Annual Conference Marketing & Local Arrangements Committee

Type: Standing

Date of Establishment: 1984

Date of Completion: Continuing

Membership: Chair and members as needed, including a Youth Participation Coordinator 

Function: To work with YALSA’s Web Services Manager prior to the conference to create and disseminate online marketing materials that promote YALSA’s presence at the ALA Annual Conference. To plan and implement YALSA local arrangements activities in close cooperation with YALSA’s Program Officer for Conferences & Events, including assisting on-site with logistics for YALSA programs and overseeing teen participation for the ALA Annual Conference.  Committee members aren’t expected to attend Midwinter, but are expected to attend Annual.


  • Current membership in YALSA
  • In order to accomplish work in a virtual environment taskforce members must be competent users of web 2.0 tools, including but not limited to wikis, e-chats and ALA Connect.
  • Geographic proximity to the ALA Annual Conference
  • Ability to attend the ALA Annual Conference
  • Excellent marketing skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Knowledge of local attractions, transportation options, restaurants, etc.

 Term of Office: six months

Youth Participation Coordinator Charge: The Youth Participation Coordinator serves on the Local Arrangements Committee and works directly with those members who are coordinating conference programs at both Midwinter and Annual that want to include youth participation. The Youth Participation Coordinator identifies and works with local librarians to locate local teens and works with YALSA's Program Officer to make arrangements for the teens to attend and participate in designated YALSA conference events. The Youth Participation Coordinator may also recruit teens for participation in other YALSA activities, including publications, special projects, and web-based initiatives.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Throughout the year prior to the conference the LAC works with YALSA’s Web Services Manager to create and disseminate marketing materials that promote YALSA’s presence at the ALA Annual Conference.
  2. The LAC works with YALSA’s Web Services Manager in July and August to set up and provide initial content for the conference page on YALSA’s wiki so that information is there prior to the opening of registration in September.
  3. After early bird registration opens in January, LAC members write YALSA blog posts and articles to other publications, such as YALSA’s e-newsletter, to provide members with a rationale for attending the conference, offer tips for finding funding and support, promote Annual in general and build interest in YALSA events at Annual.  These promotional messages continue from January through May.
  4. The LAC promotes YALSA’s conference activities to colleagues in their community, state and region by distributing marketing materials at local library events and through electronic means.
  5. The LAC may be called on to recommend or evaluate potential locations for YALSA events, such as the YALSA Happy Hour or Past Presidents’ Breakfast.
  6. The LAC serves as hosts/hostesses for conference programs and special events, such as the Margaret A. Edwards Award Luncheon, the President's Program, the Membership Meeting and the Printz Program and Reception.
  7. The LAC has no responsibility for YALSA Board Meetings or for individual committee meetings.
  8. The LAC may work with the Division Promotion Committee to provide assistance staffing the YALSA Booth during the time the exhibits are open.
  9. The LAC is asked to identify at least one local member to provide support for every YALSA program. This volunteer may be asked to: a) greet participants as they come to the area; b) distribute packets and/or handouts during the sessions; c) keep the entrance area tidied up; d) distribute and pick up evaluation forms; e) assist the program coordinator and/or speakers with unforeseen tasks.
  10. The LAC Chair is responsible for acknowledging the assistance of local businesses and vendors who have contributed to the YALSA programs with appropriate "thank you notes" with copies to the YALSA office. The Chair is also responsible for providing staff with a list of those persons who should be acknowledged directly from the YALSA office.

Staff Liaison: Carla Jamison