YALSA Board of Directors Annual 2007 Minutes

Washington, DC, June 21-27

Non-Agenda Items

Terri Kirk’s visit

Terri spoke about some new initiatives for ALA in FY 08 that have been approved by the ALA Executive Board:

  • There will be a new office for library advocacy to begin in Sept.
  • Ilovelibraries.org has been soft-launched. ALA will probably be seeking feedback from members this summer.
  • The Washington Office is going to have a new half time lobbyist.
  • The ALA library will have a new half time librarian.
  • IT will have a new Usability Officer. Wireframes for the ALA web site redesign are available to view at Annual.
  • Library Day on the Hill is Tues. About 1,000 people have registered to participate. Senators Reed and Cochran are announcing the SKILLs Act at a press conference. Senate has added $4million to the Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Program.
  • ALA is advocating for the NIH's information to be available to the public.
  • Emerging Leaders is moving forward.

Linda Williams’ visit

  • Linda feels that BARC is making an effort to be more transparent.
  • She mentioned that there is not a lot BARC is looking at right now except a graduated dues study and what that would cost.
  • Linda talked a little about indirect costs. Said that on their own divisions could not afford to pay for what ALA covers, such as facilities and IT services. Judy mentioned a concern with PIO changing its practice of offering support for national division initiatives, effective FY 08. Judy mentioned that it is hard to develop the budget when these costs are passed on to us with just a few months' notice. Linda said that she would look into it.


Adopted with flexibility. MOVED by Christine Allen, seconded by Paula Brehm-Heeger, and voted to adopt an agenda with flexibility.

MW 07 Minutes

New Taskforces

Kim is chairing the WrestleMania Reading Challenge one and the Certification one is still being formed.

Adoption of Resolutions

A couple of words are transposed in Mary K.'s and needs to be corrected.

Editorial Advisory Board

This group will move forward virtually.

No comments were put forth. MOVED by Kimberly Patton, seconded by Maria E. Gentto, and voted to accept the consent items 1-4 listed in the Annual Agenda.

Board Conflict of Interest

Nick asked if publisher dinners would fall under this policy. Sarah D. felt that they did not; as the policy is written, it speaks only to special treatment.

Sarah F. asked how/when this would be signed. Each year? Just when you're in-coming?

Allen asked what would happen if someone refused to sign. Allen asked if enforcement is a bylaws or handbook issue? Nick recommended that it be listed in the Board members' responsibilities in the Handbook. Pam pointed out that the policy mentions that the Executive Committee has the authority to enforce the agreement.

Pam suggested adding another sentence to clarify the enforcement issue. Sarah D. pointed out that this issue is actually addressed in the policy, and the real issue is about what to do if someone refuses to sign the document. Allen suggested the bylaws should be changed.

Judy suggested charging O&B with looking at adding a statement in the bylaws.

MOVED by Paula Brehm-Heeger, seconded by Maria E. Gentle, and voted to adopt the Conflict of Interest Policy, and that every Board member sign and return the policy before leaving the meeting today.

MOVED by Christine Allen, seconded by Sarah Cornish Debraski, and voted that Conflict of Interest Policy be sent to Organization & Bylaws Committee for further investigation to determine a method to coding this policy into our governance.

Councilor Report

Christine mentioned that AASL’s Councilor changed the resolution regarding representation on ALA committees to request a study. Paula felt that AASL also had a valid point about the current round of appointments by the ALA president-elect lacking AASL appointees when many names were submitted.

There has traditionally been just one “youth” person placed on an ALA committee with the feeling that the one position meets the needs of all the divisions that represent youth.

Beth felt that there is a real sense that representation on ALA committees is not balanced and that this resolution could help address that.

Beth pointed out that one third of YALSA's members are school librarians, and that this resolution wouldn't just benefit AASL.

Christine talked about the other resolution regarding services to the blind.

Judy mentioned that YALSA has already lent its support to the NCLB resolution.

MOVED by Paula Brehm-Heeger seconded by Erin Helmrich, and voted the Board instruct our Councilor to support the spirit of the Resolutions from AASL.

First Time YA Author Award

The taskforce will make the change about the dates, which the Executive committee was concerned about. The new dates will be from Dec. 1 to Dec. 1.

The other Executive Committee concern was with the short list. As the dates are now, there might not be time to develop the short list before Midwinter.

Pam pointed out that the proposal includes a plan for evaluation, so if the time frame for the short list didn't work out, it could be changed after the first year.

