Quick Picks Nominations

Updated December 7, 2016


Callery, Sean. 50 Things You Should Know About Titanic. 2016. Illus. QEB Publishing, $15.95. 9781682970232. The maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic ended on the evening of April 14, 1912 when it hit an iceberg. There were over 2200 people on board, but approximately 700 survived. Facts, figures, and primary photos within this book detail the construction of the ship, the different passengers, and the tragedy.

Cronn-Mills, Kirstin. LGBTQ+ Athletes Claim the Field: Striving for Equality. 2016. Illus. Twenty First Century Books / Lerner, $34.65. 9781467780124. The past, present, and future of LGBTQ+ athletes in collegiate and professional sports are discussed in this book, along with inspirational stories and fascinating profiles of individual athletes.

Day, Felicia. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). 2015. Illus. Touchstone / Simon and Schuster, $25.99. 9781476785653. In her memoir, Felicia Day discusses growing up and her journey to becoming one of YouTube's most recognized creators.

Fields, Stella. Lazy Crafternoon. 2016. Illus. Capstone Young Readers, $15.00. 9781623707514. Spend an afternoon crafting an inexpensive and simple craft that's sure to impress.

Freedman, Russell. We Will Not Be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement That Defied Adolf Hitler. 2016. Illus. Clarion / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, $17.99. 9780544223790. Siblings, Hans and Sophie Scholl, spearheaded the White Rose student resistance movement against Adolf Hitler. Their dedication to overthrowing the Nazi regime came at a steep, but willing price.

Happer, Richard. Bizarre Competitions: 101 Ways to Become a World Champion. 2016. Illus. Firefly Books, $19.95. 9781770858626. You don't need to be a world class athlete to be a world champion. You could be the next great rock-paper-scissors champion or world champion alligator wrestler.

Harrington, Jamie. The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter: 30 Magical Crafts for Muggles, Witches, and Wizards Alike. 2016. Illus. Adams Media Corp, $17.99. 9781440595042. Provides 30 Harry Potter themed crafts of varying difficulty levels for HP fans. The crafts include stylish items for school, around the house, and outside use.

Harris, Samantha. Curls, Curls, Curls! Your Go-To Guide for Rocking Curly Hair-Plus Tutorials for 60 Fabulous Looks. 2016. Illus. Chronicle Books, $19.95. 9781452158341. This book is full of styles, hair care tips, and products just for curly girls. The book includes information on natural hair care and a photo index.

Hidalgo, Pablo. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary. 2015. Illus. DK Children / Dorling Kindersley Publishing, $19.99. 9781465438164. Readers can discover more in depth information on their favorite Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters, gear, and more in this visual dictionary.

Higgins, Nadia Abushanab. Feminism: Reinventing the F-Word. 2016. Illus. Twenty First Century Books / Lerner, $35.99. 9781467761475. Feminism: Reinventing the f-word explains what feminism is, what it isn't, and why it should be important to the reader. A solid informational text, this book touches history, the future, and why someone should be proud to call themselves a feminist.

Howell, Dan and Phil Lester. Dan and Phil Go Outside. 2016. Illus. Random House Children’s Books, $19.99. 9781524701451. YouTube stars Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) took their show on the road and toured the UK, America, and Australia. This book chronicles their tour.

Inzer, Christine Mari. Diary of a Tokyo Teen: A Japanese-American Girl Travels to the Land of Trendy Fashion, High-tech Toilets and Maid Cafes. 2016. Illus. Tuttle Publishing, $14.99. 9784805313961. The summer before she turned sixteen, Christine Inzer traveled solo to Japan to become reacquainted with her birthplace. This colorful graphic novel is a memoir of her travels. The reader travels with Christine as she explores the Japanese Fashion Hub of Harajuku, photographs Geisha in Kyoto and eats the best sushi of her life in Tsujiki. Along the way, the reader is introduced to Christine's grandparents, niece, nephew, and a variety of colorful characters.

Jenkins, Beverly L. You Had One Job! 2016. Andres McMeel Publishing, $9.99. 9781449479695. You think you have it tough? These people had one job and they failed - hilariously - at it.

Jones, Patrick. Teen Incarceration: From Cell Bars to Ankle Bracelets. 2016. Illus.  Twenty First Century Books / Lerner, $37.32. 9781467775724. A comprehensive and harrowing look at teens in the justice system--from solitary confinement to the death penalty, and what programs are working on dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline.

Jorgensen, Katrina and Blake Hoena. Ballpark Cookbook - The American League: Recipes Inspired by Baseball Stadium Foods. 2016. Illus. Capstone Press, $31.32. 9781491482322. This book, made in collaboration with Sports Illustrated Kids, offers the reader a sampling of food and drinks from various teams and stadiums in the American baseball league.

Keyser, Amber J. The V-Word: True Stories about First-Time Sex. 2016. Simon Pulse and Beyond Words / Simon & Schuster, $19.99. 9781582705903. This frank, funny, and explicit collection of essays by adult women about losing one's virginity address a spectrum of experiences. Helpful back matter contains further resources and straightforward advice.

Lee, Jinnie. How to Wear Jewelry: 55 Styles. 2016. Illus. Abrams, $12.95. 9781419720192. For the fashionistas and the wanna-be stylish, hand-drawn illustrations present a variety of designs and ways to accessorize. Includes rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, watches and earrings.

Lee, Stan and Peter David. Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir. 2015. Illus. Touchstone / Simon and Schuster, $30.00. 9781501107726. Stan Lee, co-creator of some of the Marvel Universe's best superheroes and villains, tells his own story with his usual humor. Little known facts about his life and the creation of comics are explored in living color.

Lindin, Emily. Unslut: A Diary and a Memoir. 2015. Illus. Zest Books, $14.99. 9781942186007. Shame comes in many forms. Stigmatized as a "slut" as early as 11 years old, Emily displays her insecurities, exchanges, and emotions, laying bare her middle school diaries, complete with asides and sidebars from her now adult self.

