Teen Literacies Toolkit

Teen Literacies Toolkit

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Created by the Literacies Toolkit Resource Retreat Participants

August 2017

About the Kit

In this toolkit, we use the “fake news” phenomenon as an approach to addressing multiple literacies. It also re-examines and discusses culturally-inclusive literacies strategies library staff can use with teens to help them make sense of their world and build a robust set of skills as they prepare to enter college or start careers. YALSA would like to thank Hailley Fargo, Kristin Fontichiaro, Jennifer Luetkemeyer, Trent McLees, Renee McGrath, Allison Renner, and Julie Stivers for participating in the creation of this toolkit.

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  • Introduction
  • Defining Literacy
  • Glossary
  • Supporting Basic Literacy
  • Cultural Context
  • Understanding Teens’ Media Environment
  • Embedding Multiple Literacies into Programming and Instruction
  • Activity Ideas
  • Recommended Resources
  • Citations
  • Appendices