teen read week 2011, picture it @ your library, oct. 16-22

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Professional Materials | For Authors

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at the professional materials available to help you plan your Teen Read Week celebration.

Professional Materials


Agosto, Denise and Sandra Hughes-Hassell, eds. Urban Teens in the Library: Research and Practice. ALA Editions, 2009.

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University of Wisconsin SLIS – Continuing Education Services. The Power of Book-Talking. Neal-Schuman, 2009.

Journal and Magazine Articles

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Young Adult Library Services (Summer 2010). Issue contains several articles related to Teen Read Week.

“Zine Kits: A Reusable Programming Tool.” Unabashed Librarian (2009): 14-16.

Presentations and Downloadables

Download this PowerPoint presentation from YALSA that explains Teen Read Week and use it at library meetings or conferences or with colleagues.

For Authors

10+ Things YA Authors Can Do to Celebrate Teen Read Week:

  1. Contact your local school or public library to set up a visit. Download handouts from YALSA.
  2. Contact your book store to set up a signing or reading. Download handouts from YALSA.
  3. Add your TRW author visit to our Google Map.
  4. Encourage your local book store and library to create a Teen Read Week display, or offer to create one for them. Let them know they can order TRW posters and bookmarks from the ALA Store.
  5. Put the “I Support Teen Read Week” web badge (GIF) on your blog, MySpace page, etc.
  6. Add your name & contact info to the YA author directory on YALSA’s wiki so librarians have a way to get in touch with you when they are planning author events.
  7. Blog or tweet about teen reading& libraries leading up to TRW or during TRW.
  8. Ask your publisher how they are celebrating TRW and how you might get involved. If they have no plans, encourage them to contact YALSA to become a part of this reading event.
  9. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper discussing the importance of libraries in the lives of teens.
  10. Ask your town council to officially declare Oct. 16 – 22, 2011 Teen Read Week in your town.
  11. Ask your local radio station to read the script for the Teen Read Week PSA.
  12. Link to the Teen Read Week web site from yours:
  13. Work with your local school or public library to implement a creative writing contest for teens.
  14. At events, school visits, etc. prior to TRW, encourage the teens you visit to read YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten nominations so they can vote online for their favorite books during TRW at
  15. For future TRWs, serve on YALSA’s Teen Read Week planning committee.