Young Adult Library Services: The Official Journal of the Young Adult Library Services Association

Current Issue - Volume 1, No. 1 - Fall 2002

From the Editor

The first issue of
Young Adult Library Services: The Journal of the Young Adult Library Services Association focuses on literacy, literature, and youth involvement. It also contains several articles that I feel are very exciting to our members. I plan on having three continuing types of articles. Chris Crowe, English Journal’s “YA Literature” column editor, will launch “Connections,” where we will read thoughts from other professionals outside of the ALA. Another continuing feature will be a piece from an actual teenager. In this issue, Deana Rutherford weaves the story of a teen library group and her experiences with Best Books. The third will be a visit with an author. Jeff Smith, creator of Boneville, is interviewed. This inaugural issue also highlights Teen Read Week on the occasion of its fifth anniversary and will connect to a series of articles related to this year’s theme of “Get Graphic @ your library™.”

As you will see over time, this journal will reflect the vision and mission of YALSA. Each issue will incorporate some aspect of
New Directions for Library Service to Young Adults and will take a holistic approach to those topics. I encourage interested individuals to submit pieces of writing for future issues. Some potential themes include: Audiovisuals formats for teens and professional development and psychological aspects of working with teens. Please contact me at with any other ideas for topics or themes or even just to see if you might be interested in submitting an article.

When I began the task of fashioning a new journal for YALSA, I realized that it would be very hard to finish the first “fitting” without making sure that the seams were straight and the journal was tailored to fit the needs of our members. So, with needles and thread put away and material stitched, I hope you enjoy this inaugural issue as you try it on for size.