About Gareth Hinds

gareth hindsArtist Gareth Hinds created the artwork for Picture It @ your library, this year's Teen Read Week theme. Learn more about the artist!

Gareth Hinds has always been an artist. Growing up in small-town Vermont, he was a “nerdy kid who drew all the time.” He wrote his first comics in elementary school.

“I used to make these thirty-page Star Trek stories with markers on scrap paper, using wallpaper samples for covers,” he recalls. “But I never said, ‘I want to draw comics when I grow up.’ I just liked telling stories with pictures.” He started illustrating in earnest while in high school, where he did editorial illustrations and comics for his high-school newspaper, coedited and illustrated the literary magazine, and painted a mural in one of the school hallways.

Gareth Hinds ended up studying illustration at Parsons School of Design and Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduating, he found a job making computer games and worked in that field for more than ten years, creating animation, characters, and environments for numerous PC and console games.

The Odyssey, he says, “It was incredibly exciting to work with this material. Gods, monsters, flawed heroes, battles, and all the best and worst of human nature, set against an ancient Mediterranean backdrop. It’s a dream project.”

Gareth Hinds lives in New York and creates graphic novels full-time.