Mehring, Jonathan. Skate the World: Photographing One World of Skateboarding. 2015. Illus. National Geographic Society, $30.00. 9781426213960. Jonathan Mehring has traveled the world taking photographs of professional and non-professional skateboarders. This book includes many photos and a few stories on skateboarding and bringing skateboarding to new communities around the world.

Miller, Sarah. The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century. 2016. Illus. Schwartz & Wade Books / Penguin Random House, $17.99. 9780553498080. The murder of Andrew and Abby Borden, while still unsolved, is often attributed to their daughter Lizzie. This book revolves around the murder and subsequent trial that made it one of the most famous murders of the 20th century.

National Geographic Kids. Weird but True Sports: 300 Wacky Facts about Awesome Athletics. 2016. Illus. National Geographic Society, $7.99. 9781426324673. This is a book, as the title implies, full of weird but true facts relating to all aspects of sports.

Pansino, Rosanna. The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us. 2015. Illus. Atria / Simon and Schuster. $29.99. 9781501104015. YouTube personality and creator of the Nerdy Nummies cooking show, Rosanna Pansino, shares step by step instructions for making some of her most popular food creations.

Rattini, Kristin Baird, et al. 125 Wacky Roadside Attractions: See All the Weird, Wonderful, and Downright Bizarre Landmarks from Around the World! 2016. Illus. National Geographic Children’s Books / National Geographic Society. $12.99. 9781426324079. Join National Geographic Kids as they take you on a road trip to find the strangest and most bizarre roadside attraction from around the world. From the weird, like the Boxing Crocodile in Humpty Doo Australia to out of this world at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico to the truly salty like the Tayka Hotel de Sal in Tahua, Bolivia; this book’s got it covered.

Rosen, Michael J. Just My Type: Understanding Personality Profiles. 2016. Illus. Twenty First Century Books / Lerner Publishing Group, $34.95. 9781467780100. Containing many personality quizzes and types, this book explains the history and future personality profiling and how to figure out what type of personality you have!

Salaperäinen, Olento. A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts: An Atlas of Fabulous Creatures, Enchanted Beings, and Magical Monsters. 2016. Illus. Sterling, $14.95. 9781454920946. A handbook for any curious seeker wanting to know more about otherworldly beings from all different cultures and countries.

Song, Aimee. Capture Your Style: How to Transform Your Instagram Images and Build the Ultimate Platform. 2016. Illus. Abrams, $19.95. 9781419722158. Aimee Song is Instagram famous - with over 3 million followers. This book offers inside secrets and tips to help the reader take better pictures, up their Insta game, and grow their fan base.

Stebner, Beth. Stop. Breathe. Chill: Meditations for a Less Stressful, More Awesome Life. 2016. Adams Media Corporation, $13.99. 9781440594397. Stop, Breathe, Chill gives various examples of situations teens may struggle with and describe how one would practice mindfulness in each instance. Each situation is followed by a mantra that can be used while meditating. The book is divided into categories such as school, relationships and self-care, making it easier for the reader to find an applicable meditation.

Strebe, Jenny. 100 Perfect Hair Days: Step-By-Steps for Pretty Waves, Braids, Curls, Buns, and More! 2016. Illus. Chronicle Books. $19.95. 9781452143354. Beautiful photographs and step-by-step directions coach you from creating everything from a perfect sporty ponytail to a dramatic braided updo. The book also includes a chapter on haircare and a style grid to find the best style for your hair type and occasion.

Swartz, Clay. Who Wins? : 100 Historical Figures Go Head-to-Head and You Decide the Winner! 2016. Illus. Workman Publishing Co., $14.95. 9780761185444. Who would slay in a rap battle - Winston Churchill vs. Cleopatra? Who would survive living in 10,000 BC - Harry Houdini vs. Amelia Earhart? Who wins? You decide!

Waldman, Ariel. What’s It Like in Space? : Stories from Astronauts Who’ve Been There. 2016. Illus. Chronicle Books, $14.95. 9781452144764. In quick paragraphs with vivid color illustrations, the book answers fun and interesting questions about life in space.

Webb, Kristina. Color Me Creative: Unlock Your Imagination. 2015. Illus. Harper / HarperCollins Publishers, $14.99. 9780062415462. Part autobiography, part creative companion, social media personality, Kristina Webb, encourages young people to create art.

Winterbottom, Julie. Frightlopedia: An Encyclopedia of Everything Scary, Creepy, and Spine-Chilling, from Arachnids to Zombies. 2016. Illus. Workman Publishing Co., $9.95. 9780761183792. This A-Z guide to creepy, scary, and unsettling creatures and phenomena is packed with information, jokes, and photographs.



Alexander, Kwame. Booked. 2016. HMH Books for Young Readers / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, $16.99. 9780544570986. Nick Hall is on top of the world. He's a star on his soccer team, doing well in school, and has a cute girl interested in him. Then his parents drop a bomb that shatters his world. How will Nick put the pieces back together?

Allison, John. Giant Days, v. 1. 2015. Illus. Boom! Studios, $9.99. 9781608867899. From a mystery flu, old crushes showing up, and chauvinism, three young women have each others' backs.

Alsenas, Linas. Beyond Clueless. 2015. Amulet / Abrams, $16.95. 9781419714962. Marty Sullivan is the new girl at an all girl's Catholic school in rural Ohio, but with the power of her new fearless friend, Xiang, and her lifelong BFF, Jimmy, she isn't too worried about her situation. When the school musical comes around, though, Marty finds she might be in over her head.

Andrews, Jesse. The Haters. 2016. Amulet / Abrams, $18.95. 9781419720789. Wes and his buddy Corey are completely disappointed by jazz camp. Then they meet Ash. When things click both musically and personally during a major jam session, the three decide to ditch jazz camp and take their new band on the road. But is freedom on the open road all it's cracked up to be?

Asher, Jay. What Light. 2016. Razorbill / Penguin Random House, $18.99. 9781595145512. Despite all the obstacles pitted against them, Caleb and Sierra find each other, fall in love, and unlike Romeo and Juliet, may get to have a happy ending. A holiday romance from the author or Thirteen Reasons Why and The Future of Us.

