Young Adult Library Services

Volume 8, Number 4, Summer 2010

From the Editor

Sarah Flowers

From the President

Linda W. Braun

The View from ALA

Follow the Leaders, Part I

One Emerging Leader's Experience at Midwinter 2010, Diary Style

By Robyn E. Vittek

School Library Perspective

Teen Read Week in Schools

By Karen Perry

Student Perspective

Absolutely True Experiences of Two New Librarians

The Importance of Popular Literature in Educating Young Adult Librarians

By Frances Veit and Fumiko Osada

Hot Spot: Teen Read Week

Books with Beat @ your library

Get Ready for Teen Read Week 2010!

By Carla Land

Budget Friendly Ideas for Teen Read Week Programming

By Catherine S. Barone

Books with Beat

Women Make Music but Men Keep Writing the Books

By Mark Flowers

The Book versus The Movie

By Jesse Vieau

Make It Count

Advocacy and Teen Read Week

By Beth Gallaway

Gauges and Pages

The Statistical Impact of Teen Read Week

By Monique Delatte

Best Practices

Transforming a Teen Summer Reading Program

By Chrissie Morrison

Literature Surveys and Research

The World of Multitasking Teens

How Library Programming Is Changing to Meet These Needs

By Rebecca Hill


Professional Resources

The YALSA Update

Guidelines for Authors

Index to Advertisers

YA Lit Symposium Preliminary Program

Index to Volume 8