The N

The N has created a series of slam-style poetry pieces that speak directly to teens and feature them performing their poems in slam style – spoken word without the aid of music or props.  The N has created on-screen graphics, that appear in each piece, that highlight and explain key elements of successful poetry – rhythm, rhyme and word choice.

The poetry pieces will air on The N through October 31.   In addition, The N has provided a tip sheet for teachers, school librarians and public librarians on how to use the pieces in a classroom or group setting to encourage teens to read and write poetry. 

One of the PSAs that will air on The N can be viewed by clicking on the links below (there are two versions of the same PSA):


                                                 PSA #1

(Real Media HIGH or LOW bandwith)  (Windows Media Player HIGH or LOW bandwith)


                                        PSA #1 second version

(Real Media HIGH or LOW bandwith)  (Windows Media Player HIGH or LOW bandwith)