Teen Intern Program Toolkit

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About the Kit

Published: March 2020

This toolkit was created based on the experiences of former grantees of our Teen Intern Program Grant, which was funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Please note, the grant is no longer being offered.

In this toolkit, you will learn how to successfully plan, promote, implement, and evaluate your own teen intern program. You will also read personal anecdotes shared by our contributors about the experiences and challenges they faced while implementing their own teen intern program, while reflecting on questions such as "What worked?," "What didn't?," and "What would I do differently next time?" Lastly, in the appendices, helpful examples of resources, such as sample applications, interview questions, fliers, a planning handbook, and more, are available for library staff to use and adapt.

Thanks to the following individuals for their valuable contributions to this toolkit:

Breana Bowen, Assistant Director for Youth Services, Cabell County Public Library (WV)
Lindsay Gojcaj, Information Services Librarian, Novi Public Library (MI)
Sonya Harsha, Young Adult Librarian, Algona Public Library (IA)
Melanie Lyttle, Head of Public Services, Madison Public Library (OH)
Isaiah West, Teen Services Coordinator, Alexandria Library (VA)

Table of Contents

  • Planning
  • Promotion
  • Application and Interview Process
  • Training and Internship Process
  • Evaluation Process
  • Anecdotes from the Library Community
  • Appendix: Sample Planning Materials and Other Resources

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