Badoe, Adwoa. Aluta. 2016. Groundwood Books, $16.95. 9781554988167. Charlotte Adom is a Ghanian teen just starting college; she loves to dance, flirt and be independent from her strict father. However, politics are never stable in her homeland and she finds herself increasingly more embroiled in the violent revolution.

Blake, Ashley Herring. Suffer Love. 2016. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $17.99. 9780544596320. Before he can learn her name, Sam Bennet finds himself falling for the beautiful girl in his English class. Hadley St. Clair is perfect. She's also the daughter of the man who destroyed Sam’s family. Does Sam tell Hadley the truth or does he keep his secret?

Bond, Gwenda. Double Down. 2016. Switch Press, $16.95. 9781630790387. Lois Lane is getting acclimated to Metropolis, her new city and high school. Things don't remain quiet for long, and she needs help from her new friends and her internet crush, Smallvilleguy.

Braun, Melinda. Stranded. 2015. Simon Pulse / Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing, $17.99. 9781481438193. Haunted by the death of her little sister the previous year, Emma signs up for an adventure canoe trip which will test the limits of her endurance and tenacity for survival. The elements are opposed to the grit of the remaining campers, after a freak tornado kills the group’s leader.

Breslaw, Anna. Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here. 2016. Razorbill / Penguin Random House, $17.99. 9781595148353. Scarlett is a huge fan of the TV show, Lycanthrope High. When the show is cancelled, Scarlett begins writing a new story in her fan community to deal with the show's cancellation and the sudden rise in popularity of former friend and current crush, Gideon.

Budhos, Marina. Watched. 2016. Wendy Lamb / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9780553534184. To escape trouble with the law, Naeem agrees to cooperate with police surveillance efforts in his Muslim-American neighborhood in Queens, NY. But as he goes deeper undercover, Naeem wonders— is he in over his head?

Buxbaum, Julie. Tell Me Three Things. 2016. Delacorte Press / Random House Children’s Books. $17.99. 9780553535648. Jessie's world is turned upside down by a series of events. She loses her mother to cancer. Jessie's father remarries, sells the family home and moves Jessie to Los Angeles to live with her new stepmother and stepbrother. Jessie feels like an alien at her new private school where designer clothes and luxury cars are the norm. The whole situation becomes even more bizarre when Jessie receives an anonymous email from a classmate, "Somebody Nobody", offering to help her navigate the minefield that is her new school.

Calame, Don. Dan Versus Nature. 2016. Candlewick Press, $17.99. 9780763670719. Dan tries to scare off his mom's next potential husband while on a survivalist camping adventure. What could go wrong?

Cass, Kiera. The Siren. 2016. Harper Teen / HarperCollins, $18.99. 9780062391995. Kahlen is a Siren in service to the Ocean after she was saved from drowning. Now, years later, she has broken a rule when she falls in love.

Cavallaro, Brittany. A Study in Charlotte. 2016. Katherine Tegen Books / HarperCollins, $17.99. 9780062398901. Thrown together at an American boarding school, the great-great-great grandson of John Watson and the great-great-great granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes find themselves implicated in a murder they are determined to solve.

Cook, Eileen. With Malice. 2016. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books, $17.99. 9780544805095. Jill wakes up in a hospital with significant injuries and no memory of her life for the past six weeks, including the car accident abroad that injured her and killed her best friend. But while Jill recovers from the accident, she comes under fire from international press and police who thinks that the tragedy was no accident.

Cordova, Zoraida. Labyrinth Lost. 2016. Sourcebooks Fire / Sourcebooks, $17.99. 9781492620945. Alejandra Mortiz comes from a family of brujas, witches with abilities. When she comes into her powers, she wants to reject them, seeing them as a curse and not a blessing. When she takes steps to rid herself of her magic, she sets in motion a chain of events that could destroy her and her family. She must embrace her destiny and set things right.

Davis, Tanita S. Peas and Carrots. 2016. Alfred A. Knopf / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9780553512816. Dess is just with the Carter family to make sure her baby brother is in good hands. She doesn't want to be in their perfect lives for long. Hope Carter is always nice to the kids her family takes in, but Dess is her age -- getting along will be the hardest thing both of them have done.

Dinan, Kurt. Don’t Get Caught. 2016. Illus. Sourcebooks Fire / Sourcebooks Inc., $10.99. 9781492630142. Prank Wars: revenge or justice?

Esposito, John. Tales from the Haunted Mansion: Volume I: The Fearsome Foursome. 2016. Illus. Disney Press / Disney Book Group, $14.99. 9781484713297. This is volume 1 in a (forthcoming) series of books designed to tell the individual stories of the 999 ghosts who live at the Haunted Mansion in Disney World.

Federle, Tim. The Great American Whatever. 2016. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers / Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, $17.99. 9781481404099. It's his first summer after his sister's death and sixteen year-old Quinn Roberts is just starting to leave the house again. Maybe with the help of his best friend and a mysterious, cute boy he meets at a party, he can get his life back on track.

Friend, Natasha. Where You’ll Find Me. 2016. Farrar, Straus & Giroux / Macmillan, $16.99. 9780374302306. Anna Collette's life is falling apart.  Her best friend just dumped her and she's stuck living with her dad and step mom after her mother's suicide attempt.  But Anna discovers that sometimes you can find yourself in the unlikeliest places.

Garcia, Kami. The Lovely Reckless. 2016. Imprint, $18.99. 9781250079190. 17 year old Frankie Devereux is haunted by the death of her boyfriend. She attempts to cope by living her life by one rule: nothing matters. One careless mistake changes Frankie's life forever. She is forced to move in with her father, an undercover cop. Frankie has to transfer from a private school to a public school where fist fights are the norm and illegal street racing is more popular than football. Marco Leone is tough, sexy and difficult for Frankie to ignore.

Garvin, Jeff. Symptoms of Being Human. 2016. Balzer + Bray / HarperCollins, $17.99. 9780062382863. Riley, the child of a Congressman, sometimes identifies as a boy, other times as a girl. Interacting with peers is difficult, so Riley starts an anonymous blog to talk about what it's really like to be gender fluid. When someone discovers Riley's true identity, Riley must decide whether to walk away from the blog or to take a stand and come out.

