2006 Midwinter Meeting


  1. Board of Directors Meeting Agenda (PDF)
  2. Guidelines for Board Meetings (PDF)
  3. Minutes from Board Meeting – Annual 2005 (PDF)
  4. Skeleton Schedule, Midwinter 2006 (PDF)
  5. Skeleton Schedule, Annual 2006 (PDF)
  6. Executive Director’s Goals for FY ‘06 (PDF)
  7. Amelia Walden Estate Update (PDF)
  8. ALA’s Council Update (PDF)
  9. Online Courses Update (PDF)
  10. Technology Committee’s Report on Gaming Proposal (PDF)
  11. Oprah’s Book Club Grant Update (PDF)
  12. WrestleMania Reading Promotion (PDF)
  13. ALA’s Online Communities Update (PDF)
  14. Office of Intellectual Freedom’s Proposed Guidelines for RFID (PDF)
  15. YALSA’s 2006 Grant & Award Recipients (PDF)
  16. 2006 Nominating Committee Roster (PDF)
  17. Report from ALA Executive Board (PDF)
  18. Pre-Meeting Committee Reports (PDF)
  19. Proposed Audiobook Award (PDF)
  20. Website Advisory Taskforce (PDF)
  21. YALSA Products (PDF)
  22. Outstanding Achievement Award Ad-hoc Committee Report (PDF)
  23. ALA Presidential Candidate Visit—Loriene Roy (PDF)
  24. Proposed Guidelines for Interest & Discussion Groups (PDF)
  25. Morris Taskforce Update (PDF)
  26. O & B Report (PDF)
  27. Selecting an USSBY Nominee (PDF)
  28. Strategic Planning Committee Report (PDF)
  29. Proposed Dues Increase  (PDF)
  30. Fiscal Officer Report (PDF)
  31. FY ’07 Budget Priorities (PDF)
  32. Developing Certification Programs (PDF)
  33. Proposal to Increase the Size of the Nominating Committee (PDF)
  34. Joining ALA’s @ your library campaign (PDF)
  35. Proposal to Establish Virtual Group for International Issues (PDF)
  36. Status of SUS  (PDF)
  37. ALA Presidential Candidate Visit—Bill Crowe (PDF)
  38. No Conflict on Selection Committees (PDF)
  39. Program Clearinghouse Committee Report (PDF)
  40. Proposal for Establishing Regional Delegates (PDF)
  41. Status of Selected Videos & DVDs Committee (PDF)
  42. Proposal to Establish Joint Committee on School & Public Libraries (PDF)
  43. Council Report (PDF)
  44. Resolutions (PDF)
  45. Annual in New Orleans (PDF)
  46. Feasibility of a Joint Institute (PDF)
  47. Celebrating YALSA’s 50th Anniversary (PDF)
  48. Opportunities to Partner   (PDF)
  49. Procedures for YALSA Blogs (PDF)
  50. Proposed Teen Music Media Interest Group (PDF)

2006 Annual Conference



  1. Mid Winter Minutes (PDF)
  2. Establishing Award Juries (PDF)
  3. Proposal to Add a Secretary to the Board (PDF)
  4. Proposed Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)
  5. Quick Picks Proposed Changes (PDF)
  6. Professional Development Committee and E-Learning (PDF)
  7. Youth Participation Coordinator Guidelines & Policies (PDF)
  8. Financial Advancement Taskforce (PDF)
  9. Petition for Anime Discussion Group (PDF)
  10. Fiscal Officer Report & Proposed Updated Business Plan (PDF)
  11. Adoption of FY ’07 Budget (PDF)
  12. Council Report (PDF)
  13. Program Clearinghouse Committee Report (PDF)
  14. Resolutions for Out-going Elected Board Members (PDF)
  15. Research Award Proposal (PDF)
  16. Proposed Communications Plan (PDF)
  17. Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee Proposed Procedures (PDF)
  18. Planning Teen Tech Week (PDF)
  19. 50th Anniversary Taskforce Update (PDF)
  20. YA Literature Symposium Taskforce Update (PDF)
  21. Proposed Support Young Adult Literature Day (PDF)
  22. White Papers for YALSA (PDF)
  23. International Representation to the Regional Advisory Board (PDF)
  24. Creating a YALSA Wiki (PDF)
  25. Teen Award Proposal (PDF)
  26. Teen Summit (PDF)
  27. ALA Graphics Update (PDF)
  28. Reports from YALSA Committee Chairs and Liaisons (PDF)
  29. Guidelines for Board Meetings (PDF)
  30. Skeleton Schedule, Midwinter and Annual 2007 (PDF)
  31. 2006 YALSA Election Results (PDF)
  32. President’s Report (PDF)
  33. SUS Annual Report (PDF)
  34. Blog Update (PDF)
  35. Odyssey Award Final Draft (PDF)
  36. Teen Read Week (PDF)
  37. Publications Committee Report (PDF)
  38. Midwinter Institute for 2007 (PDF)
  39. YALS & YAttitudes Annual Report (PDF)