Teen Tech Week Contests from YALSA and Figment

teen tech week 2011, march 6-12

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Congratulations to the winners of YALSA/Figment's Teen Tech Week contests:

  • In the Librarian Contest, Becky O'Neil, at the Westerville (Ohio) Public Library, won a Nook e-reader for her creative Teen Tech Week prompt: "First sentence: I'd spent my entire life up to now trying to get that crown back." Congratulations to Becky!
  • In the Teen Contest, teen Anande Sjoden also won a Nook e-reader for her essay in the Steampunk Apparatus contest and Fiona Plunkett won a $50 Amazon giftcard for inventing the steampunk equipment (the Narrika) that inspired Sjoden's essay. Congratulations to Fiona and Anande! Our thanks to Kathryn Erskine, National Book Award Winner for judging the teen portion of the contest. To learn more about the teen contest, visit the
    Figment blog.

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Teen Contest

Part One

Come up with a device or instrument and give it a name and a description of what it looks like. For example, “Blimflocket – a wristwatch with a chain that goes up the arm and links to a person’s neck.”

On March 7 tweet this invention along with the hashtag #YALSApunk and @figmentfiction.

A winning device will be chosen based on creativity, and the inventor will receive an Amazon gift card.

Part Two

On March 8, the winning device will be announced on the Figment and YALSA sites and by Twitter.

For the second part of the contest, write a short story (in 750 words or fewer) on Figment in which the winning device from the first round gets used. Submissions will be accepted March 8-11.

Figment users will vote to select finalists the week of March 14; then National Book Award winning-author, Kathryn Erskine, will choose a winning story. The winner will be announced the week of March 21 and will receive a Nook e-reader.

Librarian Contest

From March 9-12, librarians are invited to tweet their most inspiring creative writing prompts for teens. Tweets must include the hashtag #YALSAprompt as well as @figmentfiction.

The Figment staff will select the most inspiring prompts and feature them prominently on the Figment site and in their professional newsletter. The creator of the winning prompt will also receive a Nook e-reader.