August 2009 Conference Call Meeting


  1. Approval of Minutes from the 2009 Annual Conference (PDF)
  2. Establish a Competencies Update Taskforce (PDF)
  3. Great Ideas Contest Round Two (PDF)
  4. Establish a Competencies Update Taskforce (PDF)
  5. Selection Committee Terms of Appointment (PDF)
  6. Post Conference Chair Reports (PDF)
  7. ALA Committee Appointments (PDF)
  8. ALA Candidates for Board & Council Suggestions (PDF)
  9. Agenda Items for Fall Executive Committee Meeting (PDF)
  10. Updated 2010 Conference Information (PDF)
  11. Selected Lists & BBYA Update (PDF)

2009 Midwinter Meeting


  1. Approval of the Minutes from the 2008 phone meeting (PDF)
  2. Confirmation of White Paper Adoption (PDF)
  3. Confirmation of Odyssey Policy Approval (PDF)
  4. Confirmation of Increase to Blog Manager Stipend (PDF)
  5. Confirmation of Site Selection for 2010 Symposium (PDF)
  6. Confirmation of Friends of YALSA Expenditures (PDF)
  7. Support for IFLA Guidelines for Library Services for YAs (PDF)
  8. Creation of 2010 Midwinter Taskforces (PDF)
  9. Slate for ’09 YALSA Election (PDF)
  10. Executive Director’s Goals for FY 09 (PDF)
  11. YALS Editor Midwinter Report (PDF)
  12. YAttitudes Editor Midwinter Report (PDF)
  13. Blog Manager Midwinter Report (PDF)
  14. BBYA Ad-hoc Committee Report (PDF)
  15. Resolution for Freedom to Read Foundation (PDF)
  16. Mega Issue Discussion (PDF)
  17. Pre-Meeting Division Councilor Report (PDF)
  18. Adopt Budget Priorities for FY 10 (PDF)
  19. Revised Board Responsibilities (PDF)
  20. Request for Board Action: Summer Reading Interest Group (PDF)
  21. Request for Board Action: Readers’ Advisory Interest Group (PDF)
  22. Request for Board Action: Prof. Dev. Comm. Charge (PDF)
  23. Request for Board Action: Nominating Committee Term (PDF)
  24. Request for Board Action: PPYA Committee Changes (PDF)
  25. Request for Board Action: Technology Award (PDF)
  26. Research Journal Mission & Refereeing (PDF)
  27. Pre-Conference Committee Report Concerns (PDF)
  28. YALSA Products & Initiatives Discussion (PDF)
  29. Membership Survey Results (PDF)
  30. Chair Training Recommendations (PDF)
  31. FY09 Fiscal Year Update (PDF)
  32. Meeting Members’ Needs in a Recession (PDF)
  33. Nomination Process for YALSA Candidates (PDF)
  34. YA Lit Symposium Wrap Up and Next Steps (PDF)
  35. YALSA Councilor Midwinter Activities Update (PDF)
  36. YALSA’s Role in Advocating for the Profession (PDF)
  37. White Paper on YA Services in LIS Curricula (PDF)
  38. Guidelines for Board Meetings (PDF)
  39. Board Responsibilities for Annual (PDF)
  40. FY ’08 Final Close Figures (PDF)
  41. 2009 Nominating Committee Roster (PDF)
  42. 2008 Friends of YALSA donors (PDF)
  43. YALSA at Annual 2009 Update (PDF)
  44. ALA’s Upcoming ALA Connect Resource (PDF)
  45. Proposed Change to Strategic Plan (PDF)

2009 Annual Conference


  1. Approval of the Minutes from the 2009 March Meeting (PDF)
  2. Adoption of Resolutions (PDF)
  3. Slate for 2010 Annual Conference (PDF)
  4. Establishment of Committee Appointments Taskforce (PDF)
  5. Sunset Regional Advisory Board (PDF)
  6. Financial Advancement Charge Update (PDF)
  7. Program Clearinghouse Charge Update (PDF)
  8. IG/DG Petitions from Targeted Committees (PDF)
  9. YALSA Councilor Pre-Annual Report
  10. Conflict of Interest Policy for Publications (PDF)
  11. Request for Board Action: Quick Picks (PDF)
  12. Request for Board Action: Dedicating YALSA Funds (PDF)
  13. Request for Board Action: Older Teens Interest Group (PDF)
  14. Request for Board Action: Modernizing Selected List Portfolio (PDF)
  15. Request for Board Action: Readers’ Choice List (PDF)
  16. Request for Board Action: Past Presidents’ Annual Lecture (PDF)
  17. Request for Board Action: Technology Kit Proposal
  18. Pre-Conference Committee Reports (PDF)
  19. Chair Training Recommendations (PDF)
  20. Magazine Selection Taskforce Final Report (PDF)
  21. YALSA TV Taskforce Final Report (PDF)
  22. Mentoring Taskforce Final Report (PDF)
  23. Teen Space Guidelines Final Report (PDF)
  24. 2010 Legislative Day on the Hill during Annual (PDF)
  25. 2010 and 2011 YALSA Road Trips (PDF)
  26. Feasibility of Establishing a Foundation (PDF)
  27. Frequency & Format of Future YA Lit Symposiums (PDF)
  28. Councilor Mid-Conference Update (PDF)
  29. Input for Executive Director Evaluation & Other Business (PDF)
  30. Action Plan Update for Strategic Plan (PDF)
  31. 2009 Road Trip Update (PDF)
  32. Guidelines for Board Meetings (PDF)
  33. 2010 Conference Information (PDF)
  34. 2009 YALSA Election Results (PDF)
  35. President’s Annual Report (PDF)
  36. Fiscal Officer Annual Report (PDF)
  37. 2009 – 2010 Presidential Initiative (PDF)
  38. YALSA Blog Manager Report (PDF)
  39. YAttitudes Editor Annual Report (PDF)
  40. YALS Editor Annual Report (PDF)
  41. IF Chair Report on ALA Spring Meeting (PDF)
  42. 2009-2010 Board Liaisons (PDF)
  43. Board Meeting Assessment (PDF)
  44. Installation of New Board Members (PDF)

March 2009 Conference Call Meeting

Agenda (PDF)

  1. Approval of Minutes from the 09 Midwinter Meeting (PDF)
  2. Sponsoring Emerging Leaders for FY10 (PDF)
  3. Printz Award Anniversary (PDF)
  4. Intellectual Freedom Committee Funding Request (PDF)
  5. Proposed Slate for Annual 2010 (PDF)
  6. Teen Service Award (PDF)
  7. Update on Committee Restructuring (PDF)
  8. Post Conference Reports (PDF)
  9. Board Responsibilities for Annual (PDF)
  10. Board Meeting Guidelines (PDF)