MOVED by Ann Theis, seconded by Pam Spencer Holley, and voted the YALSA Board approve the William C. Morris YA Debut Award - proposal to be taken to the ALA Awards Committee on Monday, June 25th so the first award can be announced in January, 2009.

Nonfiction Award

Amy said the taskforce is looking for feedback on the calendar and on the procedure for replacing members in an emergency.

Pam and Christine recommended that the president be given latitude by saying “qualified YALSA member with book selection experience.”

Beth asked if the intent was to choose someone who's served on a selection committee. Pam clarified that was not the intent. Paula recommended that the statement just read “qualified YALSA member.”

The book award proposal states that the award's short list would be announced during Teen Read Week (TRW). Beth asked if there was the possibility of the award getting lost among all the press for TRW.

Sarah F. said from the draft she wasn't sure what they were voting on in Jan. and June. Judy felt they were straw votes, and the intent was to be similar to Printz or BBYA. Pam recommended calling it a non-binding vote, or simply book discussion.

Sarah D. asked about the calendar and if it was designed around the publishing schedule of nonfiction works. Amy said yes.

Sarah F. asked an eligibility question: what is “new and unique?” Would that disqualify a well-written book? Christine mentioned the new and unique terminology was in part to address book series. Allen mentioned that the taskforce discussed looking at nonfiction in other formats and that the “new and unique” phrase was a holdover from that. Allen said he's comfortable just removing that line.

Allen pointed out that graphic novels are not a genre. The phrase graphic format would be better.

Sarah F. asked why nominations were required from each committee member. Pam mentioned that there's wording in the Odyssey that would take care of this issue.

Sarah F. pointed out a typo on the last page.

Paula asked if the proposal mentioned the number of titles would be on the short list.

MOVED by Amy Alessio, seconded by Paula Brehm-Heeger, and voted to accept non-fiction award draft in concept.

Councilor Term Extension

Judy said that Christine has agreed to do this. Paula thanked Christine.

MOVED by Pam Spencer Holley and seconded by Kimberly Patton, and voted the term of the current YALSA Councilor be extended until Annual 2009 as a one-time action to provide for staggered Board terms. To be official YALSA must “accredit its interim Councilor to the Secretary of Council in advance of the first meeting after selection.” The Executive Director will so notify the Council Secretary.

RUSA/YALSA Reference Guidelines

Sarah F. said RUSA requested minor changes, so that the current document is very similar to what the Board saw at Midwinter.

MOVED by Sarah Flowers, and seconded by Paula Brehm-Heeger, and voted YALSA Board accept the Guidelines for Library Service to Teens.

FY 08 Budget

Judy mentioned that the salary adjustment for the Program Officer has not been finalized yet. MOVED by Amy Alessio, and seconded by Pam Spencer Holley, and voted to adopt the FY '08 budget.

RBA Program Clearinghouse

Judy pointed out that Program Clearinghouse is being evaluated this year by O&B. Also, an earlier recommendation was to merge Program Clearinghouse with Local Arrangements and the YP Coordinator.

Paula wasn't sure that the rationale to reduce the size was convincing.

Sarah D. felt that when she was on the committee there wasn't much for 7 members to do. Pam agreed.

Nick suggested waiting for the O&B evaluation before acting on this request.

Sarah D. mentioned the reason for having the due date be on Monday was to allow for the maximum amount of time for the committees to plan. Sarah D. mentioned that from her experience on the committee that compared to other divisions YALSA planned very far in advance. Pam pointed out that it doesn't allow much flexibility. Sarah D. suggested that the committee explore the idea of another time line for program planning and report back to the Executive Committee at the fall meeting. Erin felt that revisiting the time line and shortening it might engage newer members more in the program planning process.

Shannon felt that there was talk at O&B about combining Local Arrangements and Program Clearinghouse.

According to Shannan O&B wants to establish a taskforce comprised of both committee members to explore the issue.

Beth asked where O&B was in terms of the committee evaluation. Shannan mentioned that she had not gotten feedback from the chairs of either committees.

MOVED by Paula Brehm-Heeger, and seconded by Sarah Cornish Debraski, and voted to table the request to decrease the number of members of the Program Clearinghouse Committee from 7 to 4 until receiving feedback from Organization & Bylaws Committee at the Tuesday afternoon meeting.

MOVED by Paula Brehm-Heeger, and seconded by Erin Helmrich, and voted to table the request of Section 2 of item 12 until Tuesday afternoon meeting.

MOVED by Erin Helmrich , and seconded by Kimberly Patton , and voted to table item 12 until Organization & Bylaws can finish their evaluation of the committees and provide their reports on this issue.

RBA Selected Audiobooks

Judy summarized their request.

