Benefits of Board Service

Current YALSA Board members are well aware of the reasons one might choose to serve on the Association’s Board. The following is a list of the benefits Board members state they have derived from YALSA Board service.  All Officers and Directors-at-Large serve three-year (36 month) terms on the Board.

  • Development of leadership skills — YALSA Board members have opportunities to gain valuable leadership skills such as decision-making, strategic planning, and consensus building through formal training and hands-on practice.
  • Chance to Effect Change — The YALSA Board is made up of a dynamic group of people who constantly evaluate the Association’s member services and look for ways to improve that service.  Decisions made by the YALSA Board can have an impact on the work of librarians around the world. Anyone interested in being an agent for change for a cause that matters to them, has that opportunity by serving on the Board of this vital Association.
  • Expanded Networking Opportunities — YALSA Board members get to meet and work with librarians and educators from around the country and develop long-term relationships and professional support systems.
  • Opportunity to Give Back  — YALSA is an organization that is dedicated to serving members. Through YALSA Board service Association members are able to give back to the organization that supports them.
  • Understanding of Non-Profit Governance — Serving on the YALSA Board gives Board members a deep understanding of what non-profit governance is all about including strategic planning, financial responsibility, fundraising, and volunteer management.
  • Experience with Big Picture Thinking — Planning for the future of an organization requires thinking not just about today but about what is going to be needed by members in the future. Learning how to think beyond one’s local service area and for the long-term is an outcome of serving on the YALSA Board.
  • Resume Building — Including YALSA Board service on a resume can put an applicant ahead of the pack during a hiring process

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