Major Motions of the YALSA Board of Directors at the 2004 Midwinter Meeting

At the 2004 ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego, California, the YALSA Board made the following major motions. The Board voted:

  • To accept the recommendation of Printz Committee Chair Pam Spencer Holley that the wording of the nomination process for Printz be changed by striking the third sentence of the current process description: “Nominations made by non-YALSA members (including young adults) will only be accepted with the co-signature of a committee member”;
  • To accept, as revised by the New Directions Implementation Task Force, YALSA’s “Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth” (dated 16 August 2003);
  • To accept the recommendations advanced in the document, “New Directions Implementation Task Force” (dated August 2003); and further, directed the NDTF to produce an “action plan” for said recommendations for Board consideration by June 2004;
  • To approve the revised edition of the Publications Manual;
  • To accept the Graphic Novel Task Force report with further consideration of content descriptors, cost and committee selection, and ask them to report back to the Board at Annual;
  • To adopt the FY05-FY08 Business Plan;
  • To approve the following resolution: Whereas YALSA now has the resources to manage the YA Galley/Teen Top Ten Project on its own; Be it resolved that YALSA will assume full responsibility for this project effective July 31, 2004. Be it further resolved that YALSA thank
    VOYA and Cathi Dunn MacRae for their efforts on this project.
  • To accept the revision to the Popular Paperbacks policies and procedures to read, “Two minutes or less per observer,” in Item # 1 under “Comments from Observers,” when describing the comment periods for each title;
  • To revise the Popular Paperbacks policies and procedures to read, “A book which has appeared on a previous Popular Paperbacks list can be selected after five (5) years have passed since it last appeared on the list,” in Item # 6 under “Selection Criteria”;
  • To accept the Midwinter Report of the Organization & Bylaws Committee;
  • To accept changes to be made to the language of the YALSA/
    VOYA/Henne award requirements on the Web site and in other press releases, as follows: the award amount be changed from “$500-$1000” to “$500;” all submissions be submitted electronically, and the winners be required to submit an article of at least 500 words concerning their research to
  • To approve the Mentoring Proposal as submitted by the Division Membership & Promotion Committee;
  • To accept the revised Teen Advisory Groups charge, to read: “To monitor the sub-site of the YALSA Web site that focuses on the needs of teen advisory groups in libraries, updating and making changes as needed”;
  • To endorse a resolution honoring the ERIC Clearinghouse;
  • To endorse a resolution on the Government Printing Office and the National Archive;
  • Not to endorse the resolution on the USA Patriot Act as presented.