2005 Midwinter Major Motions

The YALSA Board of Directors:

  • accepted the report of the Regional Institute Task Force, and directed the Task Force to work with the Fiscal Officer, Allen Nichols, and the YALSA staff to develop one continuing education project by Annual 2005.
  • accepted the report from the Organization and Bylaws Committee.
  • accepted the report of the Graphic Novels Task Force with thanks and referred it to the Organization and Bylaws Committee for final development and vote at the Annual 2005 Board meeting.
  • directed YALSA staff to work with Pam Spencer Holley, YALSA President-Elect, to develop a committee procedure manual for committee chairs.
  • voted to accept the Strategic Plan June 2004 version.
  • directed Board Member Jessica Mize to discuss further with YALSA member Amy Alessio her proposal to establish regional delegates, and reintroduce this topic at Annual 2005.
  • voted to instruct YALSA staff to pursue the possibility of collaboration with RUSA to develop reference guidelines for young adults.
  • voted to establish a Board subcommittee to devise a specific plan of action concerning the publication of booklists. Pam Spencer Holley was selected to chair, and Board Members Sarah Cornish and Francisca Goldsmith will serve as members on the subcommittee.
  • tabled a proposal concerning a gaming &/or electronic resources list until YALSA received further feedback from various sources, including the Technology Committee.
  • voted to recommend to the chairs of book selection committees to advise their members not to rely solely on audio versions of a print book for their selection committee work.
  • appointed a Communications Subcommittee of the Board to investigate priorities and a vision for the YALSA web site. Board Member Linda Braun, Mize and Nichols were appointed to this subcommittee, with Mize chairing.
  • voted to establish a Virtual Editorial Advisory Board to work closely with the editors of
    YALS and YAttitudes to choose themes and topics for issues and to seek out authors for articles and columns, and directed the Organization and Bylaws Committee to establish a committee structure amenable to ALA rules that could be voted upon by the Board at Annual.
  • voted to have the YALSA President appoint a subcommittee of the Board to present a minimum of two proposals relating to the Amelia Walden bequest to the Board via e-mail as soon as possible. Scanlon and Ranae Pierce were appointed to work with Yoke to formulate these two proposals.
  • accepted a proposal to change Audiobooks to a selection committee in concept and referred the proposal to the Organization and Bylaws Committee.
  • approved in concept the preliminary list of programs for 2006.
  • voted to extend the charge of the Joint Task Force on Public Library/School Collaboration task force through Annual 2006.