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From the Editor

Author Interviews

Love and Comfort over Terror: An Interview with Teen Poet and Author Leda Rodis
Jana Fine

Heart and Ready Access to the Laugh Button: An Interview with Chris Lynch
Penny Blubaugh

Personal Perspectives

The Making of a Lifelong Reader
Katherine Kan

Another Day in the Life . . .
Nancy Fredericks

Teen Perspectives

Best Books for Young Adults: A Novel
Ben Laverriere

Involving the Youth in the Local Library
Renee Roberts

2005 YALSA Awards and Booklists

Best Books for Young Adults

Margaret A. Edwards Award

Michael L. Printz Award

Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

Selected Audiobooks for Young Adults

Selected DVDs and Videos

Popular Paperbacks Tenth Anniversary
Sally Leahey

Best Practices

Gaming for Tech Savvy Teens
Catherine Delneo

Attracting Young Adult Readers with Knitting Groups
Shannon Okey

Professional Perspectives

AT LAST! An Answer to That Vexing Question
Michael Cart

New Serving the Underserved Trainers Converge in Boston
Jessica Mize

First Times at Council High: A True Story
Sheila B. Anderson

The Update

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