Resources for Authors and Publishers

Authors and publishers interested in reaching YALSA's 4,800+ members who serve teens through school and public libraries can use the resources listed on this page.


  • Work with your publisher to purchase an ad in YALSA's award winning quarterly journal, Young Adult Library Services, our weekly eNews, and/or on our web site.  With a single ad you can directly reach over 5,000 school and public library staff who work with teens.  Bill Spilman is YALSA’s ad rep and can be reached at 1-877-878-3260.  Find out more about YALS at the YALS website.
  • For complete advertising details download our media kit
  • Work with your publisher to rent member mailing lists from the American Library Association (ALA), YALSA’s parent organization.  The person to contact is Maribeth Chapman at or (312) 280-2460.

Awards & Selected Lists

  • Please be aware that, as a practice, YALSA does not promote individual titles on its web site, on its discussion lists, at conferences, etc.  The only books or media our association promotes are the ones that receive our six literary awards and/or appear on our four annual selected lists.
  • Publishers may send items to the persons who chair YALSA’s award committees and request that they consider it for nomination for an award, but please be aware that each committee receives hundreds of books each year.  You can learn more about the lists and awards at:
  • Contact information for all the award committee chairs and selected list team leads is available from YALSA’s web site.
  • Please direct questions about YALSA’s awards and selected lists to Ninah Moore at or (312) 280-5293.

Book & Media Reviews

  • YALSA does not publish reviews of young adult books.  Send copies of your book to ALA's Booklist magazine and ask them to consider reviewing it.

Conferences & Symposia

  • Submit a program proposal for an official YALSA program at an ALA Annual Conference.  Please know that programs that focus on a single product, book or author will not be accepted.  They’re due each year in July and can be completed via an online survey posted each spring on YALSA's Events page.
  • YALSA hosts an annual symposium.  The next one will be held in Baltimore, MD, Nov. 4-6, 2022.  For sponsorship opportunities, check out our 2021 YA Symposium Sponsorship Opportunities Guide (PDF).

Free Online Resources

Network with Library Staff & Support Libraries

  • Participate in Teen Read Week™, which is celebrated each year the second week of October.  Learn more at
  • Individuals can join YALSA/ALA as a member at the Advocate level for $84 and get involved in the organization.  Authors and publisher reps are welcome to serve on committees, like Teen Read Week.  Publishing houses can join as corporate members.
  • Become a Friend of YALSA
  • If you’re interested in speaking at libraries, add your name to YALSA’s young adult author page at
  • Download for free and distribute bookmarks, fliers, etc. at your speaking engagements:
  • If you'd like to be added to an email list to receive news and announcements about YALSA, please contact Your email address will not be shared outside of YALSA.  Messages are sent out 4 - 6 times per year

Promoting Your Award Winner or Selection

  • If your title was honored by a YALSA award or by inclusion on a final selection list, publishers and authors are welcome to include mention of that online, in marketing materials, etc.  For recommended language, please contact Ninah Moore at or (312) 280-5293.
  • If your title is a current nomination for a list, publishers and authors are welcome to include mention of that online, in marketing materials, etc.  For recommended language, please contact Ninah Moore at or (312) 280-5293.
  • YALSA wants to help you celebrate your authors' achievements!  The winners and honorees are promoted all year.  If your title was honored by a YALSA award, please feel free to contact LaMoya Burks at to discuss ways for promoting the winning title or author.
  • Through ALA, publishers may purchase award seals in bulk quantities, as well as license the digital image of the seal for use on paperbacks and e-books.  Visit for complete information.
  • Since all award committee deliberations are completely closed and confidential, publishers and authors will not know or be informed if a title is under consideration or "nominated" for any of YALSA's six awards.  Therefore, it is absolutely not permissible to state that a title has been nominated for a YALSA award.