Half Day Preconference Planning Committee

Type: Continuing

Date of Establishment: 2007

Date of Completion: Continuing

Membership: 5-7, including the chair


  • Current membership in YALSA
  • In order to accomplish work in a virtual environment, committee/jury/taskforce members must be competent users of web 2.0 tools, including but not limited to wikis, e-chats and ALA Connect.

For information on the responsibilities of committee/jury/taskforce members, visit YALSA's Handbook.

Term of Office: One year

Function: To plan, organize and implement the content for a half day preconference about teen reading in the 21st century at the 2013 Annual Conference. Work with YALSA's Program Officer on all logistics. The event will focus on alternative reading materials for teens including, but not limited to: fan fiction, web pages, online newspapers, blogs, chat messages and more.