Gattis, Ryan. Air. 2016. Adaptive Books / Adaptive Studios, $17.99. 9780986448423. Activism and extreme sports combine into one powerful read as Grey, Akil, and Kurtis take to the streets of Baltimore to complete dangerous bike stunts and gain visibility for their movement, aimed at empowering and enfranchising young African Americans.

Gephart, Donna. Lily and Dunkin. 2016. Delacorte Books for Young Readers / Penguin Random House, $16.99. 9780553536744. Lily Jo McGrother, born Timothy McGrother, struggles to be who she really is in a less than understanding world. Norbert Dorfman struggles with bipolar disorder and only wants to belong. They bond over Dunkin donuts, but their friendship is tested by the teenage force known as the 8th grade.

Gout, Leopoldo. Genius: The Game. 2016. Illus. Feiwel and Friends / Macmillan, $17.99. 9781250045812. Young prodigies and geniuses in different fields and from all over the globe have been invited to participate in a game by a young visionary whose goals they must question. Tunde, Painted Wolf and Rex each compete for different reasons, to save family and expose secrets.

Green, K. C. Graveyard Quest. 2016. Illus. Oni Press, $19.99. 9781620102893. He has taken over the family business, which happens to be grave digging. Haunted by his father's ghost for doing a bad job, he struggles with his odd blue collar job...until he realizes that his mother's remains have somehow gone into the underworld. He must journey to Hell and back to retrieve her bones - his most prized possession.

Grimes, Nikki. Garvey’s Choice. 2016. Wordsong / Highlights, $16.95. 9781629797403. Standing up to bullying from his father and sister, his classmates, and acquaintances, helps Garvey find his true passion and talent. Written in verse format.

Hamilton, Alwyn. Rebel of the Sands. 2016. Viking Books for Young Readers / Penguin Young Readers, $18.99. 9780451477538. Amani Al'Hiza is a desert-dwelling sharpshooter desperate to leave her dead-end hometown of Dustwalk. When she meets up with the mysterious foreigner, Jin, her life begins to take a turn towards the magical and adventurous.

Hartinger, Brent. Three Truths and a Lie. 2016. Simon Pulse / Simon & Schuster, $17.99. 9781481449601. Four friends decide to spend the weekend away in an isolated cabin deep in the woods. It was supposed to be a nice weekend away but soon things take a turn towards the strange. Things begin to disappear from the cabin and other occurrences begin to happen. Soon the friends realize someone is stalking them, but they don't know who or why. Could it be one of them? Who is telling the truth and who has something to hide?

Hartzler, Aaron. What We Saw. 2015. Harperteen / HarperCollins, $17.99. 9780062338747. When a school's star athletes are accused of rape, the small community surrounding the school rushes to support the athletes, and ostracizes the victim.  One student hunts down the truth to set things right— even if it costs her everything she loves.

Henry, April. The Girl I Used To Be. 2016. Henry Holt & Co, $16.99. 9781627793322. Fourteen years ago, Olivia's mother was murdered by her father or so everyone believed. Now her father's bones have been found, leading authorities to suspect both her parents were killed together. There is still a murderer on the loose and Olivia could be next.

Henry, Emily. The Love That Split the World. 2016. Razorbill / Penguin Random House, $17.99. 9781595148506. In the summer after her senior year Natalie is once again visited by the mysterious apparition she calls "Grandmother". Grandmother warns her that she only has "three months to save him".

Heppermann, Christine. Ask Me How I Got Here. 2016. Greenwillow Books / HarperCollins, $17.99. 9780062387950. Addie, a cross country star and Catholic school student, has her life turned upside down when she gets pregnant. This novel in verse explores her life as she grapples with her new reality.

Hicks, Faith Erin. The Nameless City. 2016. Illus. First Second Books / Roaring Brook Press, $21.99. 9781626721579. Kaidu is a young Dao soldier who has come to the city to meet his father and learn how to fight, but he doesn't get along with the other soldiers and sneaks out to explore the city on his own. He befriends Rat, who teaches him how to run across rooftops and about why rulers of the city are hated by those who have always lived there.

Hilton, Marilyn. Full Cicada Moon. 2015. Dial Books for Young Readers / Penguin Group, $17.99. 9780525428756. Mimi has just moved to predominantly white Vermont in the late 60's. She doesn't fit in easily as a half-Black, half-Japanese girl from California, who likes science and wood shop rather than home ec.

Hirsh, Ananth. Lucky Penny. 2016. Illus. Oni Press, $19.99. 9781620102879. Penny has hit a string of bad luck in terms of her job, housing, and relationships. Is she inherently unlucky? And is she bad luck for those around her?

Houser, Jody. Faith, v.1: Hollywood and Vine. 2016. Illus. Valiant Entertainment, $9.99. 9781682151211. Faith is breaking out on her own in California after leaving her superhero group, the Renegades. She deals with secret identities and saving the world like the heroes she grew up reading about in comics, but now aliens living on Earth are determined to wipe out all humans and only Faith's superhero alter-ego can save the day!

Johnston, E.K. Exit, Pursued by a Bear. 2016. Dutton Books / Penguin Random House, $17.99. 9781101994580. Hermione, a talented and determined high school senior and cheer captain, is raped at cheer camp. In the year that follows, she deals with rumors, flashbacks, and a re-centering of her life.

Johnston, Jeffry. The Truth. 20106. Sourcebooks Fire / Sourcebooks, $9.99. 9781492623205. Chris is being held hostage by the brother of the boy he shot eight days ago.

Jones, Carrie. Flying. 2016. Tor Teen / Tom Doherty Associates, $17.99. 9780765336576. Mana is a cheerleader who discovers that the boy she has a slight crush on is an alien, one who spits acid and is trying to kill her. If that wasn't enough, Mana's mother is missing. And, oh yeah, she has these awesome acrobatic moves that don't seem wholly human.

Keil, Melissa. The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl. 2016. Illus. Peachtree Publishers, $17.95. 9781561459056. Alba is the author behind Cinnamon Girl, her superhero alter ego. Alba, though, feels anything but super, what with high school ending, her friends going other places and a potential apocalypse approaching.

