From the Editor

There are times in all of our lives when we feel like we are outsiders, on the edge of new encounters. Do you remember your first day at a new school, where you knew no one and the place seemed so alien? How about your very first day at a new job in a new city? Or a first date, especially tenuous when it’s a blind date! Do you recall your first ALA Conference? I remember lots of people walking with purpose (some just like me—lost!) towards the convention center. I remember trying to figure out what programs I should go to and how I was going to get there (on time, no less!). I am naturally shy, so being in a giant exhibit area with hundreds of people milling about made me feel so disconnected. Perhaps you have felt that way as well. Don’t despair! If you are new to YALSA, there are many ways to be involved. From discussion lists to grant opportunities to committee participation, there is something for everyone. If you still aren’t quite sure what YALSA is about, follow this link ( to find ways to participate and not feel “out of it”.

One of the greatest things about YALSA is that members are always willing to guide you and assist you in finding what you need. Especially during Annual Conference, when the confusing jumble of programs, exhibits, and activities can utterly confuse and daze even the most serene person! Be sure and stop by the YALSA booth for assistance, reassurance, and giveaways. This issue will also mark the beginning of a metamorphosis for YALS. We will be adding lots of book lists, teen-written articles, and some other surprises over the course of the year. Hopefully the changes will better represent what you want in a journal. So stay tuned, as we stand at the edge of future visions and interesting times!