Young Adult Library Services

Volume 8, Number 1, Fall 2009

From the Editor

Sarah Flowers

From the President

Linda W. Braun

The View from ALA

Get a Job!

By Sarah Flowers

YALSA Perspectives

YALSA Grants and Awards

Guidelines for Library Services for Young Adults

By Ingrid Bon

YALSA Membership Engagement Survey Results

By Candice A. Wing-Yee Mack and Melissa McBride


Expert Advice on Tough Teen Services Questions

By Linda W. Braun, Amy Alessio, and Kelly Czarnecki

Best Practices

Crafting Cheap and Successful Teen Programs

By Charli Osborne

Easy on the Eyes: Large Print Books for Teens

By Elizabeth Burns

Library Outreach to Foster Teens

By Jessica Snow

Hot Spot: The Economy

Defending the YA Budget

One Library’s Experience

By Audra L. Caplan

It Takes Two

School and Public Libraries, Partnerships That Can Work!

By Amy Pelman

No Staff, No Money, What to Do?!?!?!

Improving Teen Services in Hard Economic Times

By Elsie Okada Tep

Making the Best of It

YA Librarians Share How They’re Coping in a Tough Economy

By Christine Ayar

Literature Surveys and Research

Sticks, Stones, andWords Can Hurt You

Antibullying Resources

By Madelene Rathbun Barnard

Professional Resources

The YALSA Update

Guidelines for Authors

Index to Advertisers