Kensie, Clara. Aftermath. 2016. Merit Press Books / F & W Media, $17.99. 9781440598708. The sequence of events cascade in a chain reaction once Charlotte is released from her 4 year-long captivity. The impact of her kidnapping has repercussions on every member of her family and the fallout is enormous. She endured kidnapping and abuse, but can she withstand the outcome of her homecoming?

Keplinger, Kody. Run. 2016. Scholastic Press / Scholastic, $17.99. 9780545831130. Unlikely friends, Agnes Atwood and Bo Dickinson, are on the run from their parents and the police. Along the way, they learn some hard truths about friendship and family and themselves.

Kindl, Patrice. Don’t You Trust Me? 2016. Atheneum Books for Young Readers / Simon & Schuster, $17.99. 9781481459105. Trading places with the bubbleheaded blonde in the airport seemed like a good idea at the time for on-the-run juvenile delinquent, Morgan, who contrives and fabricates schemes. She even successfully deludes and misleads the supposed "family" she is visiting, until their real niece arrives in town and blows her cover.

Knowles, Jo. Still a Work in Progress. 2016. Candlewick Press, $16.99. 9780763672171. Noah and his friends think they are making headway getting girlfriends and figuring out middle school when his perfectionist sister, Emma, has a bulimic setback which brings his family winter holiday to a screeching halt. Full of humor, friends' inside jokes, and family insights.

Krys, Michelle. Dead Girls Society. 2016. Delacorte Press / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9780553508024. Hope is sick of everyone treating her with kid gloves because she has Cystic Fibrosis. She also worries about how she is going to pay for her expensive medications and a college education. When Hope receives a mysterious invitation from a group calling itself "The Society", she jumps at the chance for some excitement. All Hope has to do is complete a few dares to win some real money. Soon she finds that once you begin, you play until the end, or face the consequences.

Lange, Erin Jade. Rebel, Bully, Geek, Pariah. 2016. Bloomsbury Childrens Books, $17.99. 9781619634985. Four very different teens, who normally would not be caught dead together, flee from a cop busted party by jumping into a parked SUV that they find and drive off. This ride will change their lives forever.

Larbalestier, Justine. My Sister Rosa. 2016. Soho Teen / Soho Press, $18.99. 9781616956745. The birthday wish of a 17 year old shouldn't be to keep his psychopathic little sister under control, but Che has no choice. His parents and her therapists don't seem to recognize the horrifying manipulations she exerts over her brother and those she chooses to practice her violence on. He never knows where or when she will strike next.

Lemire, Jeff. Plutona. 2016. Illus. Image Comics, $16.99. 9781632156013. A group of teens find the body of the great superhero, Plutona, in the woods, and must decide how to handle the situation amongst themselves. How did the invincible superhero get there in the first place? And what will they do with the body?

Lindstrom, Eric. Not If I See You First. 2015. Poppy / Little Brown and Company, $18.00. 9780316259859. Parker Grant is blind but doesn't want anyone to treat her differently, or even worse take advantage of her blindness. She doesn't forgive, especially after what happened with her ex-boyfriend, Scott. When he ends up back at her school, Parker isn't up for second chances until she learns what really happened the day she stopped trusting people.

Lord, Emery. When We Collided. 2016. Bloomsbury Childrens Books / Bloomsbury Publishing, $17.99. 9781619638457. Vivi and Jonah are both struggling with more than the average high school student, and are instantly drawn to each other. They fall in love, but is their love enough to keep the darkness at bay?

Love, Jessica. In Real Life. 2016. Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin’s Press, $18.99. 9781250064714. Hannah and Nick have been online friends for years and possibly more, but they've never met in person. When Hannah decides to surprise Nick and takes a road trip out to meet him, she realizes that their friendship is different in real life, and has to decide what her feelings really are.

Lubar, David. Character, Driven: A Novel. 2016. Tor Teen / Tom Doherty Associates, $17.99. 9780765316332. Cliff is an easy mark, falling for the new girl, muddling through life and his high school classes, while his home life is falling apart.

Lukavics, Amy. Daughters Unto Devils. 2015. Harlequin Teen / Harlequin, $17.99. 9780373211586. After a dreadful winter, Amanda and her family find a new home on the prairie. Unfortunately, the demon spirits are very comfortable in their new environment.

Mather, Adriana. How to Hang a Witch. 2016. Alfred A. Knopf / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9780553539479. Samantha Mather moves to Salem, Massachusetts where she tangles with the descendants of the Salem Witch Trials. Sam faces danger at every turn as she tries to break a centuries' old curse.

Mathieu, Jennifer. Afterward. 2016. Roaring Book Press, $17.99. 9781626722385. When the searchers looking for recently kidnapped Dylan find him, they also come upon Ethan, who disappeared over four years earlier. This is the story of how the individuals and their families deal with the results of their kidnapping and discovery.

McCarthy, Cori. You Were Here. 2016. Illus. Sourcebooks Fire / Sourcebooks, $17.99. 9781492617044. The summer after she graduates from high school Jaycee tries to re-enact her brother's daredevil exploits. Along the way she makes friends, finds love and comes to terms with her brother's death.

McIntosh, Will. Burning Midnight. 2016. Delacorte Press / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9780553534108. What if there were spheres hidden around the world that could enhance your sight, make you prettier, stronger, smarter? Would you jump at the opportunity, or think twice about the consequences?

Medina, Meg. Burn Baby Burn. 2016. Candlewick Press, $17.99. 9780763674670. In 1977 New York, it feels to Nora as if the world is coming to an end; with a crime spree, a serial killer on the loose, and a heat wave-- not to mention her brother's violent and uncontrollable tendencies, and her mother unable to pay rent. Nora is about to turn eighteen and she wants to be on her own, but how can she leave her family or date a boy when a serial killer is shooting lovers in cars on the street?

