August 2007 Conference Call Meeting


  1. Minutes from the 2007 Annual Conference (PDF)
  2. Teen Tech Week Committee Status (PDF)
  3. Second Life and Gaming Interest Group (PDF)
  4. Midwinter Planning (PDF)
  5. Stipends for Instructors (PDF)
  6. Co-Sponsorship Request from ALSC (PDF)
  7. Funding Teen Read Week Projects (PDF)
  8. Participation in IFLA Conference (PDF)
  9. Intellectual Freedom Committee Chair Travel (PDF)
  10. RBA: Establish a New Discussion Group (PDF)
  11. RBA: Blog Policy Update (PDF)
  12. Petitions for YALSA Election (PDF)
  13. Concerns from Committees (PDF)
  14. Post-conference Committee Reports (PDF)
  15. ALA Committee Appointments (PDF)
  16. ALA Election for Board & Council (PDF)
  17. Agenda Items for Fall Executive Committee Meeting (PDF)
  18. AASL Online Literature Courses (PDF)
  19. Board Responsibilities at Midwinter (PDF)

2007 Midwinter Meeting


  1. Approval of the Minutes from the 2006 Annual meeting (PDF)
  2. Adoption of updated Business Plan for FY 07 – FY 10 (PDF)
  3. YALSA Councilor Pre-Midwinter Report (PDF)
  4. YALSA at Conferences (PDF)
  5. Acting on Conference Survey Results (PDF)
  6. Ad-hoc Committee on Board Structuring (PDF)
  7. 2008 Midwinter Institute (PDF)
  8. Mentoring Program Next Steps (PDF)
  9. Proposed YALSA Wiki Guidelines (PDF)
  10. Young Adult Literature Symposium (PDF)
  11. Teen Read Week Products for 07 (PDF)
  12. Establish Budget Priorities for FY 08 (PDF)
  13. Proposed White Paper Guidelines (PDF)
  14. Request for Board Action: SUS Taskforce (PDF)
  15. Request for Board Action: Odyssey Committee (PDF)
  16. Request for Board Action: Selected Audiobooks Committee (PDF)
  17. Request for Board Action: BBYA Committee (PDF)
  18. Request for Board Action: Establish a new booklist (PDF)
  19. Request for Board Action: Reference Guidelines Taskforce (PDF)
  20. Request for Board Action: New Conference Scholarship (PDF)
  21. Request for Board Action: Create a Gaming List (PDF)
  22. Request for Board Action: Establish Non-Fiction Award (PDF)
  23. Pre-Conference Committee Reports (PDF)
  24. Growing YALSA Leaders (PDF)
  25. Evaluating YALSA Committees (PDF)
  26. Youth Participation Committee Report (Teen Summit & Award) (PDF)
  27. First time YA Author TF Report (PDF)
  28. Status of YALSA Handbook (PDF)
  29. New Edition of Excellence in YA Services (PDF)
  30. Edwards Award 20th Anniversary (PDF)
  31. Division Marketing and Other Plans (PDF)
  32. Professional Development Survey Results (PDF)
  33. Advocacy Survey Results (PDF)
  34. Program Clearinghouse Proposed Slate for 08 (PDF)
  35. YALSA Councilor Midwinter Activities Update (PDF)
  36. Increasing Diversity in YALSA (PDF)
  37. Guidelines for Board Meetings (PDF)
  38. 2007 Midwinter Meeting Skeleton Schedule (PDF)
  39. 2007 Annual Meeting Skeleton Schedule (PDF)
  40. Strategic Plan’s Action Plan (PDF)
  41. FY ’06 Final Close Figures(PDF) &
    Addition (PDF)
  42. Teen Read Week Wrap Up (PDF)
  43. Slate for ’07 YALSA Election (PDF)
  44. Executive Director’s Goals for FY 07 (PDF)
  45. 2007 Nominating Committee Roster (PDF)
  46. 2006 Friends of YALSA donors (PDF)
  47. YALSA Blog Manager Report (PDF)
  48. Teen Tech Week Update (PDF)
  49. Recommendations from the Selected DVD Taskforce (PDF)
  50. Proposed Council Resolution on 50th Anniversary (PDF)

2007 Annual Conference


  1. Approval of the Minutes from the 2007 Midwinter Meeting (PDF)
  2. Establishment of New Taskforces (PDF)
  3. Adoption of Resolutions (PDF)
  4. Editorial Advisory Board (PDF)
  5. Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)
  6. YALSA Councilor Pre-Annual Report (PDF)
  7. First Time YA Author Proposal (PDF)
  8. Nonfiction Award Proposal (PDF)
  9. YALSA Councilor Term Extension (PDF)
  10. RUSA/YALSA Reference Guidelines (PDF)
  11. Approval of Budget for FY 08 (PDF)
  12. Request for Board Action: Program Clearinghouse (PDF)
  13. Request for Board Action: Selected Audiobooks (PDF)
  14. Request for Board Action: YALSA in Second Life (PDF)
  15. Request for Board Action: Teen Printz Contest (PDF)
  16. Request for Board Action: New Taskforce for Booklists (PDF)
  17. Proposed New ALA Member Group (PDF)
  18. Proposed Changes to Selected DVDs (PDF)
  19. Student Intern Proposal (PDF)
  20. Guidelines for State Conference Stipends (PDF)
  21. White Paper Drafts for Review (PDF)
  22. YAttitudes Editor Annual Report (PDF)
  23. YALS Editor Annual Report (PDF)
  24. Strategic Plan: Remaining Activities (PDF)
  25. Proposed Article Award (PDF)
  26. Leadership Institute Possibilities(PDF)
  27. For Members Only Web Resources (PDF)
  28. Pre-Conference Committee Reports (PDF)
  29. Fiscal Officer Annual Report (PDF)
  30. Marketing YALSA’s Products & Programs (PDF)
  31. Emerging Leader Projects (PDF)
  32. Councilor Mid-Conference Update (PDF)
  33. Program Clearinghouse Report (PDF)
  34. Evaluation of the Executive Director (PDF)
  35. Guidelines for Board Meetings (PDF)
  36. 2008 Skeleton Schedules (PDF)
  37. 2007 YALSA Election Results (PDF)
  38. World Book Goal Grant (PDF)
  39. President’s Annual Report (PDF)
  40. YALSA Blog Manager Report (PDF)
  41. Installation of New Board Members(PDF)