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teen tech week, mix and mash @ your library, is march 6-12, 2011.

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You can find more resources on the  Teen Tech Week wiki  – take a minute and add your own!

   VoiceThread Presentations

The 2008-2009 Teen Tech Week committee used VoiceThread to create multimedia, interactive presentations to help you celebrate Teen Tech Week at your library. You can leave comments and discuss the presentations at VoiceThread just follow the directions in this guide to VoiceThread commenting (PDF).

Getting Started with Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week in School Libraries & Media Centers

See the Works Cited list (PDF) for further reading.

Teen Tech Week on a Budget

   Literature & Presentations

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Beyond Gaming Tournaments, presentation sponsored by the YALSA Gaming Interest Group.

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   Tech Guides

Created for Teen Tech Week 2008, the following guides will help you keep abreast of current technologies and offer suggestions on how you can use them in a public or school library program.

Tech Guide Number 1: Making Music with Teens and Supplemental Guide (PDF)

Tech Guide Number 2: Online Surveys (PDF)

Tech Guide Number 3: Virtual Worlds (PDF)

Tech Guide Number 4: RSS, Blogs, and Wikis (PDF)

Tech Guide Number 5: Gaming (PDF)

Tech Guide Number 6: Podcasts (PDF)

Sponsored Tech Guide: Dungeons & Dragons @ your library  (PDF)

   YALSA Handouts

10 Steps for a Successful Teen Tech Week

Want to make sure your Teen Tech Week celebration is successful? Use this checklist (PDF) of YALSA resources to prepare!

25 Ways to Celebrate Teen Tech Week

Encourage your teens to get involved! Download the 25 Ways to Celebrate Teen Tech Week flyer (PDF) and pass it out at your library.

   YALSA's Social Networking Guides

Online social networking is a hot topic for those serving teens, with debate about allowing teens to learn how to safely navigate Web 2.0 technology while also keeping them safe. YALSA has created several resources for librarians to use to educate their community members about online social networking technologies and the possibility that federal legislation may require schools and libraries to block Web sites that offer these types of communication tools.

Social Networking Toolkit for Educators and Librarians (PDF; updated in 2011)

Guide to Social Networking for Teens (PDF; updated in 2011)

Learn more at YALSA's online social networking resource page.