MOVED by Pam Spencer Holley, and seconded by Sarah Flowers, and voted the Board approved clarification of the sentence “correct pronunciation of all text words is required.” By adding to the sentence “however, a title would not necessarily be disqualified if an error is deemed by the Committee to be minor when evaluating the recording as a whole.” This sentence is part of one criteria for evaluation for the YALSA Selected Audiobooks Policies and Procedures.

MOVED by Kimberly Patton, and seconded by Maria E. Gentto, and voted to adjourn until the Tuesday meeting.

RBA Second Life

Judy asked what the cost would be:

Kelly Czarnecki suggested sharing space w/ another organization so that YALSA doesn't have to incur costs. Kelly felt that it could be a good place for professional development.

According to Kelly $72 per year is the minimum cost, but the prices fluctuate.

Nick asked if we could use ALA's space. Beth said yes.

Kelly recommended sharing space w/ a library in the Teen Second Life (TSL).

There are also maintenance fees once you buy the land. An island is $1500.

Erin asked why it's more expensive for TSL, than SL. Beth Gallaway said it's not.

Kelly felt the technology or the professional development committees could work together on a Second Life (SL) project. Beth G. felt that a space in SL could be a recruitment tool and/or advocacy tool.

Erin asked if teens were on SL. Kelly said that in theory there were not.

MOVED by Paula Brehm-Heeger, and seconded by Christine Allen, and voted to postpone consideration of a presence in Teen Second Life until the Board receives the report of the Second Life Task Force.

RBA Teen Printz Contest

Amy mentioned that participation was low in the teen TTW contest. Beth pointed out that there was only 2 months to promote that contest.

Kim suggested that we tie this in with TTW.

Nick felt that more information is needed in order to make a decision.

Discussion centered around who would develop the proposal. Beth felt that the Award taskforce's charge was just to make recommendations, not implement any of them. Beth asked if some 07 Printz Committee members could explore this idea.

RBA Taskforce for Wiki Booklists

Judy mentioned that the Executive Committee felt this was not a necessary member group, as we already have a Booklist Taskforce as well as a page on the wiki for booklists.

MOVED by Amy Alessio, and seconded by Kimberly Patton, to establish a taskforce to put booklists and other media list on the wiki. The motion failed to pass.

New ALA Group

The Executive Committee suggests that the Board simply make their members aware of their petition. Nick said that the petition hadn't been discussed at all in Council.

MOVED by Pam Spencer Holley, and seconded by Nick Buron, and voted the YALSA Board suggests that its members read through the proposal for the new member group, virtual communities and libraries, and if of interest, sign the petition.

Selected DVDs

Judy mentioned that efforts to improve the committee procedures and its list have been going on for some time. There was general consensus that the list in its current form was not a useful collection development tool.

Sarah D. asked if the list would be tied to a particular release year. Judy said that no, it would encompass anything that is currently “in print.”

Nick asked if the wording about the viewing room was limiting, but Judy pointed out there was other language about viewing the film before hand. Sarah F. pointed out that some of the more independent or academic films were hard to get multiple copies of, so it probably isn’t possible to view everything beforehand.

Paula pointed out that any motion we make should be for the committee that begins its work in 2008.

Sarah F. mentioned that O&B should be involved in institutionalizing the new procedures.

MOVED by Sarah Flowers, and seconded by Sarah Cornish Debraski, and voted the YALSA Board approve the proposed changes to the Selected DVDs Committee as given in Item 18 and to forward to Organization and Bylaws for implementation in 2008-2009.

Student Intern Proposal

Kim mentioned that she spoke with several students and they mentioned an interest in an internship. Their reservations were that they didn't want to do anything boring or anything that would demand all of their time at conference.

Pam mentioned that they need to read the Board documents, try to write a motion, etc. to experience some hands on learning.

Kim also felt it was important for us to encourage them to get involved in their state association as well. Perhaps involvement in their state association would be a prerequisite to this internship.

Erin asked if RUSA had policies and procedures in place. Kim mentioned there needed to be a job description and an evaluation component in place.

Beth will talk with Barb M. to get details about the RUSA model. Judy recommended that the ad-hoc committee will continue to work on this.

Nick felt that the Board should define job responsibilities instead of letting the intern pick and choose.

MOVED by Amy Alessio and seconded by Kimberly Patton, and voted to continue the work on the student intern proposal including developing a job description, and evaluation processes to report at Midwinter '08.

Guidelines for Conference Stipends

Pam mentioned that a mechanism for reporting back to the Board needed to be added.

