Minutes from the 2008 August Meeting

Item # 1

YALSA Board of Directors Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, Denver

January 23-28, 2009

Topic: Approval of the Minutes from the 2008 August Board Meeting

Background: Minutes are the official record of the Board. It is important that they be as accurate as possible. Any oversights or errors should be identified and corrected for the permanent record. The minutes below have been submitted by Francisca Goldsmith, YALSA’s Secretary, for the Board’s approval.

Action Required:


Present: Sarah Debraski, Paula Brehm-Heeger, Linda Braun, Mary Hastler, Christine Allen, Francisca Goldsmith, Dawn Rutherford, Michele Gorman, Erin Helmrich, Kimberly Patton, Ruth Clark Cox, Cindy Welch, Sandra Payne, Sheila Schofer, Melissa Rabey, Beth Yoke.

Visitor: Sarah Irwin.


  • Motion #1. Adoption of the Agenda
  • Paula Brehm-Heeger moved to adopt the agenda with flexibility. Cindy Welch seconded. Motion passed.
  • Motion #2. Approval of Minutes from the 08 Annual Conference
  • Moved by Francisca Goldsmith to accept the Minutes from Conference, Annual 08. Brehm-Heeger seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • Motion #3. Updated Endowment Guidelines
  • Moved by Linda Braun to accept the Endowment Guidelines with the incorporation of three changes to the wording: (1) change last sentence in final paragraph to begin “The Past Leaders who invested in the fund will receive at least bi-annual reports from a YALSA representative on…”; (2) correct “last” to “lasting” in final sentence of paragraph titled “(an additional suggested draft option for background information)”; (3) insert the specific years of Presidential service for Jennifer Jung Gallant in the opening line of that same paragraph. Kimberly Patton seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • Motion #4. Recognizing New YALSA Awards
  • Moved by Patton to instruct YALSA staff to include the William C. Morris Award at the YA Coffee Klatsch. Brehm-Heeger seconded. Motion passed.
  • Motion #5. Resolution for Sara Siebert
  • Moved by Mary Hastler to adopt the resolution honoring Sara Siebert. Seconded by Brehm-Heeger. Motion passed.
  • Motion #6. Extension of Meeting.
  • Braun moved to extend the meeting by 10 minutes. Brehm-Heeger seconded. Motion passed.

  • Motion #7. Morris Committee Term of Service
  • Patton moved to extend the Morris Committee’s term of service through close of Annual, beginning with 2009. Goldsmith seconded. Motion passed.

  • Motion #8. Adjournment
  • Brehm-Heeger moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 PM, EDT. Seconded by Hastler. Motion passed.

Information Forum

Linda Braun noted her interest in pursuing the creation of a Presidential Advisory Committee, composed of non-Board members, who could help her develop theme directions, etc. Sarah Debraski agreed that she herself would have found this helpful last year. ALA’s President Elect convenes such a committee and so serves as a model. Suggestions of people to approach should be emailed to Linda.

Discussion Items

Post Conference Committee Reports

  • Transition of Committee chairs can be aided by keeping both outgoing and incoming in communications loop through July each year. Liaisons should copy both through the post-conference reporting period. Eligibility questions from awards committees should go to Nichole.

Draft of Updated Board Responsibilities

  • Suggestions for draft document offered and invited through Fall (see Action Items below).

Midwinter Planning

  • Leadership training element of All Committee needs adjustments. Comments offered and will continue to be received (see Action Items below).

Site Selection for 2010 Symposium

  • Board asked to provide feedback on currently targeted possibilities, in context of other events planned through 2011.

ALA Committee Appointment Suggestions

  • See Action Items below.

ALA Candidates for Board & Council Suggestions

  • See Action Items below.

Agenda Input for Fall Executive Committee Meeting

  • See Action Items below.

Promoting Discussion & Interest Groups

  • See Action Items below.

Post MLS Certification Next Steps

  • It was noted that this discussion might best include student input. How both professors and adjunct faculty may be identified and contacted is a project to define. See Action Items below.

Action Items Assigned

  • Email Linda with suggested members for her Presidential Advisory Committee. – All, asap
    • Incorporate Updated Endowment Guidelines doc into the YALSA handbook – Beth and Melissa, asap
  • Present two budgets to APA (through Michele Cobb) for their consideration of the Odyssey celebration as one the Audio Publishers Association will sponsor. – Beth, for APA’s August meeting
  • Work with YALSA staff to incorporate Morris Award component into YA Author Coffee Klatsch program in 2009 – Beth
  • Inform Bonnie Kunzel of Board action around Morris Award – Paula, asap
  • Place award issues on Executive Committee meeting agenda for more global discussion. – Beth, October
  • Add information about YALSA e-lists and wiki to Board and Committee Chair training packs. – Beth, 2009
  • Contact Katherine Boyes and ask her to move her discussion onto YALSA-sponsored resources such as the member only wiki and an e-list. – Dawn, asap
  • Working with the Magazine Task Force to get them on track. – Kim, asap and ongoing
  • Contact Holly Anderton, and copy Linda Braun, to encourage her to contact Linda about blogging. – Ruth, asap
  • Contact Dora Ho and Ritchie Momon for an update on the diversity institute – Cindy, asap
  • Request that Committee Chair to which you are the liaison copy you on all pre- and post-conference reports. – All Board members, ongoing
  • Send feedback and ideas regarding Board Responsibilities document. (#5 in agenda packet) to Paula. – All, before Midwinter
  • Send Linda names of good candidates to move forward for appointment to ALA Committees. Include enough contextual info that she can make cases for those she provides to ALA. – All, by end of August
  • Add Presidential Recognition Award to Executive Committee meeting agenda. – Beth, October
  • Email additional items to Sarah to add to Executive Committee Agenda. – All, asap
  • Provide Interest Group and Discussion Group conveners with info about the availability to them of YALSA e-lists. – Beth
  • Include discussion of MLS Certification on Fall Executive Committee agenda. – Beth, October
  • Send resolution regarding Sara Siebert to Julian lapides for reading at her memorial on August 15. – Beth, Accomplished