tools, including but not limited to Google docs, Skype and ALA Connect.
  • Experience with the peer review process
  • Background in conducting and writing research
  • Knowledge of topics in need of research and analysis as outlined in YALSA's National Research Agenda on Teens, Learning and Libraries
  • Strong editing skills

For information on the responsibilities of committee/jury/taskforce members, visit YALSA's Handbook.

Term of Office: July 1 through June 30.  Per ALA policy, members can serve up to 4 consecutive years on a committee.  Advisory Board members interested in serving beyond their first year should notify YALSA's President-Elect and fill out a Committee Volunteer Form.

Staff Liaison:  Anna Lam