Pam is recommending that for the first year the Executive Committee would select the stipend recipients.

Kim asked if there was a limit on how many we would accept. Pam said the only limit was based on availability of funds.

Kim recommended that we offer this only to those who are not being compensated by any other entity. Nick recommended that unfunded persons be given preference. Nick felt that the major cost is travel, and that they should apply for the amount they need and not a flat $250.

Erin asked if certain geographical areas were being targeted. Pam said that was not the case, but it could be part of the consideration.

MOTION Amy Alessio, and seconded by Erin Helmrich and voted to continue the work of the State Conference Stipends ad hoc committee to report at Midwinter '08.

White Papers

Judy mentioned that the Executive Committee agreed these were a good first draft. Judy asked if Board members felt these papers were going in the direction of what the Board had anticipated.

Christine thought that the tone should be more inspirational in general, that the writing should be a compelling call to action. Sarah D. agreed with Christine.

The question was raised as to whether or not a YALS or YAttitudes editor should look at the documents. Beth cautioned against involving editors in duties other than that which relates directly to their publication work.

Paula was concerned that we provide productive feedback so that the next draft is polished and final.

Nick felt that waiting to adopt them at Midwinter would be too long.

Paula will give feedback to the 3 authors. The Board can share their comments and concerns by July 31.

The Board will ask the authors to submit a final draft for the Fall Exec. Meeting.

MOVED by Paula Brehm-Heeger, and seconded by Christine Allen, and voted to move the Board provide additional feedback to the President by July 31. The President will offer feedback to White Paper authors and ask authors that final drafts be presented by fall executive meeting.

YAttitudes report

Accepted as presented.

MOVED by Paula Brehm-Heeger and seconded by Nick Buron and voted the adjournment time be extended until 4:00 pm.

YALS Report

Valerie mentioned that she was exploring ways to make the journal more research-focused and her idea is to have one issue be the research issue each year, and leave the other three for best practice type articles. Amy asked which issue would become the research one. Valerie mentioned that perhaps the spring or fall. Amy asked what she would do if there weren't enough research articles for a full issue.

Nick hoped that YALSA would keep the awards issue, and perhaps do research in fall. Pam felt that it was a responsibility of YALSA to print the lists. A discussion ensued about whether or not it was desirable to print the selected lists. Are they really valuable for members in print format?

Sarah F. thought that consumers might prefer a mix of articles and that an all research issue might be too heavy.

Beth mentioned that perhaps it's time for the association to consider expanding its portfolio of publications to a research journal and mentioned the
SLMR model. Beth recommended that the publications survey include a question about adding a research journal.

Strategic Plan

Report accepted as presented.

Pam asked who was Board Liaison to Research. Nick is the new liaison and will follow up on them.

Paula mentioned that it's time to start the new planning process.

Judy asked about the marketing and membership component of the current plan. Erin mentioned that the Division & Membership committee talked through some ideas at their meeting, which they will share in their post conference report.

Article Award

Valerie mentioned that it encourages student participation but doesn't address the issue of attracting academics to publish research for YALSA.

Nick wanted to know if the proposal eliminated the eligibility of masters' theses. Sarah F. suggested that the word limit would eliminate that.

Allen felt that if Printz didn't award cash to the winner then this award should not either. Beth pointed out that the funds were to allow the winner to travel to conference.

Nick pointed out that the proposal includes a plan to evaluate after one year, so we could move forward with it and tweak it later. Nick felt that it was worth a try.

Beth recommended revisiting the award proposal after the survey was complete.

Leadership Institute

Nick felt that the ad-hoc committee wasn't sure which direction YALSA should take.

Nick said they did explore what other organizations were doing, but wasn't sure what would be a good fit for YALSA. Judy pointed out that since the Strategic Plan was implemented, other leadership opportunities have been put in place that may take the place of a leadership institute, such as Emerging Leaders, YALSA institutes, mentoring, scholarships, etc.

Amy suggested planning for another half day preconference for Annual 08 since this idea was not moving forward.

FMO Resources

Judy mentioned that the Executive Committee felt that the For Members Only (FMO) part of the web site be retired. The Board generally agreed.

Michele Gorman mentioned that according to her experience, a members’ only piece did appeal to new or potential members.

Beth suggested surveying members as part of the web site redesign as to their feelings for FMO.

MOVED by Pam Spencer Holley and seconded by Nick Buron and voted the Board meeting be extended to 4:15 pm.

Pre-Conference Reports

Judy pointed out that the Division and Membership Promotion Committee wanted more funding, but consensus was that funding was adequate and that having the booth on the exhibit floor gave it increased visibility.