Miller, Barnabas. The Girl with the Wrong Name. 2015. Soho Teen / Soho Press, $18.99. 9781616951948. Unable to remember the night that left her face scarred, Theo finds solace in documenting the random subjects she finds on the streets of New York. She quickly becomes fixated on the subject she calls Lost Boy, and, enamored with his story of lost love, decides to help him. It doesn't take long for Theo to realize that not everything is as it seems.

Miranda, Megan. The Safest Lies. 2016. Crown Books for Young Readers / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9780553537512. Kelsey understands fear all too well. Her mother hasn’t left their high security house in seventeen years. One night, Kelsey lies to her mother and sneaks out. In the nights and days that follow, Kelsey realizes that all is not what it seems and that sometimes the safest lies have the biggest consequences.

Moldavsky, Goldy. Kill the Boy Band. 2016. Point / Scholastic, $17.99. 9780545867474. Four girls will do anything to meet the members of their favorite boy band. When the evening takes a sinister turn, "fangirl" takes on a whole new meaning.

Morrill, Lauren. My Unscripted Life. 2016. Delacorte Press / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9780553498011. Dee is not optimistic about her summer plans after getting rejected by a prestigious summer art program, until she gets a job as a PA on the set of a movie filming in her small Georgia town. Things start looking up when pop star, Milo Ritter, deigns to talk to her on set. Can she handle romance in the spotlight with a big star like Milo?

Mukherjee, Julie. Gemini. 2016. Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, $17.99. 9781481456777. They are queens of compromise and cooperation, but they are getting older, and, even though it's seemingly impossible, they're starting to dream of different futures.

Nguyen, Jenn P. and Phuong Anh Nguyen. The Way to Game the Walk of Shame. 2016. Swoon Reads / Feiwel and Friends, $9.99. 9781250084071. Taylor Simmons made one little mistake and the whole school is intent on tearing her down. Even though that one mistake was waking up next to bad boy Evan McKinley, Taylor has worked too hard to let this one little set up destroy everything. To save her reputation, Taylor comes up with a plan to persuade Taylor to pretend they are in a serious relationship. What could go wrong?

Nijkamp, Marieke. This Is Where It Ends. 2016. Sourcebooks, $17.99. 9781492622468. A violent student with a grudge and a gun holds his classmates and teachers hostage for an hour. This minute-by-minute account features narratives from four different students experiencing the terror in very different ways.

O’Connor, George. Apollo: The Brilliant One. 2016. Illus. First Second Books / Roaring Brook Press, $9.99. 9781626720152. Told by various Muses, the tale of Apollo, the son of Zeus and brother of Artemis, is one full of twists and turns. Apollo is the god of the sun, but he has a dark side as well as light, and sometimes he hurts those he loves the most.

Oppel, Kenneth. The Nest. 2016. Illus. Simon and Schuster books for Young Readers / Simon & Schuster, $16.99. 9781481432320. No one quite knows why Steve's baby brother is so ill but did Steve really make a deal with the wasp queen to repair what is wrong with the infant? Or was that just a dream?

Palmer, Robin. Once Upon a Kiss. 2016. Speak / Penguin Young Readers, $9.99. 9780147509888. It's 1986 and Zoe Brenner loves new wave music, her asymmetrical haircut and her best friend, Jonah. When she accidentally travels 30 years in the future everything is different, she's internet famous, popular and only wants what she can't have -- Jonah to share it with.

Parker, S. M. The Girl Who Fell. 2016. Simon Pulse / Simon & Schuster, $17.99. 9781481437257. Zephyr is on track to go to college and leave her small town, when she meets the intoxicating Alec. They fall head over heels for each other, but infatuation leads to control and manipulation, and Zephyr is in danger before she knows it. Can she regain control of her life?

Patel, Sonia. Rani Patel in Full Effect. 2016. Cinco Puntos Press, $11.95. 9781941026502. Rani Patel has thrived in her new Hawaiian home despite her combustible relationship with her father and her mother's emotional distance. Rapping is her talent and how she distinguishes herself, but when she gets in with a new rap group she experiences the highest highs and lowest lows of her life.

Phelan, Matt. Snow White: A Graphic Novel. 2016. Illus. Candlewick Press, $19.99. 9780763672331. Snow White arrives in the 20th century in this lush, graphic retelling of the classic tale, set in New York around the time of the Great Depression.

Pink, Randi. Into White. 2016. Feiwel and Friends, $17.99. 9781250070210. Latoya Williams attends a mostly white school in Montgomery, Alabama. Tired of feeling like an outcast, she prays to be "anything but black". She's surprised to find that suddenly she is white, blond, and popular. Having achieved what she thinks is the "ideal", what should she do now? Does she even want to be what she previously had wished for?

Pon, Cindy. Serpentine. 2015. Months 9 Books. $14.99. 9781942664338. As Skybright learns more about her otherness, she becomes entangled in a battle between her origins and the people she loves.

Preller, James. The Fall. 2016. Feiwel and Friends / Macmillan, $16.99. 9780312643010. Sam Proctor thought it was all a game, not quite knowing the impact of words and gestures until his classmate, Morgan Mallen, kills herself. In the aftermath, he questions what he knew about Morgan and what he knows about himself.

Revis, Beth. A World Without You. 2016. Razorbill / Penguin Random House, $17.99. 9781595147158. Bo has delusions that let him travel through time. From the sinking of the Titanic to the battlefields of the Civil War, Bo has seen it all. Bo's parents make the decision to send him to a school for troubled youth. Bo thinks it's a school for kids with "special powers" like him. But are the things that Bo is experiencing real, or all just a disease in his mind?

Reynolds, Jason. Ghost. 2016. Atheneum Books for Young Readers / Simon and Schuster, $16.99. 9781481450157. Castle Crenshaw (Ghost) feels like has been running since the night he and his mom escaped from his dad. After an attempt to show off his running skills, Ghost lands a spot on an exclusive track team. In order to stay on the team he promises to stay out of trouble. But keeping out of trouble proves harder than he thought and one bad decision can mean the end of the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Reynolds, Jason and Brendan Kiely. All American Boys. 2015. Atheneum / Simon and Schuster, $17.99. 9781481463331. "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." Desmond Tutu. Rashad Butler only wanted a bag a chips. Instead, he is accused of shoplifting and resisting arrest. He is beaten by a police officer. Racial tension runs high as friends take sides and a community is divided. Told through the alternating perspectives of Rashad, and Quinn, a witness to the event, attitudes are challenged, bitter truths are uncovered, and nothing will ever be the same.