Publishers' Liaison wanted more clarification about their role in Support Teen Lit Day.

Quick Picks had some concerns, but the liaison, Judy and Paula met with them to address their issues.

Nick will encourage Francisca to keep working on her SUS report.

Fiscal Officer Report

Amy recommended that any future meal functions at Annual should at least turn a 10% profit.

Judy requested that Board Liaisons encourage chairs to abide by AV deadlines.

Judy pointed out the need to clear up sponsorship process & educate members.


No concerns or comments were shared.

Emerging Leaders

Paula and Judy went to the poster session. Judy suggested for the next round of applicants that they be required to report back to the Board.

Council Update

Nothing further was reported.

Program Clearinghouse Report

YA Author breakfast. Amy mentioned that the price would have to be raised if we continued it.

Pam thought we should consider limiting the number of attendees.

Beth suggested continuing the event and featuring authors from a different selected list each time. Sarah F. asked if it was too much to ask selection committees to take on this task.

Beth suggested getting member feedback to see if there is interest in continuing the event. The Board concurred.

Staff will add place holders for Council 101 and a half day preconference.

Exec Dir Evaluation

Due to time constraints the Board chose to handle the Executive Director’s evaluation by email after conference.

Installation of New Officers

Judy welcomed Michele, Dawn and Mary.

MOVED by Sarah Flowers, and seconded by Paula Brehm-Heeger and voted to adjourn.

Information sharing at the beginning of Board II:

Amy mentioned that Keith Fiels announced at the BARC Division Leaders Meeting that there are no funds for 2010 Proposals for FY08. Amy felt that the proposed YALSA Diversity Campaign be pursued via other funding, perhaps IMLS.

From Council: Christine shared membership numbers and at least three divisions have lost members from this time last year. Overall ALA is down 1% on membership. The resolution on funding for the blind passed, but the boy scouts resolution has been put off. Some ALA-APA issues were discussed: what if a person first gets certification thru ALA-APA, but doesn't get the MLS? Christine observed that Keith Fiels and others have included mention of the Printz in their talks about major ALA book awards.

Judy: the SKILLs Act is being introduced in Congress today. ALA members should encourage their legislators to sign on to the bill. Council did vote today to support it.

Beth: the ALA Award Committee approved our proposal for the First Time YA Author Award. No word from them yet regarding the memo about the use of the term “award” for books that are on selected lists.

Endowment Trustees: Robert Newlen came to give YALSA an update on the William Morris Fund and to provide other updates. Endowment chairs serve three-year terms, and up to two consecutive terms. He mentioned they rely very heavily on ALA staff.

They employ a manager from Meryill Lynch who oversees all of the portfolios for all of the endowment funds. Periodically the trustees do an RFP to other financial service providers to ensure they're getting the best deal. The current commission is about .77. Trustees have conference calls at least once a month, and meet at Midwinter and Annual.

ALA has broken the $30 million mark on the endowments. Real Estate Investment Trust has been a high yield investment. The Heitman Fund (for real estate) has been returning about 25% annually.

Robert wants to see the endowment reach $50 million so that ALA can take advantage of other types of investments and take a little more risk.

Ariel Capital Appreciation is a socially responsible mutual fund that ALA is minimally invested in. It has had respectable returns. The Trustees try to continually learn more about socially responsible investments. Blackrock is another socially responsible fund that ALA has recently put $250,000 in, but it's not a mutual fund.

The Trustees keep nothing in cash so that the endowment monies are working all the time.

Divisions can contribute up to $50K a year to their own endowment.

The Morris account has appreciated significantly since 2004. It is currently over $683,000.

To minimize risk, they try to put 30% in fixed income. They look at performance in terms of managing risk.

Amy asked what the minimum was to start an endowment. Robert thought that it was $10K, but that it might be raised to $20K. LAMA is aggressively building their endowment for their anniversary year. If we had under $10K, we can open a cash account that earns interest but that is not part of the endowment.

Robert wants ALA to get more aggressive about planned giving and is pleased that Joan Claffey is making a concerted effort in that area.

Maria Gentle: IFLA is in Montreal in 2008 and Pat Muller has made a request that YALSA consider a presence there. Nick mentioned that their program agenda is set. Beth mentioned that she was happy to explore what's available from the office point of view. Pam said we could encourage members to come to conference.

Pam: PPO's Live @ Your Library Authors Stage had 25-45 attendees at adult events, but for YALSA the average was 68 people per session, or 88 if you include Lois Lowry. Pam recommended that we move forward with this opportunity, if possible, for next year.