Riggs, Ransom. Tales of the Peculiar. 2016. Illus. Dutton Books / Penguin Random House, $24.99. 9780399538537.  Based off the popular trilogy "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", this book tells the stories of the first Peculiars (abnormal people) and the origin of the first Ymbryne - a protector of the Peculiars.

Riordan, Rick. The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo, Book 1). 2016. Hyperion / Disney, $19.99. 9781484732748. The god, Apollo, has been cast out of Olympus by his father, Zeus, as punishment. To Apollo's horror he is in the form of a sixteen year old boy, acne and all, with none of his powers. Apollo soon finds himself bound to a twelve year old demi god and thrust into the middle of a conspiracy affecting the Oracle of Delphi. How can Apollo be expected to fix this in his current form, a teenage mortal?

Rivers, Olivia. Tone Deaf. 2016. Sky Pony Press / Skyhorse Publishing, $17.99. 9781634507073. Ali thought she left the world of music behind her after an operation took away her hearing until she wins a meeting with the chart topping band, Tone Deaf. Jace Beckett may seem like a stereotypical rock star but there is more to the rocker than what he lets the world see. When Jace notices Ali's bruises he offers to help her get to New York and away from her abusive father. Ali can't resist the chance to escape and soon finds herself hiding out in Jace's RV as he finishes his world tour.

Roehrig, Caleb. Last Seen Leaving. 2016. Feiwel and Friends, $17.99. 9781250085634. Flynn's girlfriend January is missing. The cops are asking him questions that he can't answer. January's friends are telling him stories that don't quite add up. All eyes are on Flynn as a possible suspect. Flynn is determined to find out what happened to January even if spilling her secrets may force him to reveal his own.

Rollins, Danielle. Burning. 2016. Bloomsbury Children’s Books / Bloomsbury USA, $17.99. 9781619637382. Angela Davis is counting down the days until her release from Brunesfield Correctional Facility. After taking the fall for a crime that she did not commit, she is looking forward to a fresh start. Everything changes with the arrival of a new inmate

Rossi, Veronica. Riders. 2016. Tor Teen / Tom Doherty Associates LLC, $17.99. 9780765382542. After plummeting to his death, Gideon wakes to find he has become War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Now he is on a mission to find the other Horsemen so they can protect the world from the evil threatening to enslave it.

Russo, Meredith. If I Was Your Girl. 2016. Flatiron, $17.99. 9781250078407. Amanda is facing a lot of new challenges—moving to a new state, living with her estranged father— but no challenge is as big as starting over after being relentlessly bullied for her transgender identity. She intends to keep to herself, but a sensitive football player named Grant might change all of that.

Savage, Kim. After the Woods. 2016. Farrar, Straus & Giroux / Macmillan, $17.99. 9780374300555. One year after Julia and Liv were abducted, Julia is still obsessed with figuring out her case, even though everyone tells her she should move on. When a new body surfaces that may have connections to her case, Julia pursues the leads to find out shocking truths.

Schmitt, Sarah. It’s a Wonderful Death. 2015. Sky Pony / Skyhorse Publishing, $17.99. 9781634501736. When the Grim Reaper accidentally brings 17-year-old RJ to the afterlife, RJ must find a way to get back her life.

Self, Jeffery. Drag Teen. 2016. Push / Scholastic, $17.99. 9780545829939. JT wants to leave Clearwater, Florida as soon as he can but with no money and no chance of a scholarship things are looking grim. Seth, JT's handsome and seemingly perfect boyfriend, finds him a once in a lifetime opportunity; the Miss Drag Teen pageant in New York City. JT, afraid that he will be stuck working at his parents' gas station forever and that a long distance relationship with Seth won't last, agrees. Along with JT's best friend, Heather, the boys set off on a last ditch road trip.

Shakespeare, William and Courtney Carbone. Macbeth #killingit. 2016. Illus. Random House Books for Young Readers / Random House Children’s Books, $9.99. 9780553538809. A retelling of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macbeth and his wife plot to murder the king and rise to power via Smartphone texts.

Shakespeare, William and Brett Wright. A Midsummer Night #nofilter. 2016. Illus. Random House Books for Young Readers / Random House Children’s Books, $9.99. 9780553538823. A retelling of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Wright captures the magic, misunderstandings, and love in the faerie realm via text messages.

Skrutskie, Emily. The Abyss Surrounds Us. 2016. Flux / Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd, $11.99. 9780738746913. On her first mission out, Cas, a new trainer of Reckoners, bio-engineered sea monsters, is kidnapped by pirates. What will she do to survive?

Smith, Jennifer E. Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between. 2015. Little Brown, $18.00. 9780316334426. On the cusp of embarking on the road to college, Aidan and Clare explore their shared past while trying to determine their uncertain future. Is love enough to sustain them even when they are about to move to opposite coasts?

Sonnenblick, Jordan. Falling Over Sideways. 2016. Scholastic, $17.99. 9780545863247. Claire thinks she is cursed. It's the beginning of eighth grade and she has to deal with mean girls and a boy who refers to her as his "frenemy". To make matters worse, her dance friends have all moved up a level, leaving her behind. Then real tragedy strikes when Claire's father has a stroke. It's not just the usual middle school drama anymore and Claire has to find a way to deal with it all.

Spangler, Brie. Beast. 2016. Knopf Books for Young Readers / Random House Children’s Books, $17.99. 9781101937167. Abnormally large and wooly, Dylan tries to conceal himself among his classmates but is ridiculed and taunted, even by his best friend. After a spill off his garage roof which is misinterpreted as a suicide attempt, he is sent to counseling, where he meets Jamie, who quickly haunts his dreams and daily life. This relationship is not one told in fairy tales--this is real life!

Stevenson, Noelle. Lumberjanes, V. 4: Out of Time. 2016. Illus. Boom! Studios, $14.99. 9781608868605. A freak blizzard separates the Lumberjanes from their beloved cabin leader, Jen. While the girls search for her, Jen is found by a mysterious woman from camp director Rosie's past.

Stone, Danika and Karin Goble. All the Feels. 2016. Swoon Reads / Feiwel and Friends, $9.99. 9781250084095. Liv is a fangirl. She exists to consume all things Starveil. When the main character, Spartan, gets killed off in the latest movie, Liv cannot deal and she takes matters into her own hands. Suddenly with #SpartanSurvived, she's internet famous and must go to DragonCon with her best friend, Xander, to see her handiwork at play.

Strand, Jeff. The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. 2016. Sourcebooks Fire / Sourcebooks, $9.99. 9781492628149. After a couple of less than great attempts at making a movie, Justin and his friends decide to set their sights higher. They're going to make the greatest zombie movie ever- in a months’ time, with no budget and no script. How hard could it be?

Tamaki, Mariko. Saving Montgomery Sole. 2016. Roaring Book Press, $17.99. 9781626722712. Monty and her friends in the Mystery Club try to answer questions about strange happenings in the world, but the mystery she really wants to solve is why she is so different from the people in her town, and whether or not she wants to fit in.

Tan, Shaun. The Singing Bones. 2016. Arthur A. Levine / Scholastic Inc., $24.99. 9780545946124. Forwarded by Neil Gaiman and introduced by fairy-tale aficionado Jack Zipes, this book is filled with many pictures of Shaun Tan's amazing artwork paired with adapted excerpts of haunting fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Tanquary, Kathryn. The Night Parade. 2016. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky / Sourcebooks, $16.99. 9781492623243. Saki Yamamoto is not happy to leave Tokyo and spend the summer in her grandmother's rural village. While attempting to make friends with local kids, Saki is dared to disrespect the ancient family shrine. In doing so, she invokes a death curse which must be undone in three days. Three spirit guides appear to help her as she fights for her life.

Tash, Sarvenaz. The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love. 2016. Simon & Schuster BFYR / Simon & Schuster, $17.99. 9781481456531. Graham has realized he is in love with his best friend and partner in comic book creation, Roxy. What better place to declare his feelings than New York Comic Con? As obstacles to his plans abound, Graham wonders if he will ever be able to properly express his affection.

Toro, Guillermo del and Daniel Kraus. Trollhunters. 2015. Illus. Hyperion / Disney, $18.99. 9781423125983. 45 years ago, children disappeared, including Jim's brother Jack. Now, Jim Jr. has his own encounter and, like his father, finds that, yes, there are monsters in your closet and under the bed, always watching.

Vaughan, Brian K. Paper Girls, v. 1. 2016. Illus. Image Comics, $9.99. 9781632156747. One early morning in 1988, four 12 year old paper girls stumble upon supernatural happenings in their Ohio suburb.

Velde, Vivian Vande. 23 Minutes. 2016. Boyd Mills Press, $16.95. 9781629794419. Zoe is a fifteen-year-old with a supernatural ability to go back 23 minutes in time up to ten times, which she does after witnessing a robbery.

Watkins, Steve. Great Falls. 2016. Candlewick Press, $17.99. 9780763671556. Once his older brother, Jeremy, returns from Afghanistan and Iraq, as a war hero, Shane notices many changes in his behavior. The story unfolds as Jeremy "unspools" and takes Shane on the river rafting trip of a lifetime.

Whaley, John Corey. Highly Illogical Behavior. 2016. Dial Books / Penguin Random House, $17.99. 9780525428183. Solomon Reed has not left his house in three years and has no friends, until one day Lisa Praytor barges into his life. Lisa thinks she can help Solomon, but she also believes he would make the perfect subject of her college entrance essay. Everybody wins, right?

Wilson, G. Willow. Ms. Marvel, Vol. 5: Super Famous. 2016. Illus. Marvel Worldwide, Inc, $17.99. 9780785196112. Kamala Khan has never been busier. She's dealing with high school, family commitments and being the youngest member of the Avengers. Kamala is learning there is not enough of her to go around. Ms. Marvel is up to the challenge of fighting bad guys, being a good daughter and trying not to disappoint Iron Man and company.

Young, Suzanne. All in Pieces. 2016. Simon Pulse / Simon and Schuster, $17.99. 9781481418836. Savannah is in an alternative high school because of her anger management issues, and is solely focused on taking care of her little brother with special needs and avoiding her alcoholic father. She does not have the time for love, but then she meets Cameron at school and has to adjust her plan.

Zentner, Jeff. The Serpent King. 2016. Crown Books for Young Readers / Random House, $17.99. 9780553524024. Dill's father, a Pentecostal minister known for having his congregation handle poisonous snakes to prove their faith, is in prison, leaving Dill to deal with the very public fallout. The only way Dill copes is with the help of his two fellow outcast friends. Life, though, continues to coil tighter and tighter around Dill until one day it strikes hard and fast, leaving him gasping.



One-Punch Man

One. One-Punch Man, v. 1. 2015. Illus. Viz Media, $9.99. 9781421585642. What do you do when you have become so strong you can defeat all opposition with a single punch? You get bored.

One. One-Punch Man, v. 2. 2015. Illus. Viz Media, $9.99. 9781421585659. Saitama’s secret origin story.

One. One-Punch Man, v. 3. 2015. Illus. Viz Media, $9.99. 9780738746913. Our hero-for-fun, Saitama, takes the Hero's Association test with some surprising results.

You Choose: Spies Series

Burgan, Michael. Spies of the Civil War: An Interactive History Adventure. 2015. Illus. Capstone, $31.32. 9781491458594. Go back in history as a spy, what happens next is up to you.

Burgan, Michael. Spies of World War I: An Interactive History Adventure. 2015. Illus. Capstone, $31.32. 9781491458600

Raum, Elizabeth. Stealing Nazi Secrets in World War II: An Interactive History Adventure. 2015. Illus. Capstone, $31.32. 9781491458617

Raum, Elizabeth. Spies of the American Revolution: An Interactive History Adventure. 2015. Illus. Capstone, $31.32. 9781491458587